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  1. Can you bring back the raven mantle please!! Desperately need it to finish my looks.
  2. It warms my heart to see how many people miss/want the ritualist. Forever my favorite class in this franchise. Forever the most unique one imo. And forever devastated that it isn’t in GW2
  3. Well it doesn’t hit for 700 though, it’s damage is quite crazy and should always be dodged. It hits from 5k-10k depending on power etc. no need to buff :)
  4. Hmm if it would be the AP reward infusion what would the counterpart(radiant) look like & where is it? I highly doubt it’s gonna be an AP reward.
  5. How about an infusion that functions similar to the crystal brand infusion which makes the skin and eyes appear like the free awakened? Or simply add these options to the character creation? Or total makeover kit, I mean it’s already in the game so why not? (I‘m talking about the awakened that have the character model of humans and just have zombified skin and eyes)
  6. You can also just preview it from the TP don’t even need to buy one.
  7. That’s not an exploit, it’s the same as dodge jumping, if you can do it you can kite much easier and it’s just part of high tier gameplay. Some kitingspots even force you to jump leap or jump dodge.
  8. Try the inquest legpiece or the triumphant legpiece or the ornate guild legpiece that should fit very well for the legs. I‘m not ingame atm so can’t think of anything right now. Maybe try the ornate guild breatspiece and represent a guild that has a sword as emblem ?
  9. Lol wtf??? What is he doing with all this gold? There aren’t even enough things to buy with that amount xd here I am still struggling to get gold for my first legendary xd
  10. This was last week but I still wanna thank you Ben for wasting 1h of my time. I played an AT and got to either semis or finals and then the AT bugged, which means all this hour I invested in the AT to mainly get gold was for nuts. Thanks for robbing me twice in 1 week of 25g.I get it bugs exist but time is money and to not even get an amends sucks
  11. What you did wrong was to, as you said yourself, throw bodies at them at tranquility. That’s the worst thing you can do, preventing tranquility like this achieves nothing because sooner or later they will get it anyways this way, because you forever will be outnumbered there. Throwing bodies 1 by 1 doesn’t give you the chance to regroup and create an equal fight. So this entire time you were at a disadvantage.What you should have done is letting them cap it and regroup with your team rather than having them wiped 1 by 1 and throw bodies at them.In the end you lost, not because they capped tran
  12. Can the cosmic tools return? I‘ve noticed a lot of tools making a comeback and I missed out on those last time :/
  13. I want more emotes but not the one you suggested :/
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