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  1. I am aware, of course, that customers in Belgium cannot purchase RNG items in the gem store (including, for example, black lion keys, dye kits, and any pack that contains such items like the End of Dragons Launch Supply Drop Requisition). However, it seems to me that the Black Lion Toy Box Voucher Pack does not contain any RNG? Is it a bug that Belgian customers cannot buy this pack?
  2. The two meta collection items are swapped. You get the Seitung one from Echovald, and the Echovald one from Seitung. So you will need to do the Seitung meta event.
  3. No, all avid fisher achievements are disabled, they mean the regular achievement are obtainable.
  4. Thanks, scanning the heart golem worked (gotta stand a bit away so you get the scan interaction instead of the talk interaction), no need to do the meta it seems (I did it when the meta wasn't running).
  5. As the title says, I have escorted and killed the CLEAN 5000 (Fire Elemental meta) several times, and don't get the achievement for it, and at no point am I able to scan the golem.
  6. Bit sad that even though they readded the keybinds for the old options, they didn't also just add a bind for the stow pet button while they were at it.
  7. They didn't add a stow pet keybind? Sad. Could've added that while you were at it.
  8. No I just tested it, we are both half right. You are correct in that the normal pet skills F1 won't retarget the pet on a new enemy if used while it is on cooldown; but the unleashed pet F1 skill will retarget the pet if used while on cooldown. So it is inconsistent.
  9. If you use your F1, even if it's on cooldown, it will make your pet attack the currently selected target.
  10. This trait only affects you, not your pet.
  11. Not only does normal ranger not have a keybind to stow your pet, the Untamed specialization completely disables your ability to stow your pet!! Please add an option to be able to stow your pet, and please also add a keybind for that (already existing) option. Edit: also, since you have 3 bindable pet skills now, the "Return to me" pet option is now ALSO unbound. This is horrible, please allow us to keybind the buttons we are able to press with our mouse!
  12. Well that's the same button, so a keybind would be for both stow and activate.
  13. Now that we're getting a new elite spec that has an active pet, it once again highlights the lack of a keybind for the stow pet button. If you are running around in open world, sometimes you want to stow your pet. All other pet abilities/options have a keybind, except the stow pet option. Arenanet, could you please add a keybind option for this?
  14. The workaround mostly works, but I still get input lag every now and then. After a crash I just disabled DX11 for now.
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