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  1. Catalyst still feels extremely clunky. Like a derpy weaver. The orbs lasting 5s, forcing you to att swap every 5s still feels awful, exactly as it did in beta 2. The numbers are there, sure. It can perma quickness. Fine. But it FEELS clunky and awful to play. Edit: Additionally, the cooldown AND energy requirement on the jade sphere are bonkers. Make it either energy OR cooldown, not both.
  2. Not with much they want you to spam attunement swap just to keep up the orbs. I feel like I don't even have time to look at my cooldowns before I need to swap just to keep the damage multiplier JUST to try to do what damage I can already comfortably do on weaver. Edit: And that's the problem. What is the point of this spec? If it's meant to be methodical, then why gate damage behind a buff with such a temperamentally short cooldown? It's playing against its own design
  3. Hammer is way too slow. Tried it with quickness. I was convinced that I was bugged and somehow not feeling the effects of quickness. Popped to weaver and realized, "oh. So hammer is just pitch slow. Got it" F5 dissapears too quickly, the orbs are not impactful, there's basically near-zero ability to self-combo on a 2h weapon (and forget about swapping out to another weapon in combat because ele) Feels extremely clunky to play, EVEN IF it can produce tolerable quickness, the damage it puts out is pitiful compared to everything else in the game.
  4. Years in, it would seem that the thing that I want but can never get is the Infinite Hair Contract. There's just....always some other item or achievement that needs supplies. So I figured I would toss that wish into this thread. Desire: Infinite Hair ContractNorth America
  5. Went to sandswept, harpooned a few times, stood in white circles, handed in four fish, no event credit. A quick peruse through reddit shows that this bug (seemingly to do with scaling) has been in the game for a year I know we waited 2 years to get PoF metas fixed. Can we like......can we not have to wait 2 years to get this event fixed?
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