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  1. They added incredibly easy achievements that take care of the hardest part of the collection (currencies), are people really still complaining like it's hard? Sure it takes a little time but it's a PERMANENT account wide unlock and should require at least a little legwork to obtain it. Edit: I say this as someone who did it before even the timegate fix so believe me when I say it could be soooo much worse.
  2. Run around the open world, build up resources to add to my legendary collection, help new/in-need players in the expansion maps. I do technically do wvw but only enough to finish diamond each week and once I'm done with my last set of armor I'll be saying goodbye to it forever lol.
  3. God no, there's romance in every other game so no need to cram it in this one and ruin it.
  4. I run around in open world with full vipers and I feel tankier than I ever did on my reaper, the self heal on shroud 4 and barrier on stealth are more than enough to let me solo a LOT of champs.
  5. I always thought the over-the-top screams were hilarious. GYYIOIUUUAAAGH. The only thing better is an asura dying to electricity.
  6. This whole thread is making me feel better about not being able to get it lol.
  7. Echo is always the last map I finish and for good reason.
  8. While I do agree that there should be options for how you get the part you CAN get more than enough mastery points to finish the turtle without doing a single strike
  9. Same issue here. It has had the nice side effect of letting me forget about bashing my head against the DE meta and giving me more time for elden ring. I will never be interested in strikes/raids and I find it absurd that a glorified open world toy is locked behind content that quite a lot of people have zero interest in.
  10. They're not gonna give us that, just buy 3 shared slots and keep them empty and you basically have the same thing.
  11. I mean I'm mostly waiting to judge it until it's released but I will be forever bitter that we got fishing as a main feature (lol) instead of something substantial like housing, a new race or even new weapons.
  12. If you're doing it in an active meta map you're being a kitten, full stop. You're also being a kitten if you're doing it in regular chat, make a party or squad so YOU can do it in peace (in appropriate areas) and so others don't have to see it. Until then if I personally see RPers in an active meta map I'll make sure to park my skyscale right on top of them.
  13. YES. Let us choose to save a certain setup at the 'default' for that character.
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