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  1. Yes you anet, you only have 1 easy job and its 1 hour til reset. Release the list so server communities can talk between eachother and organize who goes on what map for reset. Poke Roy or someone to do this easy task.
  2. Most of them are in EBG yeah but there are also quite a bit of them who literally stalk you in BLs and they are always fairly active in their home bl aswell., even when youre a guild looking to fight other guilds you still catch those annoying mosquitos. I really dont get the entertainment of stalking a 25 man guild raid, ganking on couple people who they even cant kill and then running off to Africa if the guild turns around to help the ones getting ganked. Even if i were to play the devils advocate and say some of them manage to kill someone they ganked on whose there for the raid then
  3. Honestly it is very tiring to have one of the best designed maps for combat called EBG constantly taken by pve players who hog the map slots for karma, dailies and other rewards. We all know they dont contribute nothing and really in general dont care about helping out anyone. Not to mention its frustrating to have them hog all the map slots while people who are willing to be committed want to get on the map and get that fighting orientated content. Cant we just restore back to Eotm to how it was and also add the ability to make sure pve people can get all their rewards that they want to le
  4. Ill just throw a super short footage of a guild that always raided with 25-30 and took on map blobs of 50-60. And yes its just a tiny preview amongst with far more many vids on youtube where even better enemies can be found. They quit the game cause it got too boring, most started avoiding fighting them and cause it became to stagnated/bad in terms of balancing. Bai
  5. Oh dear lord you clearly have no idea what was the purpose of the bubble and what impact it made. I would advise not to play in trash NA and come to EU to learn how the game works cause clearly what youre typing makes NA look like a joke. Do you push into a bubble? No! Do you ress people who die in a bubble? No! Does going around a bubble give enough time for a smaller group to start refreshing their skill cooldowns? Yes! Can you refresh your cooldowns if there is no roadblock like a bubble stopping enemies? No! Can a bubble be effectively used in tight spaces, specially where mov
  6. I see youre definetly not an EU player who hasnt played in any decent guilds just by reading your comment. The entire game mode is about applying and evading, thats it. That sentence alone i wrote makes everything you replied irrelevant. What bubble brought onto the table was a tool to stop bigger enemies from just straight on W pushing smaller organized groups. Why? Cause bubble is a death zone where boons couldnt be applied. That was literally the only roadblock to make booned up people 100% vulnerable. Without out any road blocks now its pretty mindless just push with bigger numbers an
  7. Oh stop kidding here. If you say sustain is too high then clearly you havent played during the vanilla days. The fights were 3-4x longer and everyone LOVED IT.
  8. There is no excuse at all for nerfing the bubble like that as it was balanced enough and player skill driven in terms of applying and evading it. What anet has done right now is remove the only tool for smaller groups to have a proper fighting chance vs bigger enemy groups. Blob busting as a guild raid isnt possible at all anymore unless theyre very bad enemies. Additionally the aegis mantra nerf aka aegis removal has made certain that more spike damage will land from now on, thus skyrocketing the need of having more spike classes in the squad composition. Meaning even more dominance to
  9. 1:1 ressing just like there is 1:1 rallying and 1:1 stomping How do you deal with 5:1 rez? there is no 5:5Via making sure your commander is not a potato and makes a heavy bomb call out on anyone dearing to ress. If your DPS players are not hamsters then they will get even more downies from the people trying to ress.Even if the ressers wont go down, they will still take damage and will be forced to blow away supportive skill cooldowns which also fits into part of the zerg gameplay.
  10. How about do something that you should have done years ago - rather the cutting corners on a game mode thats the last straw for keeping people playing GW2, get some better servers.Everything went to the dumpster when anet decided to use trash amazon servers. The servers we had before that were WAY far better.
  11. Scourges only got ~5% less boon corruption from the combined patch and hotfix. That nerf came due to shades hitting only 3 targets now, rather then 5. F2 skill corrupts boons. The 3 target limit for other shade skills isnt bad also in any way and is not a game breaking difference for scourge class itself. What scourge got in return was a revamped Well of Darkness which adds bit of damage, pulsing chill and most importantly - pulsing blindness. Meaning when making melee contact and when Darkness is deployed properly, you can make enemies avoid hitting you in the face with skills that hit ~10k d
  12. Given that this forum mainly has clueless people commenting about the game mode then i might as well add my feedback: Thanks for the hotfix towards necros. The nerfs are completely worth it as scourge is still very viable in zerg fights with all the utilities the class bring on the table (boon corruption, barriers and big fat AOE damage). Would be nice if youd also do something about the infinite barriers on blood magic traitline at some point.
  13. As the question stands, if there is any specific discord where people can get contact to form scrims with different guilds? Would like to find more guilds to fight whether in WvW different MUs or even in EoTm but i got no idea if there is any extra useful source (site, discord server) to help out, rather then just knowing someone specific and setting up a scrim.Dont have any tournament interest. Just want to improve with my guildies by fighting other guilds. Am in EU region. Some help would be appreciated, thanks.
  14. Every week on Gandara. (at least last 3) Did everyone bandwagon there? Last time I logged in half an hour after reset, there was only one queue, for EB..All 4 maps are perma queued up for over a month by now.
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