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  1. Has it even been acknowledged as a bug by the devs? It is bad enough the rift hunting grind was used in place of "real" story content, but the mechanics of it still feel like they did not spend nearly long enough in the oven. I'm not even sure the issue of certain zones not counting properly for rift achievements was fixed.
  2. Yes. Thank goodness no PvE players were affected at all. /s
  3. And, more importantly, people who have mounts from these other expansions have the ability to buy mount skins in the store. If it were just the basic mount look and skin purchases were still locked behind PoF, that would not be great, but at least there would be some argument. Or if the store has a warning that skins are undyeable without PoF, at least people would know. The way it looks, though, is players without PoF can still buy mount skins, THEN discover they have no way to change the dye colors.
  4. Same. I *can* play more carefully while it is disabled, but blocks and distortion have been the anchor of my survivability with Mesmer from day 1. It might take longer than a week just to train my brain to do things differently, so I'd rather wait it out over on a different character.
  5. This is crazy. Does it say anywhere in the PoF purchase that the ability to dye mounts is a feature ONLY of this expansion? Does it say in any of the other expansion materiels that dying mounts is NOT included? Is there any warning in the store that purchased mount skins are not able to be dyed unless you own PoF? I *think* the answer to all of the above is 'no'. If that is not the case, maybe @Rubi Bayer.8493can point us in the right direction for where the information is given to customers. I really thought this was going to turn out to be a bug. Bad form, ArenaNet. I hope this is reconsidered. Soon.
  6. Mention the skill being disabled? this is where I saw it:
  7. Has it been this way since Season 1 came back? I did the achievement way back when, but I've had the markers back on the map since the return.
  8. It might be referring to the Ley Line Acclimation in the Flight Training mastery for Secrets of the Obscure. This is a new one that lets you use ley lines with the griffon and skyscale mounts. But yes, those pop-up alerts are VERY annoying when you can't make them go away. This one in particular sounds like it will be an annoyance for anyone using leylines with gliding if it really is alerting on the SotO mastery. If they are really worried about people forgetting what a feature is for, maybe they can at least make it so when an alert is dismissed you can have it not pop up again that week or something.
  9. I've never looked closely at the LW season prices in the store, but I think what the post above is saying is that the Season 2 "bundle" is already 20% off of the total price of the individual parts (8 episodes at 200 each would be 1600 gems), so by taking 20% off on top of that in the current sale brings it to 1024 gems. If the in-game store normally lits the bundle discount (20%), then it would now have to list 36% to get the same result. The wiki, on the other hand, probably calculates based on the already discounted bundle price (1280 gems) so the numbers there would better reflect the sale announcements discount off of that. If this is how it works it is certainly confusing on the surface, but the numbers would work out.
  10. Are the items in an invisible bag by any chance? I'd imagine that would prevent salvaging like it prevents material deposit.
  11. Personally, I'd call this a bug unless ANet comes right out and says it is not. (And if they do say it is intended, I'd call it an error in judgement on their part. If you have a mount and are able to purchase skins for it in the store, you should be able to dye it any way you want. Period.)
  12. It should be a little horseshoe icon next to the helmet icon (which is selected by default for dying armor). If it is not there, do you have the Path of Fire expansion? I remember seeing something a while back where a player mentioned being unable to dye mounts without PoF even though they had access through End of Dragons. If that was the case, I'd hope it could be fixed, especially since people do spend money on mount skins and should have access to dying them.
  13. Minor thing, but it is a feature I've wanted for a long time. The PvE map bonus rewards, as far as I know, have no way to let you know where along the track you are. Best I can do is run some events, record the bonus items, and try to piece together where I am based on a list from the wiki. The game has to keep track of this information somewhere, so maybe if we can't have a reward track like in WvW, maybea progress number can be displayed when looking at the zone map? It already shows what the next reward will be. Thanks.
  14. That is great news! Thanks. A bit odd that a reddit post gets an answer in hours when this has been on their own foum for half a year, but hey, a fix is a fix I guess. 🙂
  15. Had you already scanned fo a rift using the T2 motivation before you logged off? If you did not do a rift at that time, I'm not sure what would have happened to it, but the story step might have required you to scan for the rift with what was given to you at the time. It gives a T2 motivation, but there is an achievement for doing a T3 instead. It is not the clearest story step and I think has been causing one problem or another from the start.
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