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  1. I am in sitution #2. I did get the "request received" email back on May 31. Nothing since. I did update the ticket in early June to ask about average wait times for a reply and to make sure the ticket hadn't just fallen through the cracks somehow. In other games I've been told that updating a ticket might push you to the back of the line again, so I left it alone until last week when I added another update, noting that it had been almost 2 months and the ticket has never gotten a response.
  2. Thanks. Even if my email had been compromised, though, that would not remove replies from the ticket on the Support webpage (https://help.guildwars2.com/). Sure, I might not see the email, but I'd still see the reply when checking the ticket directly.
  3. If a support ticket goes unanswered for a while (coming up on 2 months in this case), what is the next step? I already tried replying on the ticket myself last week to see if that could jumpstart anything, but still no response.
  4. True. But even if they could possibly have an excuse in those cases (cost of rez (yeah, isn't much, but maybe they die constantly 😛), run back, etc), those excuses would not be valid here. It takes what, a second or two to rez and be flung back to the fight? Having a way to get right back to the fight when you die is one of the good design choices for this battle.
  5. Do you run it starting with a set group? Specific time of day? Most of the times I've been able to get in there, the map works on the preparations and then people either vanish or say they aren't going to help with the fight. We almost succeeded at one, but I suspect there were not quite enough of us working at it (or we just did not have enough damage). Timed out with a few % to go.
  6. Given that there is a free waypont specifically for this fight, any defeated players should automatically be sent there. Who has time in all that to rez someone? Downed, sure there is a shot, but if you are gone you are gone.
  7. I don't remember them being quite like this either. An argument could be made that the population wanting to run the zone meta content was less spread out at the time, though, so that might be a factor. Don't know. What I do know is, things are starting to look like I'll need to have lucky timing or make plans with a guild that runs the meta if I want to get through it any time soon. 🙂
  8. I really like the idea of the meta, but yeah, it seems like it is very easy to have a few people derail the chance at success after putting in an hour or more of work. I understand why some players would hesitate to try.
  9. New patch. Players who were unable to unlock the collection previously will need to obtain another egg to progress. I'm quite surprised they have no way to tell who already received an egg and find a way to remedy the problem without making them do all the work again. The meta is 2 hours that may not result in success and gathering 200 writs is not nothing.
  10. From the new patch notes: I'm not certain that means it is enabled again? I mean, seems like it should be, but nothing specifically says that and there was no new tweet to clarify.
  11. I do not doubt it is something serious for it to be taken down, especially for multiple days. Neither do I doubt they are working on it and want to have the story back up and running as much or more than we do. That said, I suspect the people who work on the fix and the people who would communicate with the players do not overlap 100%. And in many cases, even when there is no specifically new information to provide, silence is more detrimental than a quick "we apologixe this chapter is still disabled" would be.
  12. Definitely. I can't think of another time part of the main story was disabled for this long. Other games, sure. Might be down for a week or more because of how they patch. ANet has spoiled us, though, and usually has things back up quickly. Which might also be why they are so bad at communicating around something like this. Very little practice.
  13. This was posted 2 days ago. I have not seen mention of it since. They should probably say something. Even if it is just "we are sorry part of the main story needed to be disabled. we are still working on it". (And please don't say they can remain silent because it is obvious they are still working on it. Of course they are. It is a matter of respecting your players, though. To mention it only one on Twitter post and nowhere else for days? Not a great look.)
  14. Not sure where you got this, but it is wrong. Unless by "offered" you mean you can buy gems separately at any time. Which...yeah ok, but they are not part of the standard of Deluxe like they are on the Ultimate. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/823613716762984498/999714942380953600/unknown.png
  15. I have been trying to run the Dragon's End meta for the past couple of days and noticed something interesting and confusing. The map would get to "high" preparation in all areas and shortly after that there would be a low population alert. More players would then leave the map and things would continue to snowball. By the time the battle part of the meta started, we were either on an empty map with full prep, or had moved to a new map with low prep. Neither of these are helpful if you want a successful meta. I can't think of another time in the game where this seemed to be as big an
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