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  1. With the crowds at every world boss this week, I have started using the "Character Model Limit" option in settings to help with performance and general visibility during the events. For the most part this has worked well, but it does not seem to distinguish player models from NPC models. This leads to cases where I can't see the enemy I'm supposed to be fighting or can't see the NPC I'm supposed to be helping. I don't know if there would be any way to treat player and NPC models differently, but if it is possible, culling only player models with Character Model Limit would keep the
  2. After going through various tests as I tried completing the personal story, any potential solution I tried seemed to fail as often as it worked. I'm wondering if the issue is just so random that when something "worked" it just happened to be one of the good moments. Last few times I have been running a continuous ping in the background and not disconnected, but that has more the feel of superstition than solution for the moment. Closest I have seen to consistency in my playthrough has been that the disconnects have happened during the dialogue cutscenes. I don't know wh
  3. It was not until going through the personal story again after so many years that I realized I really want an explorable version of the original GW2 Lion's Arch to run around. It obviously exists in chunks for the story, so...maybe someday? (And maybe someone at ArenaNet agrees? 😉 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/760676442496303147/848899708532424715/unknown.png)
  4. Hmm. I do not remember whether I had anything actually in inventory for that step, but it has been a long while since I ran it. Have you tried exiting and going back in? That should restart it from the last point you entered the story instance. If that does not work, I was going to create a new character tomorrow anyway. I'll start it now and pick that story to see what happens with the device and the skill on mine. EDIT: Ok, I am at that point in the story. Assuming you mean you do not have the VOED when at the lake, it is an item that you hold for the skill, not
  5. I don't know of any way to quit/restart a personal story chapter. But I also can't think of what quest item you might need and are missing. What story part is it and what are you missing? Maybe there is another way to fix this.
  6. Sounds like the issue here might be a disconnect rather than the mission getting bugged, but just in case, here is someone who had problems with the mission and went through quite a few permutations to find possible workarounds: If, instead, it is disconnecting you as many personal story missions seem to do, you can add your experience to this thread that stretches back years. In this case, my advice is to try skipping the cutscene and hopefully get past the disconnect. Good luck!
  7. Well, you obviously know more than I do. Have fun.
  8. While I'd love to see bugs like this ironed out, I also don't think it is as simple as "just fix it". Even the story parts and events that bug out don't do it all the time and it is difficult to recreate the bug on purpose or to 100% say what will work around it. The number of times it had a problem for this player is extreme, yes, but I have probably done that story step dozens of times over the past 8 years and don't think I ever had a problem. Again, I'd love to see it all fixed and working perfectly all the time. I have seen some events get tweaked for fixes, but others just k
  9. It's more of an achievement if you do it on your own (without breaking your keyboard, mouse, and/or monitor 😏).
  10. From the announcement: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/guild-wars-2-live-summer-2021/ So if it is just the achievements you are worried about, they will still be around. If there are any episodes you don't have, though, those will only be available to pick up for free the week they are featured.
  11. A ticket did the trick to get the karma refunded. Came with a warning to be more careful with purchases, but I'm not sure how someone can be more careful when the game gives no indication that a purchase will take the currency and not provide the item. So I put through a bug report in the game as well.
  12. Just noticed this on my 2nd account (does not have PoF). It let me spend the 10k to unlock the merchant, but no merchant has appeared. It did take the karma from me and I did get the message "A new service has been added to the Eye of the North" Also, looks like Lady Camilla will let me buy the service again. I do not remember whether that should be the case. EDIT: Checked on main account. The service listing should be removed from Lady Camilla once it is successfully activated. So it looks like it is either very bugged for my other account, or you need the expans
  13. Yeah, what Healix said. It looks like you have a custom email address (which, by the way, you might want to take out of the post, just in case), so I'd look to that provider. I'm guessing you opened the ticket through the website or game, so the initial request would not have come from your email. Might be able to work around it by responding on the help site (https://help.guildwars2.com/) until you can work out why the emails from your provider are rejected.
  14. Given the number of times you seem to have tried, I'm guessing you are running it solo? Reason I ask is the other day we had an issue with NPCs not moving to where they needed to be in a mission and it turned out the problem only happened when we went in as a group. Solo it went ahead with no problem. So, if you have been running with a group, try solo. Or if solo, maybe see if someone is willing to help test it as a group to see if it makes any difference. Other than that, I don't know. If you find any solutions, be sure to post it here in case anyone
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