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  1. That doesn't mean it was necessarily a dps increase to use. In a buffed PvE scenario of course.
  2. That's just wrong tho. For example Signet of Inspiration and overall boon chrono got deleted cause of PvE. Shiro originally was far worse in PvE than it is now. As it instead of a mini OWP it did quickness. Sword 3 was never a dps increase to use. Reaper shouts are bad in PvE because they do things that aren't valued highly in PvE (Lifeforce, Condi clear, might, personal damage reduction, boon removal, unblockable, weakness, chill, personal stability). They would still be terrible there even if you always hit max targets.
  3. You say in a thread you find useless thus bumping it to the top of the page again
  4. With Vindicator being released, will the Renegade trait named Vindication be renamed, similarly to Harbinger Shroud being renamed to Sandstorm Shroud? With an elite spec named Vindicator having a trait named Vindication in a different elite spec for the same class in extremely confusing and immersion breaking.
  5. The elite spec system essentially is a more = better system. Tho at some point it might be better to allow 3 core specs+1 Elite spec (this would need massive rebalancing however)
  6. That's just mesmer, you often see 6+ clones at the same, not a hack. The ones being shattered don't count towards the limit iirc. Never seen. Shiro is pretty good at chasing, shortbow too. Also why would revenant be faster? Macros don't do anything in this game.... Never seen any of the things you describe. If WvW is dying its not because of cheating Seen people hacking like twice since I started playing just before HoT and I almost only do WvW. It's really not common... Dev =/= Gamemaster if the person is from one of the many other team
  7. Night/day cycle shouldn't affect combat. Night sigil should be reworked, it's just better force at night and worse force at day. That one food too, but it's already pretty terrible so doesn't really impact anything. Immobilize is definitively not fine Fear as well Chill should get a nerf, at the very least it shouldn't affect attunement swaps... Imo it should be about as weak as alacrity and be worse at crippling than cripple Also the bleed change is sure something.... For WvW it would probably be fine and not matter much.
  8. Idek if I posted before but mostly WvW perspective Elixirs Boring and undertuned, all of them Heal one is useless, I dont see why anyone would ever take it, maybe make it consume blight? Stunbreak one needs to do more Condi Clear one does not need 40sec CD, compare to elixir C or contemplation of purity Fury/Might one needs to do something at all Quickness one I can accept is a PvE one mainly Elite duration is a bit short compared to CD, would prefer to see the cd going down Harbinger Shroud One of the mobility skills probably ne
  9. Those people having access to real gear on the beta would somehow make them less likely to buy the game? I'd reckon that a majority of people actually partaking in the beta (at the very least more than making 1-2 chars, hitting a few skills in lions arch and logging out) are not f2p and most likely have at least 1 character with fully ascended gear. Even if not what's the downside? You think the ones that don't use traitlines are the ones likely to beta test new traitlines? I somehow doubt it.
  10. Other games have beta/pts where you get ridiculous QoL stuff, never been an issue there. We also are talking having it on a couple characters a few days. I'd agree if it was expected people would play these chars for weeks and essentially have them as "mains" but that's not the case. More like getting to see how the system works and how it feels to use it. Ye.
  11. Legendary=Ascended Full ascended isn't exactly uncommon, especially amongst people who try a beta. On "live" people can statchange, buy runes etc. For obvious reasons, we can't on the beta. The real crime is not having access to all runes/sigils as that means we can't even test all interactions. I had enough foresight to stock my bank with what I lacked in terms of legendaries, but for those who didn't it's a little silly. Obviously giving us multiple sets of ascended where we get to pick stats and access to ALL runes would achiev
  12. Cant really collect much data forced into trash gear, would make everything seem bad, no? Proper beta should obvs give everyone temporary full legendary (armor, runes, sigils) and enough currency to buy proper infusions. Otherwise you're not really testing very properly
  13. Way too much visual noise, regardless of numbers, any fight where there's 2+ virtuoses is basically just your screen glowing. It's worse than scourge/firebrand/holosmith in that way. Hopefully this get fixed
  14. Lifeforce for other players on Harbinger shouldn't be the big bar you see. Annoying both on enemies and friendlies. Spec feels somewhat balanced in WvW. Shroud 3 is bugged when crippled/ chilled Elixirs are all bad except elite one and that is mediocre Bliss really didn't need 40 sec in WvW
  15. Eh 11k hp (or so) is fine in PvE especially fractals, essentially it's just a "git gud" thing (as meme-y as that is to say), damage in PvE does look like it would be worth it for a lot of encounters and it does at least bring good CC (that probably isn't part of the DPS rotation) which is a big deal over weaver for example. In PvE I'd say the biggest issue with weaver isn't that its squish, or that the rotation is kinda high effort, but rather that beyond damage it brings nothing at all, horrible CC, no boons to speak off, no unique buffs etc. This can bring high CC and looking at
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