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  1. I never knew that ArenaNet wanted all this toxicity in their game, because thats what is really happening right now. This post proves it. People speak about the so called "casuals" that are dad-gamers (im a dad too but still very motivated and playing almost every evening) or folks that are only into fashion or people that are leeching. I've been doing that Meta event in Dragons End alot of times now, all failed and I'm at the point that I don;'t care about finishing it anymore, but it is causing a vere toxic split in the playerbase. On the LFG people are even asking 25
  2. And not a single soul working at ArenaNet bothered to give us some form of response..... Is that the long term plan they have in their head?
  3. Im also looking at FFXIV or ESO already......really regret buying this really limited expansion
  4. If A-net doesn't change this meta, the casuals will eventually fall off and it's the caual community that the biggest in this game. We also know what happens to "hardcore" games....... they die very soon.
  5. A-net please give me the turtle that you promised me without me having to do some timegated and extremely hard event..... Thank you.... p.s: A refund on EoD is also fine if you can't deliver the above....
  6. This will kill WvW even more is suspect......
  7. Netherlands here also 2 minutes ingame makes it crash and closes.
  8. I also find it funny how quiet ArenaNet developers stay when it comes to these kinda topics...... Yeah mesmer ruined and feels very weak.....
  9. Maybe beeing able to make a backpiece just from solo content because the fractal running is a huge hassle sometimes. I know they want to make content relevant but this is pathetic.
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