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  1. Yeah, just got it myself. I know it's a Windows Update, no idea which one.
  2. Wasn't aware it changed at such an odd time on Thursday. I did not get a crystal core; I got 2 lodestones, 3 shiny baubles.
  3. I think it's a great idea. Even if they're not testing new ideas for balance. Like... what if Kralkatorrik owned SMC for a week?
  4. Pulls need to be line of sight (from the character's eyes, not the camera) only, or perhaps a reasonable area of effect with the center of it in line of sight. 1500 is not a reasonable area. 180 might be. I think they do this by shifting their camera view to be able to see the character -- it's in "line of sight" from the player's point of view, but not the character's point of view.
  5. I think an Actual Template would be, at the bare minimum, something deliberately saved as a template, as a "saved configuration." Kind of like a backup. And on load, if all the stuff was in inventory, that would be what was loaded. It would not care what your current build looked like or what changes had been made. What you saved is what you saved. I think this is a great idea. 20 slots should be enough to hold an entire set of gear.I would modify it slightly: Just as we use the bank to hold additional stuff we don't carry with us all the time, the bank could hold extra Armories we don't curr
  6. "still have time to iterate" implies that at some point changes will not be possible. This is not what you meant, right?
  7. This is very much what I was talking about for the long-term, and one of the things we want to gather feedback on through this discussion. It's less about the 25% or the 15% for any given skill and more about defining what the power level should be, then adjusting all skills and traits to fit into that paradigm. How will you discover where that power level should be? Do you have a Beta WvW test environment? Where several hundred players can try out proposed adjustments (without losing their current server affiliation)? Every adjustment should be seriously tested prior to implementation.If yo
  8. This is a good idea. Each class, on different servers and different times, too. Maybe join a guild or 5, see what the guild talks about. They'd see the cheats, the hacks, the noobs, the experienced -- everything.
  9. Sound like fun actually, could be a dismount skill :smile: That sounds like a good idea. I like it.
  10. I've heard from others that Blackgate is Anet's "private server," so to speak. Perhaps A-net's employees should be forced to leave it and play the smaller servers instead?
  11. Anyone notice the misspelling of Gladefall Run in the Skyscale Toys collection? (the hint says "Gladegall") You'd think that copy and paste would always work correctly.
  12. Anet has decided to copy Game of Thrones? While some people really love that show, I won't watch it. At this point, I'm questioning continuing to play GW2 at all. Maybe that's their idea. Kill every story character, destroy the world, release GW3.
  13. They're in the game world. You're part of the game world when you're online, and so are they. It makes perfect sense to me that they can see you just the same as they can see any other player or part of the game world. I do think that in WvW, members of the opposing teams should not be able to see the location of an opposing commander is except by direct view. If they're doing other things, visual things, to harass you, you can report them. Wonderful recording technology is available to record what they're doing (I use OBS) so you have evidence.
  14. I agree with this. The Warclaw is nice, but there needs to be some means to deny it or to beat it. Anti-war-claw siege weapon. Hmm. Maybe like a panzerfaust or a bazooka. Takes 1 supply to fire it. Does 5k damage. Can be re-aimed as quickly as a cannon, and works essentially the same way. But it takes supply to fire it. Alternate ammunition might create an area of goo that reduces speed of warclaws to 1/10, prevents their abilities, and prevents the users from dismounting (they're stuck in tar, after all, and STUCK to their mounts) (that should probably take more supply, like 5 per shot). Just
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