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  1. unload is really not viable, even on dash unload spammer, you run out of initiative quick due to the pve split
  2. The starlight cape! please before august! i must have for my Orco from He man of the universe but tyrianized!
  3. Bring back the boxing gloves as they have not been released since 2013...please for the love of all brawling! also consider making more of the humanoid tonics combat tonics!
  4. i had the most fun with specter as well, seems like a new flavor of thief ya know? beta 3 felt better to some degree with the piercing #3 beam on sc/p. but they ended up gutting it. Why they didnt call Shadow Force "Shadow Form" for old time sake is beyond me
  5. (6) bonus could and should be summon in invincible specter(from the finisher) that heals like the thieves guild specter but only during combat for 60s with same cooldown as a golemancer rune xD
  6. sounds like a job for Saerni!...hopefully hell respond. hes got a build he uses in the wvw roaming and some pve content that wrecks...and its p/d condi-hybrid Deadeye with decent stealth, health and pressure....
  7. Elite Contract Killers [EcK] is the original Thief oriented PvX Guild. We offer mentoring for various game modes and opportunities to engage in group content with other Thief players. Whether it be WvW, theorycrafting, PvE, Fractals and or Raids! for more information and requirements see our discord @ https://discord.gg/ypepSSE- in order to join you must pm myself (DO NOT PM INORI, he just sets the discord up, thats all...he does NOT play) or pm another admin. you must also verify @ https://discord.gg/5CHuqkK and for those of you tight on time to read up on what we have in the info
  8. after playing with you for a couple of years, i can fully support this after all of our testing on p/d condi deadeye, mix and matching can help fit anyone's playstyle. more vitality or toughness can help you outlast your opponent and gives breathing room for error. helps defeat goin "sweaty"
  9. sorta how the mirage leaves those diamond "thingies?" i like it... what would the mark do?
  10. We get siege turtles as a mount in EoD...cool, what was said about Juggernauts that were around for the Kurzick in gw1? will we be able to get these as a battlesuit for aerial combat or something months after EoD comes out? we know the tech exists to make it happen, but why, lore wise, was it not considered?
  11. id rather have a flip to teleport BACK to the cast location for the wells skills like shadow return is and infiltrators strike on sword. not an option to teleport to if we want, this way we can have more flexibility on the fly
  12. They haven't been released since 2013, We want em back! Poll will show results!
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