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  1. I’ve been saying this for years: if a dc occurs within the first minute-two minutes then the match is cancelled, and those players are put back into queue with high priority.
  2. Everyone is dressing too sexy in this game. There needs to be an option to turn everyone into modest Tyrian God fearing people.
  3. It doesn’t pull a player through a gate but up to it instead. So stop lying about an ability and its interaction with you.
  4. If people think those leaks are real then I have a bridge to sell you.
  5. I'd wager to bet that we're not done with significant class changes across the board to align with the new elites.
  6. Therapy does not cost tens of thousands so that person has no idea what he’s talking about. But I agree with what you’re saying and about the OP. Just reading his responses here is odd to say the least.
  7. Emotes are toxic? Some people need to step away from the Internet for a bit and reevaluate things.
  8. Class type is really irrelevant compared to what amulet you have equipped. This is a you problem and not a weapon ability problem.
  9. Windows 10 has been proven time after time from a vast majority of people to be faster in its boot startup. So he’s not objectively wrong to your anecdotal story. Regardless of any of this, ANet has no reason to refactor GW2 to use dx12 or vulkan. Considering they’re using a homegrown game engine and no foreseeable pc game in the works, we are stuck with what we have. Fortunately we have dx12 and vulkan emulators to help with frame rates and gw2reshade for visual improvements.
  10. It didn’t require another post. No one knows, it’s irrelevant what anyone wants because ANet will do what they want to do regarding the economy. You asked it as a form of a question, so take your silly games elsewhere. So again, no one knows and wait to see until more information is released. Mind-bottling concept: patience.
  11. Why ask and start the same thread when no one knows? Truly mind-bottling.
  12. Actually just give me the option to turn everything off and make the game monochromatic.
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