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  1. You're missing a huge part of the equation... it's the internet. There's an inherent anonymity here and it allows people to act however they want to act. They have as much as a right to act like an kitten and you nor anyone else can't tell them otherwise (other than the game provider). To say they're not decent humans is a far stretch. You and others need to see the internet for what it is and how people behave. You're not going to change that, nor is anyone else. So suck it up, put on your big boy pants, and worry about yourself and not others on how they act.
  2. The 16-late 20’s demographic were never taught to stand up for themselves. They want other people to cater to their feelings and their beliefs. Hell, my 6 yr old daughter has more sense than these people.
  3. One glaring oversight with Vindicator is that there’s no good upkeep skill. Urn just needs to go and be radically redesigned but the flip over has none. Seems to be a stark contrast to ever other legend having an upkeep and still being allowed to be productive. This elite felt extremely rushed with not a lot of thought out into it considering the above, amongst other things.
  4. They are all RPers who don't really play the game. There is no way that Virtuoso is anywhere near to being good like how they're making it out to be.
  5. Yikes lol. Team USA clowns at it again. Keep this coming though because this is way better than the state of PvP.
  6. 2021 and not being able to shoot fireballs from your fingers. Pathetic.
  7. It's easier to come to the forums and complain about it.
  8. People like black licorice but it doesn't mean it's good.
  9. It’s be great if it didn’t crash me everytime I dismounted or crashed me after about 10 minutes.
  10. Honestly none of them. They were all pretty bad but optimism was high because they needed some mechanical changes.
  11. Vindicator is kind of in a void and has an identity crisis. It's clear that they wanted it as a DPS elite as is evident based on what they said and that we have greatsword. A mediocre damage spec that has no purpose is a problem that needs fixing. I have a feeling that they will moderately buff the elites without going bananas so I'm hoping after a few iterations it will be a competent DPS spec.
  12. This is what I'd like to have instead of the dual legend swap.
  13. Mainly Diversion being replaced with a straight downgrade of a block. Virtuoso has extremely bad sustain as it is. IP can work even without clones and doing away with it makes the spec seem janky. Almost has the same feeling as Chrono when it lost IP.
  14. No one is talking about the loss of IP and Diversion which is the real kick in the groin for Virtuoso.
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