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  1. It is stuffed again, even with keys mapped back to normal for those skills I have to click on them
  2. TY, I got it to work but had to change keybinds around so weapon skills are now back to 1-5 (chaotic gameplay atm) From reading a couple of threads the Tank is treated as a mount and the 2nd and 3rd abilities are not mapped for a mount, so if you change the keybind GW2 loses the connection between action and the key.
  3. I had this problem when the episode was first released. When in the tank the 2nd and 3rd buttons do not activate to keys and have to be clicked. This makes the 2nd button useless as the grenade always explodes under the tank. From what I can gather this is a key bind issue. If it can be solved by going back to having default keybinds you can forget that. I am not going to go back to having to move my hand from onside of the keyboard to the other, for one instance, and then having to spend time resetting them back to the way they were. I hope I am missing something and t
  4. I know that the devs have set policies regarding SPAM. I can be a pain for players when, for instance, you are trying to gift dyes to guildies. sent to mails and you are block. We understand the reasons for this. But what about SPAM from GW2. I just did Dragonstorm and my entire messages are full of "Miniatures have been hidden ... population". There are 16 of these with upto 3 per minute. Can you please reduce the repeat notifications
  5. It says speak to the Mist stranger in EOTN once global goals have been met. I have spoken to him with and without a star above his head and nothing. What do they mean by Global Goals Thank you in advance
  6. I have an issue with using action cam when mounted. I move using the mouse and not WASD. When Action cam is toggled on and I mount up, the moment I press R-click I get dismounted. I have no key set to dismount, it is triggering the attack of the mount chosen. I can't find a solution to this. Is it solvable and if so how? Thanks in advance
  7. Title says it all, been running around for an 1hr 20 min trying to get achieve. Been over everything 5 times. Am I missing something or do I need to complete dungeon? Thank you in advanceFrustrated
  8. With the success of the Metal legion Meta, I was hoping that some of the dev's have realized they are onto a winner. If the Dev's haven't already thought of it please bring them back for festivals. Metal legion rocking some Christmas Carols would be awesome. Most of my guild recon that it would rock. If you like the idea keep bumping message
  9. I am aware that you are only allowed to make 1 precursor to Gen1 Legendaries. I have yet to make storm but I have received it as a drop from a unid green. I converted it to Meteorlogicus and sold it on the TP. Does this disqualify me from making Storm.
  10. As I said earlier these recipes are useless given that they recently increased cooking to ascended recipes and the best of the recipes offered are rare. As I also said if the given information is correct and they are going to be used on more than one map with more items to come then the title question is answered
  11. No I don't. All I have is the evidence in front of me as outlined above. S3/S4 map currencies were unique to an episode. As, suggested by people above, is that they will be the currency for the whole series and there is more to come then that answers my question
  12. This appears that it will become a useless currency. There appears to be only 2 things you can do with it, buy stuff and make food Once you have bought what you want from the vendor there is nothing left but cooking. Note that, as far as I can see, the best equipment you can buy is the exotic warhorn, the rest are rares which are pretty useless. From my research there are no worthwhile recipes, they are all rare or lower. Considering that the cooking level has been upped to 500 and ascended, there is no point in these recipes. The home instance node only drops one or two with a chance to get a
  13. To the devs that put this together. Well done on a uniquely creative fantastic event. Looks like you had a heap of fun putting this together, maybe too much ;), and it shows. Everyone reading this post, if you enjoyed the event, please post below. Devs cop a lot of crap, lets congratulate them on a job well done Looks like the server doesn't like the word crap and replaces it with kitten lol
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