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  1. this, and an aurene crystal skin infusion in the game while they are at it! Been waiting for that one.
  2. Its a map issue, specifically the POF maps and Season 4 maps too it seems on EU servers
  3. Agree with speed increase, would like it to be useful for SOMETHING. I mean, its the one piece of new WvW content we got in... years.
  4. Lag definitely improved, but really sad that this is the solution. Improving server performance would have been the CORRECT solution to the problem rather than adding to queues. outta curiosity how much would the needed sever upgrades cost? Any chance of starting a gofundme for this?
  5. i think its pretty clear that they dont play their own game...
  6. Please talk to us Anet. Skill lag is basically unplayable at this point. Hell if its a money issue, start a gofundme and ill donate, but no one can help unless you guys communicate with us.
  7. this is what stunbreaks and stability are for... also they just nerfed most CC into the ground... CC skills no longer deal damage... if anything id like to see this blanket nerf re-evaluated
  8. not opposed to the idea, lord knows ANet needs the money from sales... clipping would need to be addressed...
  9. yeah, would like to know if this outlier is gonna get toned down to reasonable levels... otherwise i need to roll a engi
  10. rev is just so boring to play at the moment thanks to the massive cooldowns: consider adding some damage back to hammer 5 given its massive telegraph and 1.75 sec cast time... also, just get rid of energy mechanic all together since youve gone to a cooldown based play now...
  11. The correct answer to the condi meta is to buff power part way back where it was before the Feb patch. If you streight nerf condi damage, we will wind up in even worse shape with an ESO like Tank meta. That would be very sad.
  12. Yes, then even though it was bugged, they nerfed it anyhow, and now nerfed it some more... And now everyone is scratching their heads, complaining about, and trying to figure out why meta has shifted to condi. The problem is, given anet’s recent poor decisions, Im really afraid of their attempts to “fix” the meta further at this point. We will probably wind up with some tankfest like ESO!
  13. yeah, after mangling staff 5, hammer 5, and now this... rev really isnt in a great spot in wvw at the moment :( TBH just rework hammer 2 and 5 completely at this point imo... or delete the weapon all together and just straight up tell us you want us playing burn scepter core guardians for ranged play
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