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  1. Well, wen I was doing this, I tried many times. For a good 15 minutes or so i tried varios combinations:Interrupting it or not;Targeting him or not and etc. Since i was able to finish the chapter I'm fine, it was a bit annoying but it's done. My conncern is that happened because some bug that could compromise other part of the game. Anyway, thanks for the reply! :)
  2. Duduring the "Cornered" Part of Living Story Aerin activates a shield and we're suposed to use a sun crystal hability to break that shield. For me what happened was that no matter how many times i use the crystal hability Aerin shield never broke.Luckily i was on my thief and shortbow 4 skill is unblockable. Took some time but i was able to kill him. So we have 2 problems. 1st - something prevented me to use the sun crystal to correctly interrupt Aerin shield.2nd - I was able to exploit thief's shortbow 4 skill to workarround that, which isn't intended imo.
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