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  1. So if i read your post the problem isnt the leviathan event. But that a map closes too quickly and doesnt get filled up. And that fishing party doesnt get transfered if you switch instance. Lastly that fishing isnt rewarding enough. Ambergriss is something which is needed a lot right now, lot of people also collect them for their own legendaries, because the fishing collections in my opinion are not a good source for ambergriss at all.. there is too much rng with that.
  2. Well some professions are made of glass. And i usually die because i ran out of endurance. Or Because im stuck against a wall and the camera starts acting weirdly. Or For some reason my character dodges the complete opposite direction of where i am aiming.
  3. Interesting approach. I like it. I wonder what the official lorewise explaination is by the devs.
  4. Huh? Why do you multiply it with 9 new weapons? Also i think OP is talking about how the "new" weapon is locked behind the elite spec. Meaning its only new for that profession. All those skills already exist and are ingame. Or am i missing your point? Xd
  5. Lorewise its weird that your character suddenly cant wield a weapon anymore. But balancing is the biggest issue i guess. On the other hand. Most specs boost a certain weapon. So to max your potential you would takr that elite spec in combination with that weapon.
  6. I was fooled by that guildhall preview too. I was already looking forward for bamboo and such. PA announcer, Jade bot Terminal(so you can fly your drone). And indeed Jade statues. The recipes could be using the current Jade decorations available. We need to keep this thread alive. Hopefully a dev notices it. Best hope would be with living story season 6. But that would do is lock it behind a season 6 vendor, which i think is not a good idea. I use race tracks to create floors. But not ideal. A good set of stairs would also be great. We got the halloween o
  7. Full inventory every second. Salvaging one for one. Building legendary for each character instead of 1. Slow movement throughout the entire game. Oh yeah. Classic sounds fantastic.. So no..
  8. Thats why i think grothmar valley is a great map. There is also, just a lot of fun things to do. It makes the map unique.
  9. That's what im saying. There is no need to have a mount directly. The rediculous amount of waypoint in core tyria are there for a reason. But after playing the entire story. Coming into silverwastes and dry top. (LS S2) then yes i think a new player should be able to get a mount instead of waiting until he plays another expansion and 2 living stories before you get the ability for a mount. After playing core tyria, rhen yes i think you are able to get 50g. But i dont know, for me it was 8.5 years ago. You have to remember that, if you dont use the level 80 boost, it takes some tim
  10. Also in those days i remember a lot of people were not a big fan of the charr. It was one of the least favorite races. So i can imagine more players voted for Kiel.
  11. I am pretty shocked how few of the gw1 areas is actually used. I had the feeling it was much more when playing EoD. But also couldnt recognize PoI's. Especially the last map.
  12. If you would add a "basic mount" it should have the speed of a warclaw. Only obtainable after a certain level and for at least 50g.. or a good collection.
  13. Dude, I was the first to call out that 2 decorations was extremely dissapointing. It's the first thing i'm looking for with each new update. What is new to guilds? Path of fire added 10 new decorations to the architecture set. 11 new ones to the furniture set. 2 new lighting ones.. and 2 new statues.. I might be missing some. Icebrood saga added somewhat near 10 new deco's. Which makes it weird that with each expansion they added a bunch and now, for a paid expansion there was only 2. That's insanely low for what we expected..
  14. Dude... you are talking about the noob researcher? He was designed to be a fool. Big talk. Big mouth, but he was nothing.. the machine in the middle is the difficulty. he is not a boss. Play on because the next two bosses. The molten alliance ones should be a little more challenging.
  15. The weird thing is that with each expansion there were loads of decorations.
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