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  1. I would also prefer something like "server where you played most on" or "server where you stayed at least 1 year on" but I don't want to make it too complicated for anet. We have more important problems to fight.
  2. Good point. It would be possible with a guild roster of 30-40 players to track the choice of the players but what about 300-400?
  3. Nobody needs to show the title. The title would come from your last server. If you want to show your loyalty, show the title. Else, show a different one. Every player has enough other titles.
  4. One can also put it in a separate channel. I am thinking of the guild channels which one can activate or deactivate in the chat menu. But anyway, I think, the entire topic should get its own thread and moved out of the "will alliances fix" corner.
  5. There are players joining a world as part of a guild and there are players joining a world a randoms. If the players join as randoms, they will still troll as hell. Also, players who get kicked out of a guild will not disappear. They will rather be angry and might turn their anger against their own team. So, I doubt that alliances will change trolling at all.
  6. This sentence is good. I have experienced in many cases being accused of cheating, botting, etc. However, I never did. It turned out to be bad game mechanics or animation. I don't want to say that there are no cheaters or bots but I want to show that some strange stuff can be legit.
  7. In theory, I would agree. Especially, when looking at countries like Russia. In practice, I would say it is less time-zones. Most players are in the Central European Time-zone (CET), UK, Ireland, and Portugal have their own time-zone and are 1h behind, east Europe has its own time-zone as well and is 1h ahead. These 3 time-zones contain the clear majority of the players. But I would say that Europe is much more complex than NA. NA is dominated by the USA. So, the Canadian players are probably extremely brave and proud but not so many in numbers. The same is true for Mexico. Such a
  8. Then there is a public holiday and you can start all over again...
  9. Let me assure you as a WvW player that support builds are used and desperately needed in WvW. They are also in use in pvp but to a lesser extend. I am no pve-expert but I can guess that they are less frequent there since support classes need someone to be supported.
  10. They still plan to keep the EU and NA server separated. It would cause too high pings if they merge EU and NA.
  11. The question what will happen with solo-guilds is pretty good. Raiding guilds who would like to have a large variety of different enemies would do best if they do not go with another raiding guild in the same alliance. Then they would have theoretically limited the scope of their potential opponents least. They would be randomly linked with other raiding guilds and would sooner or later be able to fight all guilds. So, for such guilds, it would be best to remain a solo-guild. Whether there are enough alliances for all raiding guilds to go solo, would be the next question to the devs.
  12. We had the discussion before. The biggest problem is that you don't want to devalue a certain player just because he is playing at a certain time of the day. Other games solved it e.g. by allowing players from different time zones to guest at servers in other time zones. A Chinese player could play at 3 am his time in Europe and a European player at 3 am on a US-Server. This idea would be a total shift in gw2. So, it is a tiny bit unrealistic. I am honestly out of good ideas for how to solve the night-capping problem without devaluing certain players.
  13. The issue is that anet is assuming with their linking that people are playing as much on their accounts before the relink as afterwards. It is a problematic assumption as people can go to their alt-accounts or read a book instead of playing. The other alternative is that the players join again after they finished their books. The consequence are unbalanced server-combinations. The servers are either too full or too empty. The big question is now whether there is another option. I thought about it for some time already and could not find any other convincing option. It is simply har
  14. 1) When you are organized in a way that it makes sense. It requires some understanding and knowledge of the game so it is maybe not the ideal answer for a new players. As an alternative, maybe have a look at the squad (in which you are). When you are at the commander and you are in a party line of the squad consisting of 5 players, you are probably organized. So, better play with a zerg-build. When you are just 10 random people and a tag, play the roamer build. When you are off the tag, play roamer build. 2) seldom I see most often the siege blocked. Maybe carry some around. T
  15. Golems remain on the map. It is as if you pressed 5 and left the golem. If this is intended, then anet did some nonsense. A supply removal trap (as example) works the same way if I have a firebrand or a dragonhunter. It even works the same way if I run on a guard or necro. Traps are already way too rarely used. We should not discourage the usage even further.
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