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  1. Nice logic, compare weapon skill invuln to utility invuln and also pretend like you can't mist form stomp exactly the same way. Nothing wrong with Mist form or Elixir S, classic skill basically unchanged since launch.
  2. It's always had a hidden cast time, presumably 1/4s. Stowable and interruptible The recent patch only added a telegraph & delay
  3. He's a competitive designer, and he's the only developer who remotely understands pvp balance, and has played in that world. The balance guys seem to listen to his suggestions on PVP but CMC doesn't control the patch schedule and other large balance releases. Probs cut him some slack
  4. A player is not entitled to a fair 1v1 vs. everything, if you go full condi w/ little condi removal and they go full condi damage and full condi transferring, needless to say there have been many other hard counter relationships before and after Condi Engi vs. Condi Necro Conquest is not a 1v1 simulator, so he's correct that there are many ways to analyse and improve upon a lost encounter involving an enemy Necro if you were a core condi Engi. The majority of the time, improving would simply be learning to force match-ups not involving the Necro, and learning to drag the Necro out of positio
  5. Drop greatsword and use weapons that are based around kiting. Staff/Axe/Focus for example. You can function while avoiding 75% of pressure from many players builds that are just designed to slam skills on points.
  6. I'd say #3 is the most important part. Scourge, for example, is supposed to be a support, but they also want it to be a DPS, so it ends up being bad at both and people just play it as a bunker.....disgusting. Deadeye is meant to be a ranged sniper, but it's burst is awful and it has ZERO AOE for no reason when weapons like longbow DH and longbow ranger(especially ranger) have AOE while also having the same single target burst. Makes no sense. Druid is a condi bruiser, where it's main class mechanic is all power based and it's class weapon is also power based so you can't even take advantage of
  7. The average skill caps of builds has not changed much, so no, it's not insane to say that. Seems that way because in core GW2 people didn't have years of game knowledge about how to create metas. Reaching skill cap on most classes entails the exact same thing it does now as it did in 2015, with the exception of Thief builds, which definitely are now all forced into lower risk/reward. There's always been a variety of ranges in skill caps between builds. Spirit Ranger meta, Turret Engineer meta, bunker Chrono meta, tank druid/scrapper side node meta, throughout the eras there has been medi
  8. Actually a quick +1 with a mobile class can set up your teammate up to impact the game hugely better. Pretty carryable.
  9. @"Supreme.3164" said: Obviously we will see nerfs queued up to Explosives and Holosmith traits Juggernaut probably goes untouched, why? To the masses, the only fact worth considering is: "spam #1, perma stability & many might stacks!". Rarely do people consider that you can ONLY spam flamethrower skills to maintain this, and you gotta dedicate two mediocre traitlines to do so. Trapped behind an enormous paywall of opportunity cost compared to the best builds. However if you are a new player who plays at a slower pace, spamming FT #1 might not seem like the lackluster way to apply pres
  10. Just letting you guys know, Core Engi can roll around with 25 might, Berserker amulet and get big Grenade Barrages. The reason why its not good is because you are utter food, food without Heat Therapy, Prismatic Converter, Holo Leap & Superspeed. Holo is like a high damage core build with added survivability :joy:
  11. No what's really baffling is that you are acting like Exceeds massively boost and stack with core Engineer utilities when you're just going to run Elixir S, Slick Shoes, since they compete for the same slot.
  12. @mortrialus.3062 These are only comments I've made on Holosmith since the nade build was discovered, and you try to mischaracterize me as someone who says Holosmith can't be touched, and must always remain a master of all spec? Buddy all you have in your arsenal is to grossly exaggerate and mischaracterize facts and opinions. My stance on Holo, which I've already said, which you've mischaracterized as 'vaguely reduce sustain': Might stacks, Holo Leap & traited mobility, and heat therapy sustain = all too high. In another thread I talked about how Laser's Edge and ECSU were too stron
  13. After getting called out for grossly exaggerating facts, it seems like you still can't stop. Any trace of objectivity in this thread has bit the dust.
  14. It's messed up somebody had to even say this... It's cool if someone is desperate for bullet points, just leave all historical versions of skills out.
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