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  1. Balance is bad. It's sunday and matches are already over. There is some problem. They know how much every player have played last year, month and so on. How many player he have killed, how many objectives defended. Still some teams have all players who afk in spawn and other team have all tryhards.
  2. It's Wednesday and already there is +200k score difference in many matchups. Anet really can think if they did good job and maybe try to learn something.
  3. They really like to siege too. Sit sm walls 24/7 and spam siege. When enemy get bored and leave they jump down and kill couple enemies with 30 players.
  4. Some pve meta build low damage or lack of utility is like smallest ele problem. You can still make some try hard elite spec build that works just fine. Real problems start when you wanna play berserker core spec without abusing lamest weapon in game offhand focus.
  5. Yes let's ruin best trait line because of PvE. Where you even get these ideas.🤦‍♂️
  6. How it could be dead? It can do double one shot burst.
  7. 174,569 badges. Haven't find that much use. I have like 9k skirmish chests too because i can't never decide what reward i should choose.
  8. Sunday prime time and outnumbered everywhere. Good job anet.
  9. This just proof that there isn't any system that decide these links. Some dude probably just remembered that sfr did win spring tournament in 2014 so we don't need link in year 2022. 😎
  10. Why not do something usefull like fix phantasmals? Frigging hate these. I would understand that skill is that kitten if it would actually hit hard, but damage is kitten too and it never even land anyways.
  11. Well at least you did die fast. Solo thief would have made you swing air minutes before you die.
  12. Warlord's armor piece every week is pinacle of mmo rewards. It's such a good feeling get that same exotic chest piece every week. Some would think that it's boring get same reward every week for years, but anet really make it feel like Christmas. I wait armor box so much that i often die because i need to open box and salvage that exotic instanly even if i am in combat.
  13. Completed newest PvE episode while playing marauder berserker core ele without problems.
  14. I play core necro and won't join squad so removing stability wouldn't affect me at all. 🤓
  15. Yes it almost same thing puke boons every direction 24/7 and removing them by using skills every 30 sec.
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