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  1. Design is fine, skills are just weak and hp low. Only way to play ele is abuse elite specs, celestial gear, offhand lamer focus and so on.
  2. No idea, but think if playing wvw would give you more than one warclaw skin. 🤯
  3. How many evades thief can spam if he play some basic build? 3 dodges, signet refill endurance and maybe 2 or 3 short bow evades?
  4. Yes just guess what enemy do even if you don't see him. Like use block skill some random time. There might be chance that some thief try to attack you. 😎
  5. Failed last jump like 5 times in row. Worked when i waited about 0,5 sec before jump.
  6. Of course mesmer feels weak in pve because mesmer is assasin pvp class. You play mesmer when you wanna ruin some elementalist, necro and so on day in wvw. Mesmer is awesome. 😍
  7. And because no matchup threads allowed guilds run with zone blob. If You could call them trash in forums they would stop it.
  8. It's so annoyin how players think that new elite specs should to be best at everything. Expansion come and automatically you start to play new elite spec in every game mode and every situation. Well to be fair after path of fire it was like that and i hated it.
  9. Good wvw class need stealth. Hard to disable siege without stealth.
  10. How time limit can be fine if nobody use that trait? Well maybe somebody "use" it because you need to choose one of these three trash traits.
  11. Cool down is still 300 sec and other master traits in arcane are useless too.
  12. It's annoying when one server doesn't understand what they should do in eb. Idea is try to cap sm not try to ninja second strongest server towers while they try to cap sm.
  13. Well it's a beta and it's fine, but i still want my pips. 😎
  14. Can't even get in queue anymore because i need to check my internet connection. I give up. 🤕
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