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  1. System working. Anet have calculated every player skill level and then added more players in lower skilled alliances. That is reason why some alliances have full blob in every map and some can fill one map. 🥸
  2. Staff ele should have that convergences mechanic so they could heal own players while dead.
  3. Can you kill lord without getting keep contested? Probably. 🤔
  4. Well probably good thing for tappers mental health.
  5. Hopefully they have some low rank players who i can one shot. Need to complete kill 3 invaders dailys every day.
  6. It's like non celestial ele main class mechanic and only reason why ele leave keep or tower. Let's remove necromancer shroud, guardian virtues, thief stealth, mesmer clones too. 🤦‍♂️
  7. Doesn't this make weak server lose more? It's frigging annoying stay totally wrong tier because some people nightcap.
  8. Some thiefs backstab me every time while i am in stealth. I highly doubt that game have so much desync that same thiefs always see me while i still have stealth left.
  9. I probably use spear after nerfs when nobody else use it anymore. Digusting op weapon in beta.
  10. So where damage come from? Scepter doesn't even have any good damage skills. 🤔
  11. Core guardian almost insta gib many bad power specs users, so maybe they should nerf core guardian. Just use hammer 5 and tp. Change gs so weapon swap give quickness and 100% chance crit and do spinning thingy. Easy +20k damage.
  12. Nah you don't need much players. One full EotM map is enough.
  13. Better get insta-gibbed than fight agaisnt some celestial lamer who stay full hp whole time. At least you can win against insta-gib build. Actually better if thief insta-gib you than do this atttack, stealth, attack, stealth kitten because he is just too bad to use berserker gear.
  14. K/D isn't accurate because old wsr bots killing own alts somewhere 🤔
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