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  1. Well WvW is that mossy crumbled cornerstone that nobody see 🤣
  2. Me too. It's too good now, but i don't wanna make one because too much work to check what mats all those gifts and kittens require.
  3. Probably make worse. New elite specs need to puke more condis than old ones.
  4. If blob get siege up it's over. Arrowcarts for example doesn't do anything.
  5. Let's talk some real problems and not some silly minor problems S-tier problem (Fix ASAP: next patch) - Servers doesn't have same amount of players in maps - Try hards fight against casuals - AoE cap - Downed state
  6. Yes this is reason why german servers have so many players while other server are outnumbered whole time.
  7. 20 man guild hide inside zone blob while enemy have like 15 players in whole map. We want fights. Nobody like pvd. We are fighting guild. We are only 20. 😎
  8. In normal WvW you logged in 17.00 and didn't own anything. Then you just capped all bordelands and one pushed enemy every fight. Much easier exp than in EotM.
  9. . EotM earned ranks are much more valid than normal wvw ranks. EotM have like 3 keeps while normal wvw you can karma train 4 maps whole time.
  10. Sure we want dude whos only goal in games is to get as big as possible gear advantage to test gw2. 🤦‍♂️
  11. So have some zerg actually failed this? Can you even fail?
  12. They should remove focus from game. They can't never boost ele because focus is so broken. Anet devs thinking: 13k hp and 1989 armor and low damage is enough for core ele because they can always abuse focus.
  13. Sound complicated and annoying. Hot join would be much better idea. Wvw is better when map have like max 5 players from same guild.
  14. They can always just add pips in eotm and wvw is fixed
  15. I recommend core berserker scepter dagger fresh air build if you wanna have fun.
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