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  1. Awful - even worse than Herald and Renegade. Which I hadn't imagined possible. The promise of the base class is cooldown free utilities, limited only by energy. Me in control of my character rather than the other way around. Again, every utility has a cooldown, plus the weird kitten flipping mechanic. Plus side - it's the final death of any hope I might enjoy this profession one day.
  2. Cheers for my first laugh out loud moment for the day. Seriously. Obviously they would work just fine without cooldowns.
  3. Shifting the goalpost? Super weak. Cooldowns were not a part of their original design, as revealed to us.
  4. Who said? I can't find any official lore on them and a quick google just finds other people also wondering. Yes I know that the ilk in their description this context could include dragon minions, but "dragon hunter" is a term most commonly used in the self-explanatory fashion. Which it isn't here. I have people over in the druid forum hilariously asserting that "theme" and visuals are irrelevant. In a graphical RPG. Words are maybe not as big a deal, but even putting aside their targets the "viciously purging" strikes me as at odds with the base
  5. Seems to still be true. https://gw2efficiency.com/account/player-statistics Least played at 4.73%
  6. You know this is a business right? They rely on people enjoying their product to generate revenue. No not really. As one of the first responses pointed out and I agreed with, Ventari feels way more nature themed than druid. So there is a nature themed spec. It belongs to another prof. I replied to them that I'd play rev except that like ranger and the other profs I might play, ANet keep sucking all of the fun out with their elite specs. Personally I don't hate the idea of a new plant magic typ
  7. You work for them do you? Meanwhile there's reality. https://www.polygon.com/features/2015/2/18/8061219/guild-wars-2-profession-reveal-revenant-pc-mmo-arenanet When they first revealed them, there wasn't ANY mention of cooldowns. They were revealed as using energy. "Along with swapping between legends, the revenant profession will employ a second new mechanic that distances it from any other profession currently in the game: energy. In yet another callback to the first Guild Wars, all of the revenant's skills — both weapon and legend skills — wil
  8. The upside of my suggestion is you wouldn't experience any change. The defaults would allow existing druids to just keep playing exactly as is. A reskin alone would make a huge difference. I know that not everyone is a Sylvari, but seriously, I feel about 3000% less like a druid every time I transform from a gorgeous plant creature to.... a semi-transparent starry thing. I know that it would be out of line with those abilities, but from my point of view and I'm not alone, shroud is out of line with ranger. Shroud
  9. So werebear? That could be interesting. And for all that some seem deathly allergic of the idea of greatswords, there is that awesome leafy greatsword skin. I wouldn't hate being able to use that. Pre PoF I really thought they'd have given us Eir. Female. Norn. Part of the story and someone everyone would recognise. Meanwhile, Kalla who? Personally I don't care about legend gender in the slightest, but at this point if they release a third female "elite" legend it might look unbalanced. Though if their goal was female supremacy, deviating from th
  10. As I've already said, theme is fundamental. This is a graphical RPG. I was completely up front and honest about loving nature stuff. You can't seriously be suggesting that I could have ANY clearer on that point. Lots of people share that love and get a kick out of nature type stuff in RPGs. I also gave an example from within GW2 of what people expect / want of druids. Celestial Avatar is a colossal swing and a miss.
  11. The point and potential great of flexibility isn't only to satisfy some benchmark of adequacy for the profession. I explain it clearly in my OP but I'll say it again. It's to broaden its potential appeal. The more players who can enjoy it, the better. Most people won't throw money at ANet when they're not enjoying the game. GW's Druid is thematically not very druidic. Celestial Avatar form is a weird blue starry thing. And mechanically, with necro's shroud, it's also not to everyone tastes. As I explained in my OP, a major handicap of online game
  12. False. I've already quoted you saying this and anyone can scroll up to see that and your post. What could you hope by gain with these malicious and obvious lies? As is crystal clear from my original post, I said absolutely nothing about increasing the role of pets. What I suggested is that their UI and system could also be used to allow Druids to collect multiple spirit forms.
  13. FYI freebie players have access to HoT. But I know what you mean. When you play a game long enough and it has a complex business model, which also changes over time, it's very easy to lose track of things like this. I only know the character limits because I recently looked them up online to see what free accounts get. And was surprised to see that paid accounts only get 5. I started playing at launch, and could easily have instantly ruled out 3 professions as thematically not to my tastes - warrior, thief and necromancer. I wouldn't have cared about that li
  14. On second thoughts, I remembered a timely example of how you're wrong. This event, both out in the stampede and in the instanced boss thingy, you know what I've seen a lot? Players throwing down lots of fields around mobs, and then other players knocking mobs safely out of those fields. Safely for the mobs, not players. Repeatedly. Do you think they're trolling? Or compassionately trying to save the mobs? Nope. They're in frenzied cooldown whack-a-mole mode because that's what GW2's gameplay largely boils down to.
  15. Which corner is the entire staff of ArenaNet literally huddled in? And is that COVID safe?! Seriously though, no, initiative costs aren't exaggerated. They vary based on usefulness / power. That's called balance. I don't care if ANet literally suffers the pain of a thousand burning needles to balance stuff without CDs. I enjoy CD-free gameplay.
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