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  1. Cheers! Will try that next time I'm online :).
  2. Appears all my WvW realms are padlocked - getting an error when trying to enter, even on diff characters, or direct via any gate in LA. Is this due to beta? (as luck would have it, I could spend 30 badges with Davis in the guild hall, which is all I wanted to access WvW for anyway...but would still like to know if it's something I'm doing wrong or whatnot, as I do want to enter WvW to play once in a blue moon...)
  3. Thanks, will give it go. What's a 'burn dh' btw? So are those camps usually undefended & you just stand there to claim them, or do you have to kill some NPCs? I generally play a Reaper necro or twin bow ranger in solo PvE, but I can pretty much faceroll most solo content with all exo gear (necro is the only one I ever made an ascended staff for). I have all classes at 80 & could gear them up if needed.
  4. Thanks but I'm down under in GMT+10, so I'm supposed to be working right now instead of posting on forums ;D
  5. Solo camps and sentries. Wvw is just more unpredictability dangerous than pve is all. Cheers mate. What/where are these solo camps? And dying isn't much of an issue - you just respawn back at your server camp, yeah?
  6. Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I didn't want to start a new one just in case. Was wondering if there is any way at all to acquire these fairly easily/quickly, other than playing in WvW & zerging? E.g. currency conversions, player-to-player trading, other non-WvW content, etc. I know there are a couple JPs I can do to get some, but that's a LOT of effort for little return. I mainly solo PvE & just use these to spend 25+ when it comes up as a daily, to complete the three quickly.
  7. More than likely being in Aus. I'd have to try for a US prime time over the weekend I guess...Sat night west coast maybe...?
  8. Yeah, Corrupted Facet legendary bounty. I'll have to try & organise a PUG via LFG next time I have an hour to kill.
  9. And here we are in Aug 2020. I just completed To Kill A God finally with my necro Reaper (after the 1st couple downs it was easy once I worked out the 'trick' :).So I start the Griffon quest chain right away, go get all the eggs in the 1st zone, buy a couple 25gp components, easy so far, right? Then I see the final requirement for the zone: kill a Legendary bounty boss (Corrupted something or other). Got the bounty after 20 mins of waiting for it to respawn on board. Go all the way the NE of zone where he's found under the pyramid, while asking for assist. One guys shows up (thanks mate - you
  10. Cheers, yeah it's better today finally, thank the maker! (which is weird being Friday night in the US & Sat lunchtime here...)
  11. Anyone else getting this the past few days? No doubt courtesy of corona, may she be damned forever!(and no, it ain't my inet - all other online apps & games are generally fine from Aus to US & other parts of the world - even these forums are laggy AF from down under sigh)
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