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  1. Funny how humans get the highest number of votes but is also the most played race in the game.
  2. I use the 18 slot bags. Works perfectly fine for me after the change in the loot system. Now I always have plenty of space in my inventory even when I run the Tarir meta. Not sure if there'll be as many buyers of 24 plus slot bags after the loot change. I did however cast a wrong vote. I meant to select "Neither, 20-slot bags are enough for me"
  3. I like to play three new classes, one heavy armor, one medium armor and one light armor. I don't mine if they bring in the Paragon, Dervish and Monk from GW1 to fill those roles. Just getting a little tire of making new toons of the same ole classes. @AnetWhy not add a new class per each episode or every two episodes on LWS6 till we get three new classes and not only give us new mounts and armors every episode to unlock? A third option would be nice. :)
  4. And I just threw it right back at you with the Arnold comment. We knew the little game you were playing.
  5. You sound sexually disoriented. Would you make armors with boobs for men and flat for women? Do you realized Arnold Shwarzenegger in the movie Red Sonja had bigger boobs than Bridgette Nielson. Do you think he as Conan the Barbarian is more feminine than her?
  6. I will just assume you are a teenager. You assume wrong. I just don't share your style and taste when it comes to female armors. I like them to look feminine.
  7. Stop confusing “femininity” with the gender of being Female.What makes a woman/man “feminine” is demeanor, not boobs. I totally disagree. When you're completely covered up in that armor, there is not such thing as demeanor between a man and a woman.
  8. There's a lot of fit men with a slim waist. The hip in the photo is not wide, it's the kilt you're mistakenly staring at. And I can tell you for a fact a big part of what makes a woman feminine are breasts on a woman, something you refuse to notice that armor is lacking.
  9. No, you're completely wrong and just imagining things: artificial boobies. There is absolutely no breast in that armor. Look at the profile view from the side, the photo in the middle. The chest is completely flat. I'm telling you dude, that's a 6 foot, 120 pound man in that armor in the photo. http://dulfy.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/gw2-leystone-heavy-armor-female.jpg
  10. You might want to have a look at "all" the armors out there like this one. This is the human female heavy Leystone armor. Look at the profile photo in the middle, a flat chest with no breast. There's nothing feminine about this armor except maybe the kilt if people want to consider that feminine. Embarrassed to say, but I actually have this armor, and many others like this. http://dulfy.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/gw2-leystone-heavy-armor-female.jpg
  11. This is more of a personal preference issue that can be resolved with outfits. The OP can buy a big bulky heavy plated tanky looking armor outfit like the "Champion of Tyria" in the link below for her/his light armor characters, no high heels involved. Me personally I think light armor (outfit and skins) should be more skimpy and revealing since they're armors made with cloth and not steel plates. Plus high heels for females looks good in light, medium and heavy armors. Yes I know this is GW2 fashion but I just can't imagine a female superhero like Wonder Woman dressed in an outfit that make
  12. Like everyone else, I too don't recommend using the level 80 boost on your first character. Best to level several characters to 80 first before using it for many reasons. Eventually you'll end up going back to those zones on your level 80 to get the hero points, unlock the waypoints and mastery points, do map completions, etc anyways. When all that happens, you'll start thinking and say to yourself "wish I didn't use the level 80 boost had I known I would still have to do all this anyways!" Besides, leveling is quick and easy on GW2, not a grind like other MMOs.
  13. And I still can't solo champions on my renegade as easily as I can on my herald and my other classes. Terrible survivability: Renegade is all pew pew but no woohoo. PvP is not the only game in town.
  14. Hi there. Try the "Open World" builds from MetaBattle, they're actually pretty good. Also keep in mind if anyone recommends builds from Snow Crows, they only do raid builds, not Open World, Fractals, Dungeons, WvW or sPvP. https://metabattle.com/wiki/Guardian
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