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  1. Anet could easily fix most of it and make some money for their company at same time. Give a ftp account 2 hours to play in pvp or wvw to try it out. Then those accounts not allowed in either until they purchase the game and expansions. Make accounts transferring, go 4-6 weeks without pips or pay like 5000 gems to reinstall pips after the normal 2 week wait. Would make anet money and cut down on the stupid tag watching, spying, pulling tactics etc.
  2. Check out AIR guild on google. The Euro but on NA servers.
  3. I want all my gold back for scribing tactics. JC Anet Fix It
  4. TY for the warning. Didnt even know there was a new reward track LOL
  5. down load a god mode hack and can play any class
  6. I say that blackgate should get a second server since they so pathetic now
  7. reminded me of 1700's British . Stand in one place and shoot your neighbor. Or try. How the hell they not lag with those numbers but in Us we lag if we have 50 on?
  8. Shit survey and if you wanna fight Lets go
  9. What a shit survey. I think Nancy Polosi posted it rofl
  10. FTP killed anets wvw They knew it and they did it. I should say the players that used a free account, shit in their own nest. Fucked it for thousands of peeps. Nice job:)
  11. Good example why range dmg should be nerfed. High dmg with 0 risk
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