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  1. yeah i know about the ascended and have quite a few from Bloodstone fen as well as the ring and backpack. Very handy. Looking to go full legendary as a personal challenge so if i need to do the Jp's then so be it.
  2. In essence i guess we need to put the work in *somewhere* but I'd rather buy a pass for say 50g off a heart than do some of those JP's for a start . I mean they did it with the skyscale, right? I suffer with motion sickness and find Jp's hard at times and it was a god send. But you just know what will be coming up, each meta, gathering, JP's, those annoying quests you do for achieves and forget about. Can't i just buy the amulet for a sum of gold instead? *cries in jahai bluffs* ( that mastery for that map was awful)
  3. I expect it's a break in-between seasons *sigh* I bet they come out with people are falling behind and need to catch up. *double sigh*
  4. I'm the same. was glad to see the back of them. Perhaps if i wave my Aurora around and smile nicely to anet we can get a pass?
  5. 1. PvP mode inbetween WvW and conquest, so squads of players fight it out/take objectives within a time limit ( bigger than GW AB but on those lines) 2. My Queensdale castle. But not a crumbly instance. I want to show off my work. 3. Solo fractals with CM.
  6. well mesmers have clones, teefs have other teefs that fight along side why can't i choose to have my ele with me or my rev? or a commander figure? It's just pixels on a screen? But to appease you and the topic in hand i'd like a dragon. One that breaths fire.
  7. OUCH. They were called Heroes. and henchman. Never slaves. FOR SHAME.
  8. More like, is this just a nerf the ranger thread on the guise of getting more views for a stream?
  9. I have crashed 3 times since Tuesday. A couple of times in SW and the other in EB.
  10. Pets? bah. I want heroes- so copies of my characters proudly fight beside me.
  11. 3/5. This game could of been epic, but i think wrong direction is an understatement. Two busy trying to please everyone all the time.
  12. yeah i have plenty too, but i'm talking IF you had to actually gather them.
  13. The whole thing just reminds me why i only did the whole story on my ranger and decided it was time to finish it all on my necro. The pain is real. I just am waiting for the salt if we need 50 bloodstone rubies.
  14. Had to read the wiki, because it's been a while and it's bloody annoying. I wouldn't suggest doing it with a sore, numb left arm in a hot room.
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