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  1. Certainly for me, this game lacks in Character progression. You get to level 80, buy some exotics and you are set 'for most' content. There is no reason for most to get ascended or even craft for that matter. There is no prestige, no willingness to make your characters better, and for me that's what an MMO is all about.
  2. Two years on and we are still here? You could of done it by now.
  3. Because the other elite specs didn't double up on the weapons used. But take no notice of me, i was excited for new legendries because i was hoping for new weapons types. But cool my ranger can use my juggernaut, i'm happy. as you were.
  4. well i'll give it ya all, just done a bit of homework and certainly it is believed to be hammer for both ranger and ele. No idea anet would be that lazy. but there you go.
  5. whys that? I'm happy with whatever rangers get.
  6. Because i'm assuming that when we get the ranger spec the pic will be green, while the red looks like ele. But i don't know just guess work.
  7. yeah hammers were a thing in pvp in the GW arenas. Trappers and touchers too. AH those were the days. Anyway, since we aren't getting hammer, then i hope it's rifle. pew.
  8. shame this one isn't set to see who reacts to your posts, i think that would be interesting, lol
  9. I don't see why we couldn't at least have a flash back, nice to let the new players have some understanding of the world how it was in GW, but don't let Aurene eat him pleaase.
  10. for the five, nothing. I have a list a mile long i still want to craft, and i've been slacking here. And no a gen3 is right down the list😆
  11. if it's anything like another forum i'm on it's to 'troll' plain and simple, that's the vibe i get here, too It got removed from said forum a while back.
  12. exactly this. in fact the game which merged servers and i lost years of work i did quit.
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