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  1. I understand how mod works and i understand its a net buff on same gear. But new player doesn't understand that an equivalent mod is better than ferocity. he/she looks at power builds and thinks it should have high power precision and ferocity baseline. Other than that mods are good. This is their understanding. Mod works on an extra layer of calculation and moving in this direction is not healthy as it makes the game more complex where it isn't required to be. Also this change is outright unnecessary, there are tons of things to fix anyway aside from this non-issue.
  2. The necromancer changes is not a qol upgrade, its a downgrade. Now you need to put more investment into crit chance by assassins gear or runes which in turn reduces the dps, it creates problems in all gamemodes. I don't think you thought it over completely. Also if you want to buff power dps on necro just buff the greatsword autos for reaper and that should be enough. They don't do as much damage as they should in pve considering how long it takes to cast them and the after casts is also long. Also the wail of doom changes completely removed the only use it had which was to interrupt blo
  3. That fire rate is toxic and if you don't see that then you are either a noob or biased.
  4. this situation is not about adapting. this is about dog sh changes that make no sense and solve no problem and try to solve non-issues but instead create problems that need to be "adapted" over. The class is moving to its doom cause of dog sh changes proposed by some people who then justify it everywhere.
  5. I wrote a massive paragraph then deleted it cause I realized nothing will change cause Anet is clueless and incompetent and player base doesn't know what they need or what's good. There is no hope.
  6. It has good 3,4,5 skill for pvp, wvw. Everything else is outdated. So on an average its good in pvp,wvw and not good everywhere else.
  7. Anet doesn't know what they are doing with this class changes and also doesn't put enough effort into it and in this patch just did what people been spamming for years like the warhorn change, which is a horrible change for so many reasons. Some pepega people who actively comment on necro forum will kill this class. And you know who.
  8. corrupt boon needs to go back to 3 and the scepter 3 needs to go back to 2 baseline single target and on traited it should be kept 1 aoe for balance. so its a tradeoff.
  9. Remove toughness and provide equivalent % damage reduction from death carapace everywhere. Buff poison damage potency increase trait to 20% in putrid defense or even more. ( To compete with curses a little bit as damage option, will give more option in pve ) Unholy sanctuary should just give max barrier(50%) on death blow instead of going in shroud. ( This fixes interaction with harbinger where this trait just doesn't work ) These are my suggestions for death magic but I don't think it needs much changes.
  10. maybe they are just taking less hits than you.
  11. which teleport(you mean the core necromancer wurm lul), multiple leaps(you mean 1 600range dash which is inside shroud not on weapon skills?)? Also the one who comments about warrior in a necromancer thread is you. "look guys what about this completely different class with completely different mechanics and skill set. haha im so smart and edgy" nice one.
  12. just upgrade the way of acquiring the already given benefits or intended benefits of using staff skills. For ex: staff 2 us supposed to give regen(heal) to self+allies and small aoe dps. Just make it non mark skill with better effects. Change autoattack to literally anything else fluid honestly, it is supposed to do mediocre to low damage while giving lf for the more you cleave. These skills are very outdated imo. Other skills i think are mostly fine because they have very specific uses in necro kit.
  13. sometimes some people are so wrong that it isnt worth replying to them.
  14. I dont agree with op but im jist pointing out that warrior has multiple leaps and dashes and ranged gs#4 just saying.
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