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  1. Funny that top solo roaming and small scale roaming builds will still not be affected by these changes. Because it's the skills, traits, cooldowns and coefficients that allow output of such boons and conditions so often and them having high base durations are the problem. If you want to have outcry find the builds that you think are overperforming in cele and you will be able to see which skill is broken because of cele gear. And you will find that some of the coefficient or base durations might be pve and overlooked or unnaturally loaded. But that takes effort and its much simpler to blame a gearset.
  2. From non-zerg pov. So like, for mid to solo gameplay: 1. Power coefficients on some skills are too high. 2. Re-Healing in general is fine except for some builds that do so +pop defensive boons+effects very frequently. But the number of these skills are few compared to things in point 1, hence it is easily fixable imo. 3. Some builds can spam way too many boons+debilitating conditions+other effects by themselves which then gets exaggerated by cele gear. Imo the root of the problem is the total output of these resources not the cele. Funny thing is that the same builds that have this point3 also have point2 and 1. 4. Similarly boon durations on some of the boon spam classes is also high.(Not every class or skill, but very specific builds and boons) 5. Everyone is reliant on speed rune to do anything non zerg, because the same classes that have all the above points also have insane mobility that you cant match on build other than those.
  3. I posted it many times before but I would love to see this change too. It would make the greatsword feel much better to play overall and it would be a lot of fun. Not to mention greatsword then might see use in competitive modes too. The animation already is built exactly for it, just need to add movement component. Heres the video for reference from devil may cry - stinger skill. Aside: from this: maybe a tad bit faster auto attacks would help a lot. Also grave digger does too less damage in competitive modes compared to its radius and cast time.
  4. People who think the problem in this case is cele stats are delusional. Everyone who can actually see things how it is and is kinda skilled at the game to understand whats powerful or not can see clearly the problem with willy is that the: Power damage spike is too high for the amount of mobility + stability+ aegis+resistance+prot uptimes. The keep engaging again and again, do their full burst in under 3secs which can melt 2 healthbar + some more while having 6-8boons and still have plenty of resources to get out using mobility, block and invuln. Not to mention their engages have multiple blind spams, immob, chill and cc if they want. This makes counter pressure in that 3sec extremely difficult. Now think about all this but you in cloud situation and you are in middle of anything and a willbender randomly jumps on you. In any scenario thats not 1v1 your fate is most likely sealed. Now think about team settings, or a cata spamming dogshit on you and aoe spewing things while willbender is doing its things. But its fine since the gamemode is dying because of these things anyway and now nobody cares to even complain so it doesnt get much wind anyway.
  5. My changes are more in the realm of possibilities. You are trying to add on a mechanic previously not present on traits. (Gain lf for sacrificing health and reducing cd of shroud). Aside from it being a new mechanic that would need to be introduced, the effect itself is not in theme with spite nor does it make a coherent build in the traitline and pigeon holes you into taking signets to do anything because cd decrease on shroud which is the singular most important imp thing on neromancer. And finally, the effect itself would create too much disturbance to current gameplay loop in all modes (including pve rotations) and doesn't solve any of the holes that are there except introducing new gameplay that may make 1 build super op. Again some of the changes to the trait could be: - Signet Skills convert 1 boon to 10 vulnerability on target(Just like how reaper does). Signet skills cannot be blinded , or - Signet Skills give might+resolution on use. Resolution is more effective (33% -> 50%). And maybe bump up the resolution durations on spiteful spirit too to make a decent build to theorycraft. - Signet Skills are unblockable and their activation reduces the cd of other signets active by 25% on their use. (This gives value to singular signet skills as well as encourages taking multiple) There are tons of things that can be done but the current change is just lazy imo.
  6. I think we need to have a discussion about what kind of effects do we want on some the signet skills and traits because what he have now is not interesting (especially traits) and unusable in most scenarios. I made this post cause I don't see how the new life steal addition on Signet of Suffering trait will make people take the trait and I wanted to gather feedback so Devs can see what players want from this skill and what will make them take it. - The problem arose when in a previous change we lost the ability to gain passive functionality and enhanced effects of signets while in shroud. - Before this change, the trait had its niche uses. - After the change the playability had sunk into the floor. Because the effects of 1 boon rip on hard cd (no reduction in shroud) is very low value for a necromancer whose whole defense revolves around those utility skills. Now, I'm working under the assumption that they don't want those passive effects in shroud back, because people have clearly criticised this change and we have only received silence on this so I have to assume as such. The problem with the current effect is that it is of no use in pve, pvp and wvw altogether. - In pve, you either take dps or support traits and your basic weapon skills do enough boon remove/corrupt to handle all scenarios. So taking 1-2 extra single timeuse, long cd boon rip through utility would be quite frankly, idiotic and a wrong decision. - In pvp/wvw removing 1 boon is like taking a cup of water out of the sea. No matter how much you time it, you will never remove what u want because of constant spam, not to mention all of the signets can be blinded and blocked. As for the life steal on the trait: It is a very weak effect for a proper casted skill on a medium to high cd with single hit effect. It has the same drawbacks of having high probability of getting blinded, blocked, cc'ed and line of sighted essentially giving no power at all to the trait in practical. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes I would personally suggest that will make signets more interesting again but different from past effects that we prolly wont get would be: 1. Signets of Suffering (Trait in Spite) : Grant 2-3sec resistance and few stacks of un-blockable when Signet skills are used and remove the boon rip component if required to fit in the power budget.(You have enough data, nobody uses this trait for boon rip still, its a dead end). The boon rip already competes with another boon rip trait Lesser Spinal Shivers. - This change alleviates the blind and immob pressure which is an actual utility that necro might need if they are taking signets instead of other skills like consume conditions, spectral walk, spectral ring, well of power, well of darkness, wurm etc. - Resistance+un-blockable would go well with theme of spite compared to lifesteal thats for sure. Idk if many people tried the signet relic with signets but it does feel alright to play except the fact that relic gives resistance on every second signet use and investing that much signets into utility+heal skill just tanks the value that you get comparatively. If the resistance was available on signet use straight up it will give a fluid gameplay experience. 2. Plague Signet (Stun Break Utility Skill): Passive should give reduced condition duration (25%?) not condition damage. This will help with managing various debilitating conditions other than damaging conditions too, just like the previous change. Active should gather conditions from allies on activation and send them in 1 go. This allows for more engaging gameplay and keeps the flavour of the skill. 3. Signet of Vampirism (Heal Skill) Passive needs its radius increased to 240 because it is not useful at all. Its capped at 1 enemy anyway. Also it needs to life steal, the life siphon effects is just making the tooltip longer and making the skill complex for no reason. The numbers can be balanced. Active effect is fine. Mechanically it would be better if the stack stayed on you and you spent it on targets rather than it sticks to 1 enemy and get wasted if enemy dies or moves away or allies steal your stacks etc. There are like only 1-2 situations where u get value out of stacks and million of situations where u dont. Also the active duration is pretty low, should be bumped up probably. 4. Signet of Undeath (Resurrection Utility Skill) Passive life force could be bumped up a tiny bit in competitive modes now that the passive effects in shroud is gone. Active is fine with its health cost. 5. Signet of Locust (Boon rip + move speed Utility skill) Passive needs to give 33% move speed not 25% to be useful thats just it. The slot is extremely competitive and this skill is way too difficult to get value out of. We had availability to 33% move speed with enhanced effect through old Signet of Suffering. Since that has changed, its just a bad effect all in all. Active is kinda ok if you manage to get full value but its still situational and it follow the same weakness of being blinded and blocked easily so it gives no value to user when they actually need it. 6. Signet of Power (Dps skill) Passive and Active are fine Do give your opinions or if you want something else. I do believe that just asking for the previous effect is in vain. It seems like its time to rack your brains cause the life steal effect is not it.
  7. Yeah thats great then. Now i think everything is ironed out in theory. Rest would have to test and see.
  8. So i will be real with you the points that you mentioned were not the major points of feedback. That is what you wished for which is different from feedback to what they gave us. The major points of feedback have been exactly. 1. Clunky animations on auto-attacks with weird delays and after casts. 2. Overall low damage throughout the weapon skills making the tradeoff just not feasible to opt for. 3. Low impact #5 skill on initial cast and also hard to pull off the return. 4. Projectile's had pathing issues. I think they hit all these points (in text at least) so thats a potential win imo but would have to see in action. The only thing they actually left out was the #3 skill was asked to be a leap finisher as it should be.
  9. Necro is not in a good spot in wvw. Even if you build for corrupt/boon remove, the pressure u apply by doing that is overcome by most classes cause boon spam has ran way ahead atm. What you can do is play weird damage spike builds and overcome the difference by playing 2x times better than the other player and still u might only win 1/10 fights and in some cases they run away and most of the time you still lose. At this moment, in this balance, my suggestion would be to not play necro in wvw at all. Play catalyst or willbender if you dont want to quit the game. If you are not playing these 2 builds you are losing from the get go. Either that or u can f about on heal tempest spamming shocking aura into magnetic aura into frost aura into blind into immob into port into block into invuln and repeat near the gates until your teammates on willbender and catalyst come and 1 shot the enemy with perma 8-9 boons Tldr: you cannot, play some other class.
  10. When u have full exotic set(armor + weapons + rings + accessories + back item + amulet) from wvw with badges of honor then just use celestial stat on all. It will serve you for open world pve and wvw. Then you can buy berserker and other gear based on what u want to play in raids, strikes or other instanced end game pve content.
  11. Surely this patch will balance a couple of builds that everyone knows about that are destroying any semblance of balance in wvw mid and small scale. Joke patch LUL Edit: For low iq people, its sarcasm.
  12. Every minion could have a final flip-over skill that allows us to consume it for effects. Some minions already have these but others don't. This will allow us to to control when we want to retract minions deliberately and do a gw2 2023 brush up too. I can suggest some effects: Blood Fiend (Heal Skill) Passive - Remove all damage aspect, just keep the life heal part for purity of purpose. Active + Consume - Similar self heal but an aoe heal around minion on consume and better life force (20%). - This will enable you to sacrifice minion's continuous passive healing for life force and single heal burst, which can introduce decision making aspect. - The health ballsack minion exploding on death and giving its health blood to allies around sounds thematic too. Flesh Golem (Elite Skill) Passive - Fine Active - Fine Consume - Detonate the minion and it recharges the cooldown of all minion skills. - The big minion on explosion converted into many small minions, something of that sort theme wise. - Since this minion is usually the toughest it dies after the other minions. This consume will help get the minions back up again which will make for a good gameplay loop. Bone Minions (Utility) Passive - 1xBleed(3sec) on every attack. Attacks every 3secs just like before. Active + Consume - Detonate just like before but with a poison field. - The poison field should be baseline for these minions so it auto blasts for weakness. Bone Fiend (Utility) Passive - Kinda high and consistent strike damage from projectiles on single target. Attacks every 3secs accurately. No random cripple element from attacks. Active - Next 3 attacks are un-blockable projectile and does cripple(2 sec) and immobilize(2 sec) with high strike damage and better visual cue. Consume - Immobilize enemies around the target in 240 radius with an un-blockable projectile net for 3secs. - This minion is just inconsistent and unreliable in its effects it supposed to provide hence the un-blockable projectile. The active cooldown is way too high right now (50sec), it should be somewhere around 24 sec) Shadow Fiend (Utility) Passive - Fine Active - Fine Consume - Another charge of active. - This minion is good by itself. Flesh Wurm (Utility) Passive - Should 1xPoison(3 sec) on every attack. Active + Consume - Fine All minion summon skill should have reduced cast from 1.5 sec to 1 sec. The cast times atm are super annoying and do not reflect the gameplay speed of current era. All consume skills should have instant cast.
  13. Harbinger shroud doesnt replace hp so it cant be broken even if it stays in shroud all the time in competitive. The only thing that makes it meta or viable previously is that it outputs damage a lot so in aggressive comps it fits well. Also, it still cant remain in shroud no matter what. The concept of creating and consuming blight automatically lowers the overall time harbinger can stay in shroud by consuming life force when it scales with hp. The perma shroud build was not optimal and was not an issue. The signet of suffering change has been in my opinion to cleanup code by removing all the additional effects + giving back some of the boon removal/corrupts which were removed on the same patch from other skills. This is just very abstract way of thinking and it doesn't pan out in practical. But since the trait originally had that effect they were confident in pushing this change out. It was a show of lack of understanding. This is not a deliberate change to remove the perma shroud builds using signets from the game because they wouldn't give the blighters boon change on the same patch then which make perma shroud insanely easy with no extra trait investment in the meta builds aside from itself.
  14. Sword #5 It needs to have higher range to allow enough time to call it back with flip-over skill and for general convenience of use too. I would assume 1200range should be appropriate. It needs to have fear on both initial and flip-over cast. Even if you increase the strike damage, a slow moving >>projectile<< on 900 range can never be justified in necromancer kit as worth taking just for damage. Either that or fear on initial cast and immobilize on flip over so we can combo it with sword#3 or sword#4 afterwards. Sword#4 Reduce after cast, animation cleanup, should hit harder in terms of strike damage. Sword#3 Add leap finisher for both cast and it should hit harder in terms of strike damage. You can remove corrupts for all I care. Sword#2 Should hit way harder in terms of strike damage. Sword#1 Chain Reduce after cast on each skill in the chain(important). Should hit way harder in terms of strike damage. General Swords in general need an additional aspect to it. I would suggest adding self might to the initial casts and vulnerability to enemies on flip over skills. The chill effect is mostly useless tbh. It's just padding in un-useful power to justify power budget for each skill. Similar case for corrupts on sword#3 leap. It doesn't serve any purpose to that play style because you have nothing to follow up with. You dont have the boons on the weapons to stay in melee range no does the class has utilities that allow that. It would be a laughable attempt to try to corrupt stability in gw2 2023 by just 2 boon corrupts not to mention on a class and kit which is extremely susceptible to cc, blinds, blocks and other movement impairing conditions and in general susceptible against multiple enemies.
  15. Dont be dumb, it fills the power ranged aoe niche which the class didnt had very well. It just needs to be better with numbers and qol on animation speeds.
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