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  1. I know Anet is known for going different routes with elite specs which are very creative and out of the box, but this time if they dont give a good weapon like sword and go for dogshi weapon like mace or bow or something else I'll actually change classes. The same for the elite spec mechanics too.
  2. I have to do pve masteries to get legendary. Ughhhhhh.
  3. I dont have any sympathy for people getting farmed by lich form or reaper aa's. You deserve it. Lets be real, there is tons of stuff more op and oppressive than this. Its not a necro problem that people are low skilled and low rated and get farmed all day by reaper. If most of the people that put these kind of nerf threads upload their gameplay you would clearly see that people make multiple wrong decisions consecutively that leads to them getting farmed.
  4. You should not lose to any necro build on any build as a ranger period. There is exactly only 1 necro build that can stall the matchup forever against the best of ranger builds. I will attribute you getting farmed to you having shit build or not knowing how to play the game or both. Reaper having great lf generation is the best joke ive heard all day. Also both your arguments that you put forth proving you are not bad at the game are irrelevant as having UD and playing the game since the beginning has no correlation to being skilled.
  5. Great TLDR.Dagger mainhand becomes revenants sword offhand. Reliability in pvp goes up from 1% to 99% and boom, suddenly its a meta weapon and necros have healing without a babysitter...Only problem is Anet cant afford programing work on animation and functionality changes, its number tweaks 1x per year in these times... No it doesnt. Why? Because first of all it will be small range. Secondly most of the ports like these where you port behind enemy require them to be in range. So its not like you can port through walls long range like rev or port away by targeting a mob in wvw.
  6. No he/she is saying that sustaining and facetanking need the help of other tools to be viable. Thus the issue is not dagger design or the sustain/facetanking model but the fact that the necromancer, by design, lack the complementary tools necessary to make this gameplay "viable". This lead players to seek one of the 2 following solutions based on personal preference:Totally rework the dagger main hand so that it fit the widely favored "dps" niche.Give the necromancer the tools necessary to make the sustain/facetanking gameplay viable. For one reason or another, none of those answers are truly
  7. Dagger Auto for the win.Go in shroud use #4Come outside shroud more Auto
  8. What do you think a class is? Its the trait lines+weapon skills+utility+class mechanics. You are implying that the weapon skills are disjointed from the class identity from your statement which is utterly false. You can solve class problems with weapon skills infact it is the best way to fix them. Now if you want to fix them or not is a different debate but saying that its not possible is so wrong on so many levels.
  9. Sorry man just let this thread die. It was a shi* show. Also, don't run d/d the skills dont go well together.
  10. How about no? Already broken trait beyond reason.
  11. Merging Transfusion and the condi transfer and condition transfer isn't a bad idea actually. I meant Life transfer which is the name on #4 skill in shroud not transfusion which is a blood magic trait.
  12. I think instead of merging life transfer and tainted shackles skill. You can let the tainted shackles skill be as it is and add the "condi fetching from allies on each pulse" effect on life transfer. I would also love wave of fear instead of the doom but the functionality changes, it becomes aoe which can be bad for the balance but on the other hand it becomes visible and small range hence can be avoided so idk. Your suggestions is what everyone wants but it will make the build very oppressive. Another thing is that anet will never do it because they dont have time to change what already works
  13. I think they should probably buff the power dmg values on the mh dagger skills in pve. It will help in creating support power scg variant with spite bm scg and using dread trait to get f3 barrier spam. This build can be really useful for fractals and in some mob heavy raid encounters. Its just that it doesnt do enough power damage right now to look into going for power & healing stats.
  14. now i start to wonder if my ping is that horrible:d Its not that. You didn't notice it because you used it in pvp and alone. The fear duration is nowhere enough that you can transfer it alone. You need multiple viper necro to chain fear to get big enough fear duration stack for transfer. Remember, the duration on transferred condi is only 50% of original fear because of nerfs.
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