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  1. I think making invisibility be transparency at all times would destroy it completely lol, but i had an idea based on this, they could make it this way, if you hit a Thief with a damaging skill they get briefly transparent, and you also see the damage number where they are, even better, if you hit a Thief with a damaging condition, they get transparent as long as the condi is tiking and you also see the damage numbers, this could also make Condi kinda be the optimal counter to Thieves in a way. This way good Thiefs that can avoid damage still retain their advantage, while bad Thieves will be
  2. Just need better reveals, and remove Deadeye anti reveal that makes no sense, that's like having a Condi that's "uncleansable", or a boon that's "uncorruptable".
  3. Anet could rework boon strip and corrupt, unify both effects, boon corrupt as it is, does not exist anymore, it's now a sub-effect of boon strip, anytime you strip a boon from an enemy, that boon get's "corrupted", and cannot be reaplied for x number of seconds, this could help solve this problem a lil bit i think. Of course, boon strip as we current have would probably need some reworks and reductions as well.
  4. Elementalist: Wanna play Staff and spam Lavafont? Here you go. Tempest: Wanne see me overextend WAY TO MUCH and not get punished for it? Wanna see me do it again? Weaver: Wanna play Staff and spam Lavafont but better? Here you go. Catalyst: Wanne see me overextend WAY TO MUCH and not get punished for it? Wanna see me do it again? There, some small fixes, since it's WvW we are talking about lel.
  5. They could update it to be Plunder 25 Bundles of Loot or Spend 25 Bundles of Loot, this way one full event completion will guarantee this daily for a few days afterwards, but 25 may be too few, so the requirement could be increased to 50 or 100.
  6. There's already a mastery that gives stealth to all mounts, 8 seconds of stealth (that's a lot of time for these super fast mounts), plus 1 stack of stability, and only on a 30 second CD. Biggest problem thou, is that this mastery is from LW Season 5 (or Icebrood Saga), so most people will get it kinda late in the game, but it can be usefull for Cantha, and/or if you want to replay HoT/PoF with other characters, since all masteries are account wide.
  7. I have a Rifle/Pistol-Dagger Dragonhunter build that benches 37k, but it's exclusive to me so i'm not sharing with you guys, sorry.
  8. I think doing the change is not hard, just go in the code and change the numbers, but it's not that simple. That was such a long time ago, so i don't remember all the details, but in LoL of Legends, Riot buffed one of it's champions skills by just increasing the damage, it was Ryze i believe. There was an item in the game, that whenever you dealt damage to an enemy champion, you would deal 1.5% of it's max HP as extra damage, this Ryze buff for some reason made this item start dealing 10% of the target max HP per hit instead, they had to disable Ryze and the item for an entire week if i'm n
  9. Idea, idea, this will make Warrior top meta in the game, if you trait for Doubled Standards, and drop all banners at the same time, they combine to form a "Mega Bannertron", a powerfull companion for the Warrior, it moves and atacks enemies, while pulsing all these boons to the Warrior and it's allies. Of course, the Mega Bannertron is very powerfull, so for balancing reasons, it only stays active for 20 seconds before crumbling.
  10. As long as they don't touch armor sets it's fine. Just did a quick count on the Wiki, and of the 83 Armor Sets we have on the game, it's around 10 that are very skimpy, then you have some showing bits of skin here and there (some cleavage, some arm and neck, some belly, etc), but the majority is covered, and that's in the humam/norm female section, medium and heavy you see even less of this stuff. So anyone that says "GW2 sexualize female armor too much", either never played the game or is nitpicking lol. Here if anyone want to see: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Human_female_light_
  11. It's how the game works, if Anet deleted these three tomorrow, zergs would find another way, create new compositions, and the game mode would remain the exact same, you would still have zergs with perma stability, perma healing, perma projectile destruction, perma all boons, etc, the compositions would just be switched, i think the only thing they would lose would be perma superspeed, right now, i can't think of another class/spec that can aplly it like Scrapper do.
  12. For Guardian, Power DH, Condi FB and Healbrand are all fine for normal T4's, nobody is going to care that you don't do 40k DPS like most others do, as long as you don't do less damage than the support, do the mechanics right and don't die a lot, everything should be fine. My Power Alacrigade is the biggest example of that, can't DPS for kitten on it, i do around 8-10k DPS, but i make sure to help the team a lot, maintain 100% uptime on Alacrity, bring stab if we need stab, bring ventari tablet if we need projectile destrcution, bring boon strip if we need it, and of course do all the mechan
  13. We need more op tatics: T4 Tatic: Call Siegerazer and Siegecrusher to help the lord. T4 Tatic: All Guards turn into Veteran Awakened Canids. T4 Tatic: Gain acess to 3 Siege Turtles for personal use. T4 Tatic: Turns the Lord into Dhuum CM. T4 Tatic: Upgrades all Guards to a new specialization: Veteran Archer -> Veteran Soulbeast. Veteran Cabalist -> Veteran Harbinger. Veteran Defender -> Veteran Spellbreaker. Veteran Rogue -> Veteran Deadeye. Veteran Wizard -> Veteran Tempest. Veteran Zealot -> Veteran Dragonhunter.
  14. Nah, WvW need better rewards/reward structure, but playing the mode eficiently should still be necessary. I made two Confluxes last week and i saw how disconnected the reward structure is, needed 3.700 Tickets to make two of them (i do a lot of Fractals so i got the ascended rings there), and last week after a loooooong time i finally got it, had everything set, the 10 Gifts of Battle, everything for the two Mystic Tributes, etc, but then i looked at my Memory of Battles, and i had only 2k, while you need 3.500 total for two rings, so it was either another 10 weeks of farming (probably more
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