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  1. I meant before now, but never mind. As long as the game remains a big deal in markets like China, where 1/4 to 1/3 of computers are still running Windows 7, they'll likely have an interest in its support.
  2. I had the same launcher-freeze problem, so the first thing I did was update my graphics drivers, but to no avail. I tried adding usecoherent to the command line. No joy there either. I then found that other games started misbehaving or not launching at all. *Ding!!* Rollback that graphics driver! 💡 Everything works well now using Nvidia's driver from last December (...along with the usecoherent fix). P.S. Thanks everyone (especially Chaba) for all the brainstorming and patient support.
  3. Yep... According to: Game updates/2017-06-20 - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) "If there is a tie for last, no world moves down, which also means no world in the tier below can move up (as there’s no room). Similarly, if there is a tie for first, no world moves up, which prevents the next tier up’s last-place world from moving down." What I don't understand is why SFR became red and AG became blue? I thought that a tie would preserve the relative positions of the tied teams. In this case, SFR was green last week and should have at least remained positioned ahead of AG.
  4. Here's the roster from tier 1 down to tier 5 for anyone wishing to use gw2stats or wvwintel this week: . Silent Woods Phoenix Dawn Titan's Staircase . Thornwatch Dragon's Claw Skrittsburgh . Reaper's Corridor First Haven Stonefall . Fortune's Vale Moogooloo Grenth's Door . Griffonfall Seven Pines Giant's Rise . You can use the positions above to find and keep track of your team at those websites. For instance, Silent Woods, at the top of tier 1, will appear as Gunnar's Hold.
  5. I've been told that, in that state, you can walk through a portal for the target zone. ...I speak of the portals in Lions Arch and in each WvW starting area.
  6. It would be great if a population shift allowed Europe to get reduced from 5 tiers down to 4. EU and NA could then have properly synchronized round-robin tournament schedules like they wanted to do ~8 years ago.
  7. True, some players definitely enjoy night capping more than a low ping. And by that same argument we might also see some German and French speakers migrate to NA.
  8. I asked friends in different worlds to tell me which guild had claimed some stable asset like home Garrison or SM Castle. I also needed to know which teams were playing which colour in that tier. I then looked through the maps at those websites until I found the same claim, allowing me to match the team names for that tier.
  9. Given that over 70% of the world's Spanish speakers are in the western hemisphere, I wonder how many players will be jumping from EU to NA after Baruch Bay is gone.
  10. It's still possible to use gw2stats.com and wvwintel.com as long as you know which old server name corresponds with your current team name. For the EU roster: Seafarer's Rest = Dragon's Claw Piken Square = Reaper's Corridor Jade Sea = Grenth's Door . Far Shiverpeaks = Griffon Fall Ruins of Surmia = First Haven Desolation = Titan's Staircase . Underworld = Thornwatch Whiteside Ridge = Stonefall Aurora Glade = Fortune's Vale . Gunnar's Hold = Silent Woods Gandara = Skrittsburg Ring of Fire = Phoenix Dawn . Fissure of Woe = Moogooloo Blacktide = Seven Pines Vabbi = Giant's Rise This way we can still see how our team is doing without having to log in.
  11. Oh, and let's not forget Leafy The Wanderer, rounding out Gandara's cyber-hero trio.
  12. But wait... What if they adopt a vegetable theme like: Cucumber, Radish, SweetPotato, etc? 😉
  13. Using a selection of random location names is fine, but perhaps future Team names could follow various themes. For instance: - A Guild Wars 1 heroes theme with Rurik, Koss, Gwen, etc. - A materials theme with Ambrite, Ectoplasm, Mithrilium, etc. - An ArenaNet alumni theme with Wyatt, Phinney, Gray, etc. Set free your imagination. Themes are fun.
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