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  1. Any particular mistake I can think of boils down to what more than one person has already mentioned it, which is that the writers who took up the job after Ree Soesbee's worldbuilding went into the polar opposite direction from hers, going towards "characters over worldbuilding". Tyria is no longer a character and in a story where Tyria and the Elder Dragons are interwoven so intensely, this turned things into a steamy pile of bad takes. You can see the trend starting precisely after 2017 when the narrative team shifted focus to character development - that's around the time when P
  2. Entire fight should have been the last phase with more telegraphs and less random AoE circles that just serve to enforce the use of healscourge. I agree that as it is now there are little to no "boss mechanics" and most of the fight can be pushed through by brute force. Especially on the last part - I can easily see people coming up with a meta where you DPS fast enough to simply ignore the Eyes destroying the cleansing crystals. Plus, WHY has this mechanic not been present in normal in a lesser form? Fight doesn't change at all when she uses Void in normal nor in story and it's kinda silly an
  3. Until we have an option to /gg or /surrender in order to save the 15 to 20 min we lose fighting a snowballed game, I can only vote for more pips after losing 😛
  4. Is the Realm of Torment still specifically Abbadon's realm? I kinda assumed it was already there before the Forgotten started caring after it as a prison. But yeah, all races show up everywhere in many of the "afterlives", I don't think we should ascribe any particular kind of order to it.
  5. There is absolutely zero reason not to play ranked. You are rewarded far better by means of the ranked reward track chests and the actual rank is almost completely uncorrelated to how fast you get the rewards - just put "appear as offline", turn off the map and team chats, and have fun!
  6. The least complicated way of seeing it and one of the most accurate is that the Mists are a primordial soup of existence. Tyria presumably appeared out of it from nowhere, and even if it didn't, the being that created Tyria has to have appeared out of it from nowhere, or at least the being that created it (and so on...). In other words things pop in and out of existence in the Mists - some things amass such large amounts of magic that they manifest a coherent form in time and space like Fractals, others seem to be very deliberate and planned like the world of Tyria and even others
  7. I find it really strange that Anet not only promised the Thaumanova fractal but also promised to never release the Abbadon fractal. That's really weird as it was an obvious thing to eventually do anyway down the line, it'd have been easy lore and easily an epic encounter.
  8. I am ready for the Gritlock Rimstone vs Detective Ram-a romance book
  9. These CMs could very well have their own legendary armor skins if they keep up with the difficulty. Aetherblade CM is easily on the side of hardest bosses all across the board, and even one of the tightest DPS checks at 100k group DPS bare minimum.
  10. This is not unlike Dhuum and Fractal CMs (currently after they removed mystic coin) - absolutely amazing content that's among the best of Anet's design, yet they give nearly no rewards for it for some reason. Also this is harder than several of the raid bosses because it emphasizes individual responsibility (can't wait to see how much more of this they will pull off in Kaineng Overlook). Unfortunately everyone should get to play it ASAP this week because if no more rewards are introduced this is going to be dead on arrival due to how tight the mechanics are.
  11. To be fair, some characters do get a lot of Lore time, but not much direct screentime. Joko and Jormag are definitely two that do not enough screentime to justify how much they are set up. The fact there's a lot of lore surrounding them is probably what makes it all the more frustrating, because it makes it seem like the payoff was weak. So it happens that we do get a lot of story beats that relate to them, like the entirety of the DRMs for Jormag or half of PoF and LS4 for Joko, but there's not enough direct conflict that should be there to make it seem like it satisfies how much you saw of t
  12. It's easier with a group but it's honestly not difficult to solo if you spec to either keep the NPCs alive or grab and tank the enemies by yourself as well as healing NPCs, such as: Firebrand, Core Guardian, Healscourge, (now available) heal Mechanist, might druid, heal Specter, Renegade, Heal Herald, Shout Warrior, Chronomancer, Alac Mirage, Minion Reaper, Turret Engineer, and heal Tempest. For sure there are other builds that fit here and hopefully you get the idea - they are not nearly as squishy as it seems and people mostly just want to use the very same open world PvE build to get achiev
  13. Ultimately Guild Wars 2 is still very much about Elder Dragons no matter what you do, as they have been woven into the very fabric of what makes Tyria. Aurene is as much a character as she is a huge part of the worldbuilding now, and with this in mind she can and will probably take a backseat but not really be gone from sight. There are many reasons and ways to keep her at bay while the Commander deals with threats knowing she won't be there as a Deus Ex Machina plot device (we already have Taimi for this anyway, no need for two). She is now the sole thing holding the balance of the All togeth
  14. I think Anet straight up didn't test DE or had a lot of trouble testing it before going live (and they wanted it to be the "ultimate" open world PvE meta...). Soo Won's glaringly unintended patterns of several bite attacks still remain, and some areas of the map are completely devoid of events and quite lackluster. My guess is they somehow expected players to want to do the meta probably for the antique stones and that the success rate would be much higher than it was on release (probably it's still quite low because the bad design remains). This would offset the fact that the rest
  15. DRMs are not exactly popular so, using the old maps for new content is basically a no-go, especially if not in isolated instances: everyone and their mother agrees nowadays that it was a bad move to have Living Season 1 permanently shape old maps and take content away from its original form. Also I don't see exactly how it's bad that "everyone is playing the latest new shiny thing" - it's just how we do things in life in general after all, we don't eat the exact same things every single day eh? As for the modern standards of maps - I think you are overestimating how "modernized" Eo
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