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  1. I had a similar issue in the past, only GW2 and online video would crash, no other game would. Make sure GPU heat sink is securely attached, mine had a small heat sink on a gRAM/controller near the main heat sink the factory had forgot to tighten, GPU crash looked similar to tilting a cartridge on consoles.
  2. I believe the root problem all these years is upper management has never looked at the game objectively. GuildWars Original has a style/feel that suits PvE content very well, no matter how you spin PvP there it feels limited due to the playable character platform, WvW would still be kinda off(neat though)if spun into GW1. GuildWars2 has an entirely different playable character system(more plat-former) that inherently suits PvP well, and carried sPvP/WvW through years of neglect, but PvE won't age as well in GW2 as GW1, won't survive neglect, jumping puzzles maybe fun but everything includi
  3. Problem: Players wanted/asked for pvp content. Reason: Anet wants to do PVE content. Action: Anet makes the characters feel terrible in pvp, trashes balance. Solution: If no one plays pvp no one will ask for pvp content.
  4. revert to feb20 balance, and make all invulns channels like they did post nerf so people can't use uncounterable invuln while dishing glass damage.
  5. Dragon Hunters traps combined with Judges Intervention teleport was determined to be a bug. Combining teleports with stomp(supposed to be planted) should fall as a bug too. Combining invulnerable with stomp where your unable to use skills/actions, but do anyway should be a glaring bug.
  6. Why was Dragons Maw damage, not CC removed when it is now only a second Bane Signet. We have no viable elite, a 3s invulnerable but so do other classes who don't give an elite slot for it, instead they have lich form, stomp/rez banner, insta stomp, turret kit with reflects, even moa. Down state is terrible, others have move+invuln/stealth and teleport/mesmer does 1 shot, ranger pet heals, warrior is a meme but still better than guard, engi is bad as well but they have 2 cc's, whens the last time symbol damage was meaningful, or when was the last time the healing was meaningful as its just
  7. Main hand shield would be pretty unique, and perfectly inline having no viable damage options.
  8. They forgot to nerf fall damage, 3s of knockdown and big damage, possible one shot, seen whole havok groups wiped to it.
  9. Can't teleport traps, not going to stand in traps, uninstalled dead gaem.
  10. They mechanically broke traps, meme hunter is dead. A dev nerfed a previously nerfed 9 damage elite skill, bet they get sloppy second from their spouse as well.
  11. with multipliers nerfed, why bother wearing armor, kites, and cake guns are better.
  12. What ellesee said, aaaaand this game is still dead
  13. A lot of people blame f2p accounts for bots, but all the bots I've seen used an elite spec.The problem with gw2 isn't bots, it's balance, the majority of bots I've seen are in gold while almost 100% people in bronze, 80/20ish in silver.Bunker + condi spam rewards bots, no real burst damage rewards bots, spam all skills off cooldown+2 random dodges is stronger than setting up attacks/baiting dodges.
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