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  1. its a buff, 2 psn stacks for 13 secs is insanenot every spec has on demand cleanse all the timelook at holo or rev who use resistance over cleanse, or anyone rotating/trying to get out of combatnot so significant i think but still a buff It's a small buff if you're dueling against something that has little to no condi cleanse. It's a nerf because you get less heals from Predator's Cunning, and less condi burst. Overall the build should be fine, but time to kill will slightly increase because of this.The build is just fine, if anything I'd say the build is a bit worse against players that ar
  2. Just a random question since I've seen a few people commenting about it, but why do you guys not want a pet focused elite specialization when it's our general class mechanic to begin with? It may sound a bit old and dry and I'm not trying to sound rude, but why do you play this class if you don't like it's core mechanic.
  3. Yes, "effectivenes" is important in the "fun factor" for me, combined to the playstyle I like.The issue is, except guardian, there arent profeesions that perform good i all modes or situations. Some fractal bosses have to be fought with condi classes and power are not factible, other bosses the opposite. I feel anet forces us to play all 9 professions, which is bad because you cant main and become a master in one in concrete.I've seen thiefs in pvp doing combos that would require months or even years to master.As i said before there are classes unplayable in wvw actually. If I master my mesme
  4. Only if I can play a lute and my running animation changes to one with a bit of a skip to it's step. The only way to make fighting a mesmer more annoying is to turn them into a prancing bard.
  5. Cool, there's no real downsides to this then in my opinion it just depends if the devs want to give it any attention. Also I guess I have to say I'm sorry since I've been informed by a mod that I tried to derail your post here, somehow.
  6. Rather just have the warclaw removed from WvW since it's only aided in making the zerging problem we have with the game mode even worse.
  7. As long as thief holds the best escape and reset potential when it comes to fights, it will always be the king of roaming.
  8. Couldn't tell you how stoked I was to see this since it's very similar to a build of mine I've used for quite some time now. I also couldn't tell you how very much so interested I am to hopefully play against you build with my own some day in the future since I'm very much so curious how much you've tested pet choice and combo field usage. So yeah, again thanks for the great post!
  9. I just hope thieves get great swords because it sounds stupid yet oh so entertaining to me at the same time.
  10. I regretted not making a charr thief sooner since I find the concept to be cool if that counts.
  11. Elonian Warsickle or the Reclaimed Axe in my opinion, don't need anything too fancy since we have plenty of good skins choices for cheap.
  12. It's not much but sometimes it helps if you just ask people to do it,, just like you need to do when the majority of players are too busy farming mobs instead of hitting the shatterer. It's hit or miss really but it can work at times.
  13. It honestly just seems like the original posting here was more so just annoyed about general player mentality and not so much repair costs in general. So I have to say in turn that I don't think you're going to fix cocky players by shoving your hands in their pockets.
  14. If things get to the point where thieves can destroy you without you being able to do anything then sure I'd agree something probably needs to change, but currently there's generally always a way for someone to hit the thief back if they need to do so. Hell the ever so common argument of them just being able to stealth away and not die isn't even really an argument since if you force them to run you've won the fight and objective regardless if you got a kill or not. That being said infinite stealth up time is stupid but should be dealt with in the upcoming patch.
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