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  1. Those are only for gen 2 precursors, the ones introduced after HoT. Gen 1 precursors are made differently so there's no shards involved. But it sounds like he intends to make a Gen 2 Precursor (Pharus) so it's still good advice.
  2. Isn't that a good thing then? PoF came after HoT and shifted away from full map metas that required lots of organization toward smaller meta events making it easier to organize and for people to get in.
  3. I'm pretty sure the last time I checked the rune works. Maybe it's because you only get the 10% bonus when you're above 90% hp that it doesn't show up in the tool tip?
  4. I've crafted, in order, The Flameseeker Prophecies, Incinerator, Bolt, Sunrise, Twilight, Eternity, The Ascension, and 2x Juggernauts (I sold both of these).Timing wise FSP took me about 8months, Incin about 4months, Bolt/Sunrise/Twil/Ascension all took about 1-2months. Juggernauts took 3days. The thing is as you become more experienced with the game and learn more methods to acquire gold/mats it becomes easier/quicker to amass gold and create weapons.Biggest pitfalls were probs spending money on other shinies that came out, I spent a lot of money buying random stuff instead of saving up for m
  5. Footsteps do not combine, the footsteps that appear will be the one from your main hand legendary. I'd say Frostfang, there are some pretty neat torch skins and axe has more opportunities to be used.
  6. Maybe you already got the item and accidentally deleted it? You should check with supplymaster Hanjo and see if you can get a replacement.
  7. Gw2 uses a megaserver system, meaning every map has multiple copies of instances that exist. Each instance has a cap to how many players can join, the idea is that as a map fills up a new instance pops up, and as a map population winds down the instance will close. LFG is used to advertise to all players regardless of the instance, thus sometimes when you join the mini map indicates allies are next to you when in reality you are in a completely different instance. Usually most groups for Meta events will put their instance IP address so people know which instance they are in. You can check you
  8. Do note that depending on the content (mostly fracs/raids) you might be "forced into" builds from the Metabattle/Qt websites someone mentioned. These are generally "meta" or most optimal builds for group content. For open world the build is up to you... I'd start with picking weapon sets since weapon sets play a big part into what kind of build you use. For example for necro scepter and staff are condi weapons as they apply condition effects on hit. While Greatsword and Dagger are power weapons as they don't really apply damaging conditions but have higher raw damage. After finding which weapo
  9. Assuming you have not logged out/left the map yet all merchants have a buyback option (the little circle arrow thing) you can use to buy back whatever item you sold at the price you sold it. If you have left the instance your best bet is to contact support at the top of the page.
  10. Also worth noting is that every now and then there is a "Spend 25 badges of honor" daily. For those who absolutely cannot stand WvW you can still use your badges to complete this daily, either by going to the guild hall to buy Badges of Tribute (35BoH) or buying a couple siege equipment from a WvW vendor. Then use the potion from the daily to increase your reward track progress.
  11. I kind of wish you could replay the story steps you chose, similar to the current LS models. Where you can replay the story for achievements but no actual rewards.
  12. Should also always get on siege if possible I think it's about 100?wxp for each wall you help take down even if you only tapped the wall once.
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