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  1. For Saltwater and international, they should put a specific bait for each fish to narrow the loot table and it will permit to avoid unwanted fishes. It's been weeks that I'm stuck at 13/14 avid saltwater just because I know that I can't do anything to get the one I want. Many hours to get nothing it's kinda depressing after a while 😄
  2. Hello, It seems that the storm wizard shield can't be damaged by the bolt, we have to reflect at him. It say "miss" each time. Am i the only one with this issue ?
  3. Well if it's really the case, it's a real bad design, because it adds much more fish to the drop table. There are already enough with the any time category to screw the drop table so to deal with day and night fish also ... 😕 Guess I have a super bad luck in Ascalon only 😢
  4. Same here still not working. Please REALLY fix it Anet 😉
  5. Hello yes don't worry I use the correct time and I'm at max Fishing Power. I didn't have issue getting other Dusk/Dawn fish in other location 🙂 I'm even double checking by having the timer on my second screen to avoid any error. On my last fishing session, I got again 4 fish from night, one Twilight striker (meaning I was in the right timeframe) and the other 6 from the any time category. And to troll me more just after the Dusk/dawn cycle, I got the legendary fish from Night. It's only Ascalon that seems to bug, for me at least. Maybe my account is cursed 😄
  6. Hello, Like many others I try to get Dusk/Dawn fishing in different location and in Ascalon it seems to be a bit buggy. During this timeframe, Most of the fish I get are from Night cycle or Day Cycle even if they shouldn't spawn during Dusk/Dawn Cycle. I got a rainbow trout (day), a Ripsaw catfish (night) or several normal catfish (night) during that cycle. It's very frustrating because the drop rate of Dusk/Dawn fish are low plus you can get fish that's not even from this cycle in the drop table. Please try to do a rework so Fish from Dusk/Dawn cycle can be caught as easy as other fis
  7. Hey ! I have the exact same issue , I've got motion sickness with the character select screen and it's annoying. Don't know if you have already the skiff but the camera + the movement give me motion sickness aswell :( During beta, I got the exact same issue while being a passenger on siege turtle :/ No issue with all other mounts. Hope ArenaNet could do something for people who have easily motion sickness.
  8. The mount is good overall but the massive drawback is when I use the passenger seat. I have motion sickness when I'm on passenger seat and it's kinda sad for me that I cannot enjoy this part of the mount 😞 The thing that the camera change might be the root cause.
  9. I'm not sure if you've seen these already, but if you go to the Releases page and scroll to the bottom of each individual release, you'll find high-res images related to that release. Today's new page has eight new ones. Well I was talking about Artworks not screenshots like the one we can see in the preview of the youtube video before you launched it.But thanks anyway for the reply :)
  10. @Fire Attunement.9835 When do you think all the wallpapers and artworks from the icebrood saga wil be available on the main Guild Wars 2 website ?Because the artwork for this trailer is really great !
  11. Since last big patch, each time you cancel an animation of some usable environnemental object, that have some "cast" duration for heart quest, by switching weapon, you can't do spell until the animation is complete in the background.It's pretty awful right now to do some heart with this bug.Hope it will be patched soon so we can get back the normal behavior that we had before patch.
  12. So nothing to replace Empty Vessel or compensate for the lost of it ? :/
  13. Btw you should reconsider removing empty vessel trait for revenant.At least put a similar functionnality in another trait or make it baseline for the revenant profession.Or make breakstun of each legend better (cost less or other thing) and give one to ventari ! D:
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