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  1. It is okay, although a bit of searching next time won't hurt 😉
  2. Likely tied to this: Which we have been around for almost a month by now.
  3. They have lost the passion by the look after Heart of Thorns (which has started the whole community-splitting) in my opinion. ----------- The Lore Writing has became 10,000x worst as they seem to have delved into the "PURE" "Memes-y" Culture, which frankly has not its place in a Professional Product (-1000 points of Charisma, on that)... ----------- Without even mentioning, that they seem like they are doing actual references and honorifics to actual some of their Gaming Content Partners, that are absolutely not what they are IRL. I cannot go to Arborstone anymore because there is two NPCs (One Human and One Charr) (related to 2 Partners) that I absolutely cannot smell IRL. For the distress they have caused me when I was part of their communities. ------------ So I believe that ANet has lost their path, for a very very long time by now. And honestly, if it is on its last legs, might as well have mercy and end it before it suffers even more because this game is no FUN anymore. Too Much Bugs, Not Enough Productive Communications. All is purely cosmetics crap which is often locked behind RNGs or Stupid Content that is barebone impossible for the less fortunate (that has no time to get into raids, or are physically impaired without the Support needed).
  4. I think the Mods has fluked here, this question should have remained separated as it seems to be irrelated to this thread... But I'll answer you this: As long as your GW2 is on your (C : ) you should be alright (or your SSD Drive). Otherwise you can always try the repair tool; as you may have obtained some corrupted files it doesn't hurt to try.
  5. And this proves you haven't read anything in this thread and just came to put some more oil. ------- The "Poofing" is about the fact the game does not "Patch" when the festival ends it just "phases out" of existence. Which leads to point 2, not having a Patch Notes with any Relevant information about anything about the Festival ending (which in this case will just make sure everyone affected by this bug will be on edge). Yes, we know when it ends in-game... but it is nothing concrete from the devs. As people above prompted it, that will lack of communication leaves the devs a massive advantage to just sweep the problem under the carpet until it comes back next year. AND THAT'S THE PROBLEM. --------- So you still have to prove any of my points wrong.
  6. If they had any actual ability for mediating issues, they will compensate the playerbase even if it means everyone even the ones not affected (if they cannot be bothered pooling who has been affected and who has not). (Pretty sure they can mass filter "who had several Logouts and Logins in a short period of time".) This issues has by now pretty much heavily damaged their credibility in taking responsabilities where they should have. After the month-long issue with Dragon's End Last month, that is just month long issues after month long issues. And that has to stop, for THEIR good sakes.
  7. That's just facts, - You probably have seen the festival just poofing out LIVE in front of your own eyes! - We have never got a Patch Notes about the end of a Festival. - And also the main goal of a company is to make money. So yes, perhaps it is jumping to conclusions, because we all (or at least all should) know that those are just Facts. Feel free to disclaim me if you can prove any of those facts being incorrect.
  8. Thank you for Finally giving us an Update. PLEASE do remember that if it is ready to go JUST DISPATCH IT, do NOT wait next week Tuesday...
  9. It is very hard to miss as they do seem to finally be able to communicate when it comes down to that sort of information *rollseyes*. While for this case it is: "Quite the Silence".
  10. With this in tow, and if this is something to expect for any festival onwards (as they cannot seem to find the issue) we should be getting an option to opt-out of festivals updates, as sucky as it sounds, but I am not going through the festivals anymore if I have to expect this "Nonesense" to occurs everytime. Unless ANet is willing to give every accounts affected (with more than 5-7 characters) an equal sum of gems for each of the extra character slots "as a collateral damage" for not investigating this. (Yes in my case that would be a compensation of 51,200 gems (monetary conversion to 640$ (Which at this amount make you really question what they are doing while having this much support but still claiming to doing bad financially??)), which is a metric ton (and they probably won't do it OBVIOUSLY, but this the minimum I would be willing to accept IF we were into a lawsuit action case which fortunately I am currently not willing to do); BUT this bug has become a huge toll for me to be able to grade this game from Recommendable to Non-Recommendable).
  11. It being difficult to figure out and/or fix is Fair, But they still should compensate the affected players (if too much trouble for them all of them) for the troubles. That would be a gesture that would definitively appreciated considering that this is impacting people to partake some activities for almost a month-timespan. They should also allocate more employees on this to make sure this doesn't happen next festival or they should pull the plug on the events until this is resolved, because as much as I hate to say it, this issue is giving an advantage (potential gains) for account that are not affected.
  12. Trust me... when Customer Support asks me to post bugs on the forums or using the Bug Report Function in-game... I absolutely CRINGE, both methods being as ineffective by any sense of the meaning. Like, as a CSupport you should have a way to communicate that information DIRECTLY to the Devs (besides you have already done it in the past too), while here the likehood that we get swallowed; and that "oh missed that one" to occur is like 500:1 chances if not more. Proof of that is all the bugs, suggestions and feedbacks we have been giving them being not heard, looked into or changed yet, that we keep trying to make them alert of, in the course of the last few years.
  13. I can already debunked that as a false-positive solution thing, because I tried to do the same and still the same issue. Another case of unique cause, however probably a lot of us is still using the monitor we were using when the bug was NOT happening. DX11 is also irrelated as I don't run with that mode myself. 1st. We don't even know your pooling sample size, meaning that this is purely non-informative information, when you look that the thread has already gathered 16 pages of replies reporting that the same issue is occuring (this is enough of a Flag to have it investigated in actual priority) (again as others are stating, 1 engineer on the task is not enough). 2nd. Region thing is unlikely because I'm pretty sure due to the time and development of this thread that we have players having the same troubles across the globe. -------------------- If Anet, would compensate me 10g for every Infinite Loading I had, by now I would have a Legendary easily purchasable. I dearly hope that ANet takes on themselves and honor that they messed up seriously and compensate all affected users. 800 gems seems reasonable for the trouble this has caused. -------------------- Also not sure why we don't have a PR staff right now (Health or Pure Vacation)... This has been going for a few weeks now. Sure if Rubi took vacation or health pause that's fine, but ANet's Top Executives are showing visible poor management skills, to not have scheduled anyone to replace or support the Head PR during that time, which is even more conclusive evidence that ANet is just hitting nails with a screwdriver by now.
  14. Considering they just phase things out after a festival we probably won't even be allowed to have a notice... Just showing that ANet really doesn't care anymore... It is all about money money money.
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