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  1. At the end of the Shing Jea stream today, Nick said that all players will have the opportunity to unlock the Springer and Raptor, regardless of if they own PoF. I think this is a great opportunity to add in a new skin for each of the two mounts, as it would make it so that both players who already have those mounts and players getting them for the first time will have something to gain from doing that content. Basically, players who unlock the raptor/springer in EoD would get a different default skin than players who unlock it in PoF. If those players decide to do the PoF story, they unlock th
  2. Agreed. Also, imagine if were to give Engineer an off-hand in a future elite spec... Y'know, the profession where your only option for a main-hand weapon is pistol.
  3. I'm hoping that this is the case as well. I do think they should go back and re-do the trailers after the actual animations have been implemented. That being said though, most of the PoF specs did not have any new animations when they came out, so I don't really get why it's suddenly a problem. I would prefer if we got new animations, but I'm perfectly okay if we don't as long as the animations that they chose make sense.
  4. I honestly like Glint's post-HoT voice more because it sounds more like her GW1 voice, which was sharp. A sharp voice also fits in better with the idea of her being a crystal dragon.
  5. I'm curious as to how fishing would interact with the underwater element of Guild Wars 2. Would the fish already be there or would they just spawn in when you start fishing? Also, would existing fish in the game (such as the sockeye salmon) get integrated into the system?
  6. I was talking about the new faces, not the expansion.
  7. It's on the Q4 roadmap so I would think later this year.
  8. Minor gripe and I'm not sure if other players care much about this, but it is pretty underwhelming how hitting enemies with bladed staff weapons in melee just sounds like you're hitting them with a blunt stick on Revenant and Daredevil. With scythe skins in particular, it's more jarring because they have a massive blade. I really wish they had their own hit sound in melee; just one sound shared by all of them that sounds like you're slashing enemies as opposed to smacking them.
  9. This is something I noticed a while ago, but when using the Draconic Staff skin on Revenant—and probably Daredevil too—the scythe head is facing the side rather than the front. What this means is that when you melee, you're hitting the enemy with the side of the scythe head rather than the front. I remember some other scythe released before this skin had the same issue but it was fixed. Perhaps the same fix can be applied here?
  10. Partially, it's because of the elder dragon threat, but also because they are dealing with their own issues. The Charr legions have to deal with the ghost problem that couldn't seem to be fixed at that point. On the other hand, the Krytans are dealing with things like Centaur invasions and political corruption in their ranks. Fighting a war with one another would costs resources and would leave them more vulnerable to those threats. Also, a big reason why the Charr were enemies with the humans to begin with are also out of the picture for the most part. The Flame Legion were the po
  11. The idea of elite specs seems to be that they're tied to the region and your player basically learns them because the knowledge about them exists in that region specifically. If you go into a region that's predominantly human, then you'd expect that they'd be based mainly on human lore (with a few exceptions) as was the case in Path of Fire – and that's likely going to be the case in End of Dragons. I don't see how that's a problem, honestly – I'm just grateful that it makes sense for all races to be able to learn the elite specs we currently have.
  12. If it were only the silhouette, I probably would've guessed thief. However, I saw the brightened version of this image on Twitter and it's very clearly Heavy Warlord Armor but with a few details off, so it's most likely Guardian as it's the only Heavy profession without dual swords. The hat is definitely something you'd see from a medium armor class, but I'm pretty sure the rest of it is light armor.
  13. Will we be able to view the "Congratulations" message and lore information for the legendaries we have already crafted?
  14. I'm optimistic about the expansion, but I can't help but think about how the way IBS ended is going to leave a sour taste in my mouth while going through it. Part of me hopes that they will return to IBS in the future and do it justice if they end up with extra time somehow. Either way, I'm still looking forward to the expansion and seeing the content it will bring.
  15. I don't think it would because Faren can still be funny and also fight. We saw him do that in Kourna, even though he got his butt handed to him. I'm not sure, though, if all Asura, Sylvari and Norn stories even feature such a friend character. I do know that you get assigned to a different krewe as an Asura depending on your chosen college. As for Norn, I know that you become a temporary member of a warband if you choose "Blacked Out" in the biography. Other than that, I'm not sure either.
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