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  1. I'd lower your expectations. Historically, melee combat is higher dmg. And even if bow is best dps, you'll still stack in melee for high end PvE content (fractals, raids, strikes). High ranged dmg will be great for open world and PvP/WvW if, and that is a big if, ele gets weapon swap if it to be able to deal with melee situations. Keep in mind though, the elite spec is more than just the weapon. The bow can be a great addition, but the spec could also have great synergy with core weapons.
  2. Arrow point (seen from the front) imbued with elemental magic.
  3. I want to see a martial artist elementalist. Attunements become fight styles and no longer give individual skills, but each weapon skill gives a bonus effect based on attunement (like a skill that apply conditions apply burn in fire, bleed in earth, poison in water, vulnerability in air). As the number of skills is reduced, they get weapon swap in combat. This lets the elementalist have weapon swap, while keeping attunement swap (for traits and uniqueness) but without having more than 10 weapon skills. This also gives the opportunity to create traits that lets you be in multipl
  4. I think staff could use some more condi dmg, making it more viable as a hybrid (as all other Ele weapons) and even as power, giving it a bit more dmg via the condi related traits (more dmg to burning, bleeding, etc). Fire auto should apply burning. Enough to keep 1 burning stack on autoattack without condi duration bonuses. Lava font should burn on each tick, and the last tick should be a bigger radius explosion. Flame burst should copy burn from your target to up to 10 nearby foes (like a fire epi) Meteor Shower... Yes burn on every hit, or make it a huge fire f
  5. I feel your pain... Its not even that elementalist and tempest are bad, they are just... meh. And it's just that there is so much potential there to be better, without it being OP... I've posted here a few times on things I wish it could be changed for Ele/Tempest/Weaver to make them more unique and viable... I truly think that moving aura-share to tempest (and swaping it with aura heals into water) would make it possible for tempest to run as a more versatile support (offensive or defensive). Specially if you give more synergy in the elemental traitline
  6. Weave self is great. 20% Boon Duration, 20% Outgoing Heal Effectiveness, 20% Condition Damage, -20% Incoming Damage, 50% Movement Speed... for up to 30s with a 90s CD... And unlike tornado, you can still use your weapon skills and rotations. In both PvE and PvP its a great skill to have. Elemental signet is very good for certain fights (PvE and PvP). Use it in air before you get into combat and you have a nice CC and ranged dmg during the fight. Use in water to get ice fields and heals during the fight (ice fields to blast for frost aura that reduces incoming dmg
  7. I've played around with some stuff in the build editor. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGgAwilZwmYRMJmJOKXavbA-zxIY8ohvMysAKNBc4gECdbgFI+0A-e Using full dire with balthazar runes and some infusions to get 80% burning duration (100% with weaver prowess) you have about 2900 armor, 26k hp, 2227 condi dmg (with 10 might), and not much of anything else. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGgAwilZwmYRMJmJOKXavLA-zxIY1oh/MyUBUzEQeTDBu0A-e Using full celestial, with sigil of stars and runes of the traveler you have about 2700 armor, 22k hp, 1250 condi dmg (with 10 might), 73% crit
  8. They really don't. They only need each other if you want to use auras to heal your team. You could still share auras for buffs (offensive buffs if you spec in fire/air, defensive if you spec earth/water). Or you could use auras just for yourself (by not going tempest, or not using aura-share trait) to get more sustain (water with aura heal, earth with protection and stab) or any other other of the traits (more burst and mobility with air, more dmg with fire). And yes, I fully agree that regen and vigor from auras should be also in water in some form. Tempest shoul
  9. Maybe there are many of them, they are just too good at stealth.
  10. The idea of the swap (aura-share to tempest, aura-heal to water) and the other traits suggested is exactly to make Auras a core ele mechanic. The only thing tempest would have is to share the auras with the group/raid, being able to buff others (support) in different ways. So core ele could use auras better (water would be able to heal with auras, and get regen/vigor, fire could get might with aura, etc) making auras much more useful for both core and weaver, if traited for. While tempest would expand this utility to the group.
  11. It's just outdated. Like a lot of stuff on elementalist. It's just an old skill for a different era of the game. It used to be great, when your boons couldn't be so easily stolen or corrupted. If it was to be made into a modern skill, it would likely pulse 1 stack of protection (3s) and stability (3s) every 3 seconds for the duration of the skill. This way it can still be corrupted/stolen but its not a total waste. Same with lightening flash... It should have increased range and either give static aura, or give superspeed, or static discharge.
  12. Another balance patch, and tempest is still unable to provide decent buffs, locking it out of being used as a support from most of the game. Really wish devs would have a good look on how to improve synergy among elementalist lines. Something beyond "swiftness cleanse conditions, yay!"
  13. As long as aurashare is stuck in the water line, Tempest will never be on a decent spot to be used as support as it is stuck to healing. It does really nice healing but it can't provide decent buffs, and therefore it looses its spot to support builds that even with lower healing output can provide important boom support. Here are a few ideas to change that: Move aura-share trait away from water traitline and into tempest traitline. Swap it with healing auras trait, moving that to water trailine. This is the main one. It will let tempests choose more freely what auras
  14. Props for the effort on this, both on the concept, info, and design.I'm not very keen on the idea though. Not saying its bad, just that at this point, I'd rather have a weapon swap spec.Arcane archer doesn't need to be about the arcane forces, lots of arcane archer concepts have been about imbuing arrows with some magic.I'd much rather have something like this for the Cantha Expac: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/76602/new-elite-spec-disciple-weapon-swap-and-longbowI think it fits the theme more, and gives ele a whole different playstyle with weapon swap and a more martial style.
  15. That would be true if it was not for dual attunement.That is why DPS sword weaver goes int water/fire to use the dual skills, charge fire grab and swap into air/air (with fresh air) or air/water right before the skill lands to increase the crit dmg (with fresh air and air traits). As soon as the Power dps weaver is in a single attunement it needs to swap again otherwise will loose its dps buff.That is why fire condi weaver can (and have to) rotate attunements to keep his condi buffs instead of camping fire like fire condi tempest does (and has done so since it was condi meta in the early HOT r
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