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  1. I kind agree with the general idea - of making competitive jumping activities available outside of festivals. People who like to PvP can do that every day, same for those playing WvW, raids, fractals, strike missions, open world PvE. But those who like competitive jumping/racing can't. When you love beetle races you technically can do time trials daily - on your own. The competitive races on a timer give no reward at all, why? And competitive jumping is only available in festivals, again, why? There might be the concern that when something is offered all year, it may lose its appeal.
  2. With great solutions come great prices, that's the saying that was told to Spiderman, right? ^^ Also there are not a great amount of wireless chargeable mice and none of them compare with the sidebuttons of mine 😑 Looks like most ads I saw for those charging pads target phone/earbud charging, not mouse charging.
  3. I highly recommend the Zelotes C-12 that I listed as being attached to many of the machines in my earlier post. It is the only one of its kind that I know of. It does not plaster the whole left side of the mouse with buttons like the others do, but arrange 6 buttons in an oval around where you hold the mouse with your thumb (at least I hold it that way). This way you can hold the mouse firmly without constantly accidentally press on of the 10 or 12 buttons on the side, but still have 6 convenienty located programmable buttons for your thumb to reach. When you only have 6 buttons arranged
  4. Noticed the same thing, and agree it is inconvenient. I get WvW dailies shown even on an alt account where the highest character that I am currently leveling is 23 (and cannot enter WvW yet) 🙂
  5. It's easy to dismiss the point of properly understanding language and facts as "semantics". They are not. They are asked for gems, which can be earned ingame. The fact that the gems themselves optionally can be bought with money if you WANT that, does not equal them asking for money. Actually nobody does. Point me to a single post of someone fighting against ArenaNet being more clear. People are fighting against false claims that the episodes "cost money", or that ArenaNets practices are unlawful. Or other baseless speculations like the majority of new players leaving the game
  6. Unlock means you make the content available. The episodes are content that is bought. When you dont have the corresponding expansions you CAN NOT play them. When they are unlocked, you can play them (of course after you bought them). It is exactly the same as ALL other content in the expansion that will be unlocked by purchasing the expansion and then earned in the game, which is what I described in detail. Like you unlock MOUNTS by purchasing the expansion, but then you have to work for them in game and partly even buy them for a lot of gold (Griffon costs 250g). Just because the pu
  7. It seems that I answered to a post which was subsequently removed (I am not surprised as that post accused ArenaNet of a practice punishable by law). As my post was lost because of the two lines of the offending post being quoted (I should probably avoid quoting stuff like that in the future) I'll state it here again in short form. The expansions are unlocking every content in the game. UNLOCKING does not equal PROVIDING. The purchase of the expansions unlocks EVERYTHING the game has to offer. Many things have to be bought in the game to use them, like additional bag slots, ba
  8. Like everything else, play the game and get the gold, convert the gold to the needed amount of gems. Every single thing that exists in the game can be earned without real money after you bought the expansion that the content is in.
  9. Nah, "arguing" only once is enough. And your claim that "most new players will leave" is simply made up. With the game doing great and gaining lots of new players, the actual numbers prove you not only wrong but horribly wrong. Some handful of disgruntled people venting on the forum doesn't mean new people leave the game in droves, much less "most" of them. PS: Seeing that you felt the need to make three posts in a row, I gladly leave the "all you want" part to you.
  10. Unlike the expansions, the living world episodes were never even for sale for real money. Paying for them with money by buying additional gems is for people who want gratification with no effort, like every other gemstore item. If you don't want that, it is perfectly fine to just play the game until you get the gold needed and convert to gems. That's what the system is for. And like others already stated, with the 4000 gems you get you can unlock almost everything at once anyway. Anyway, despite the living world episodes not even costing real money, it would be perfectly normal if they di
  11. This thread beginning in a rant about a problem that does not really exist from the game client side was really intriguing 🙂 So I got interested and decided to test this on all the machines I have... TL,DR: Binding shift+F8 worked on every single machine. List of what I tested: Desktops: -Win7 on custom built 2008 PC originally on Win XP, standard ancient keyboard with DIN plug without Windows keys, Zelotes C-12 USB mouse -Win7 on Shuttle XPC SZ77R5, standard Fujitsu/Siemens SC USB keyboard, Zelotes C-12 USB Mouse -Win10 Home on custom built 2014 PC originally on Win7 Ho
  12. Nobody is forced to participate. If in week 3 you find an event "stale" then just don't go there anymore instead of trying to take week 3 away from all the people who enjoy it. The game caters for casual people / people who can not play all the time in many aspects, and this is just one more of them. Asking for a change that actually benefits noone is unreasonable. It's not like these weeks you cut out of existing events would in any way be needed for new events to be introduced - there is plenty of time for new events still without making old ones shorter.
  13. I love beetle racing and it is sad that the content is not worked on - like SO many other things in GW2 that get intoduced and then abandoned. I would wish for more guildhall racetrack decoration pieces, things that people can use to build awesome tracks without resorting to use out of place "workaround decorations". Start and finish lines, race start displays, placeable things that lets you start a time trial like at the tracks in the open world etc. They still add a new guildhall per expansion, but what you can actually DO in there is not being worked on sadly. Other than a few decorati
  14. Sorry it is common sense. You bought a glider skin without having a glider. It clearly says "this will unlock the glider skin in your account wardrobe". It does not say "this will unlock a glider". There is no bait and switch. It does EXACTLY what it says when you buy it, the glider skin is now unlocked and you can use it as soon as you can use gliders. When you go into a store and buy cute baby clothes without having made the baby yet, you will also not be able to use them btw.
  15. If you read the first line of the original poster's post, you can see that this is not what this thread is about. He never complained about not being able to pay with PayPal because of not wanting to link his bank account (which is no problem in india), but that his payments get blocked because of an india-specific directive of their authority. His payments are falsely being BLOCKED by an official directive although they are neither recurring nor are they above the threshold of 5000 rupees. So his problem is not that he cannot initiate a purchase like you assume, but that when he makes
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