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  1. Ahh okay, I just went and did the achievement again. Good to know.
  2. So I did the achievement back when Path of Fire first came out, but I missed a few achievements now i'm going though all the old content and reobtaining them. So I go into the mission and I get the pop for progress for Seekers of Truth and Knowledge, which I did already, the reward is a Mini Sunspear Komir, which I had unlocked on my account already. As far as I know that's the only way to obtain that specific mini, so how did I do the achievement a second time?
  3. Thats what im reading too, but ive never attempted permastealth.
  4. I though it was a solo instance... with two people it would be insanely easy id think
  5. I am trying to do the old achievements im up to Shining Blade Secrets..pretty much near the end of S3. Im trying to do Hold the Line/Precision Blade.One of them is survive for 5 minutes, that one I can do quite easy.The other is impossible...kill 50 enemies before you die. You have about 2 minutes give or take, to kill as many as you can, I can usually get to about 30... after "The Shadow" leaves, the enemies turn into champions, it seems and kill you, once your down, you can rally and the next second your back on your butt. They come in waves of 10, and after you kill one way the next one spa
  6. So I’m going though all the old content getting achiments, minis, home nodes, etcI’ve noticed one big problem however.... I don’t have nearly enough unbound magic Is there a good way to get loads of it like 50,000 unbound magic
  7. I didnt think i triggered it (didnt know I had it honestly) but i triggered it and all my kittys are back safe and sound fighting to the death.
  8. Where, have, my, house, kittys, gone?! I went to loot my house after obtaining the two commader kittys and now theres no kittys home :(
  9. i found what i was doing wrong....two cats are in the same area (like 5 feet away from each other) i was at the wrong cat
  10. So im trying to obtain all the cats for my home instance (homes for allll animals!) but the Cat who only takes food from a mesmer is refuseing to let me feed him... it says it needs a "mystery Tonic" okay so i crafted it... im on my chronomancer...but it just ignores me. it looks me hungry and says i dont have what it wants... what does it want?!
  11. I personally dont like that trend...its rather pointless imo...why wouldnt you want a large team to take out stuff with? more people = more supplies = more seige = more walls dead = more captures....
  12. Ive been checking on and off for like 3-4 days i havent seen anything :/ guess my timeing is bad.
  13. Well, you could try to start a petition so WvW isn't a requirement (unless you're talking about the legendaries from WvW itself and not just Gift of Battle). D: Im trying to get craft the first leg of a precurser first, which needs like 200 tokens from WvW...impossible now it seems
  14. You dont need commander for that, you just need participation which you can get from killing npcs or flipping small objectives. I did that one night and nearly blew my brains out from boredom
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