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  1. Really are u asking for this ? while pvp in his whole essence are just being ignored by AN, anyway i can share mine if u want to. just add me in game.
  2. Thats the problem here, i mean how in a game in order to climb you have to play carefully and in certain times of the day, thats shouldtn be a problem to worried about, the rating between players here fluctuate so much and thats is a problem of the leagues itself.
  3. SO we are all agree then where "competitiveness" is a non existent thing, we the people should have at least the option to disable league panel and play ranked with chill vibes, i mean, not wonder why anet failed miserably when first try to make spvp of gw2 an e-sports
  4. Arenanet deserves his game die, and i am a gw player since nigthfall from gw1, i used to enjoy gw1 pvp at that time they actually was doing great to make a good pvp, but this what we have in gw2 is just trash.
  5. Well said, when a company cant barely make a proper balance around some classes in 9 years since game release, its just a shame and incompetence.
  6. Throw..... u were just bad deals with it, i am kittening plat, stop reply to me.
  7. Not, it stress me precisely due to its very bad designed. We are playing like a gambling game, instead of actually a competitive one. in 9 years of playing i thinks, at least for me has been enougth. I like the game and want to continue playing ranked as usual but just wanna get rid off league panel.
  8. I am actually getting it, thanks for advice, i like to play ranked, over 10k matches i have, around 7k are just ranked matches, but as i told before and as you say here, i would like to have the possibility of disable the league panel, even is i still can lose and gaining rating, cuz, sometimes it gave to me alof of streess as i consider that this league system doestn work property, it doestn matter if you have 600 matches played in a season, it feels as if the game punished you the more you play.
  9. My game freeze on Loading screen i had to turn it off and open again, maybe u are one of those i had in blocklist.
  10. OK so i am tired of Spvp state actually i am not going to talk about it, the majority of ppl actually know, except ARENANET, matchmaking, balance, bots, wintrading, necros, etc.... i am done... i just would like they implements a way to disable the league panel i dont wanna know a %$·$·"· about rating, thats it, before this trash were implemeted i used to play ranked and have fun, now i constantly get pissed of about it cuz i know its ·$·%$$%$· trash how ranked system works and literally forces you to go duo... in order to "be better" i dont care a $%$·%·&... just give the option of disabl
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