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  1. ehm you know my right hand is in a cast atm and I managed to do it yesterday with just my left hand. So if I can do it then you should be able to as well.
  2. In all humility I am something of an expert at Jumping Puzzles, and normally I can do the Clock Tower almost every time.However due to a misfortune event my right hand is in a cast currently. So even I thought that attempting to do it with just my left hand is wishful thinking.But that didn't stop me from trying anyway, as I predicted it was night impossible to manoeuvre under such time pressure using the A and D keys, let alone make it on time.And yet after 20+ tries I managed to get past the leap of faith and reached the top.So question is am I insane or what? Because even I would think I'm
  3. True but secondary meanings require context to be clear. Like "fish" when you say fish you usually mean the noun i.e. the animal, however it can also be a verb as in going fishing.
  4. Fire and Conflagration eh? May I ask what is the difference?Conflagration by definition is a huge destructive fire, so it's size then? Well given how huge Primordus is I wouldn't expect anything else than it causing a conflagration.I mean seriously ANET anything would be better if you have no idea left, like Primordus could be the Elder Dragon of Fire and Puppies. EDIT: I have been doing some thinking about it and I turned my attention to Jormag, as Primordus is Jormag's weakness and vice versa.So shouldn't both their dominions be opposites? Fire is opposite of Ice. In that case if Jormag's do
  5. I know I'm probably just screaming into the void right now, but I'll try anyway.Can we get a Tome for City Portal Scrolls with this years Halloween event please?
  6. Yeah it's the hidden achievement for playing an instrument during Metal Legions concert while on the stage.However I do not own any instrument offered by on the TP so I thought it was beyond my grasp.Fortunately I remembered that I do own instruments like the Choir Bells and Super Boom Boxes.As it turned out the Boom Boxes did the trick for me and I did get the achievement, so if you are in the same boat as me you can obtain the achievement this way.However the real reason I'm making this post is because the Choir Bells don't seem to work. I know this because even if you already have the achie
  7. Overall the best land mount for mapping is the Jackal, the Raptor is also good however there are a few things that make the Jackal better.1st of all it's the only land mount that works equally well regardless of the terrain you ride it on, as it's blink ability works the same regardless if you are going downhill, uphill or level terrain. The Raptors jump however will not speed you up when going uphill because the Raptor will just crash into the ground.2nd the Jackals blink works even in mid-air. So if you decide to jump of a cliff to get a poi on a lower level the Jackals blink can be used to
  8. Why is this a reward for the Merchandise Collector achievement? I don't get it, I mean it's far more easy and cheaper to just buy it from the vendor, so why is this a thing?Now I would understand if it was some more lavish version but not the exact same thing, so why? Is this an overlook or something?
  9. So apparently it's possible to cheese this achievement using teleportation. As I managed to do it by using Spectral Recall after grabbing the flame to port back up. So anyway unless mesmer portals work too this could be a bug which necromancers can exploit.
  10. So with the new food introduction I'm curious about something - which food is considered the best?Now I know that the Bowl of Fruit Salad with Mint Garnish is the best food for healers, although it's only better than the Delicious Rice Ball by giving +70 to concentration, which honestly doesn't seem to make it worth the effort.However what is the best combat food? I mean most of the other additional stats are kinda "meh." Now if there were a herb that increased outgoing damage by 10% then it would obviously start a new religion, but there is no herb like that (at least not yet). So my guess w
  11. Well now that HoT is unlocked for anyone that owns PoF I got to thinking about this.I heard that the LW5 areas will require both HoT and PoF masteries although I have no idea if it's true.So if anyone knows it's true or not feel free to correct me.However if it is true then it poses a few questions. Like the experience we will gain in those new areas, I mean for which masteries will it count?Because if it's true we will require both to get around then it stands to reason it should count for both too.Also could it be possible we will get new HoT masteries too? Or maybe it will be a whole new ma
  12. Well since a lot of players just had HoT unlocked for free it stands to reason they could do with some help with the masteries.It just so happens that a while back I made a guide for players new to HoT, so I will link it here.I also have a guide on how to train mounts, so for those that just purchased PoF I will link it too. This is my guide to HoT masteries - enjoy and I hope it helpshttps://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/64564/hot-mastery-guide-for-new-players And this is my guide to training mountshttps://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/4111/mount-training-crash-course-spoilers
  13. 6 Astral Weapons?! Has someone lost it?Why is the Istan crafting collection item so much more difficult to acquire than the other 5? This is a mountain to climb especially if you only just started.I mean crafting even 1 is difficult as they require 50 Kralkatite Ingots, for which you need 500 Kralkatite Ore and Powdered Rose Quartz.And while Kralkatite Ore is easy to get the same cannot be said about Powdered Rose Quartz, so what? You expect everyone to stand all day in Istan awaiting Brandstone Impact Sites?More over we all know that most players have been neglecting them because it's a much
  14. I know that, the fact I tried it in Dragonfall means I know how the achievement works, right? However I don't care, I'm angry because this mastery sounds like a shortcut for the achievement yet it's not, hence I feel cheated.
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