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  1. I had to take a double look at the grandmaster traits. Rofl. All 3 traits literally do the exact same thing, which is passive blade generation. WTF. That's literally the most uninspired, boring "design" I've ever seen. Holy hell. Who comes up with this and everybody involved thinks "wow this is a great idea!"... Also having the Bladesongs aka Shatters with cast times as opposed to the classic Shatters makes the whole class clunky af to play. It's genuinely so bad and makes the otherwise possibly interesting spec completely unplayable for me. It just ruins all of your rotations, once you reac
  2. While I like the idea and the implementation of it can't be hard, I very much doubt Anet would do this. They've distanced themselves from dungeons quite clearly, years ago. There are many, easily implementable things Anet could have done to make dungeons more viable, more populized and generally "better", yet they choose to do nothing.I like dungeons, always have, always will. But the harsh truth is: They are dead and are not coming back, ever. They will stay exactly as they are, as they have been for the past years.
  3. So I've come across a rather annoying bug recently:If you have two different legendary weapons equipped in two different equipment templates and you want to use the same type of infusion (e.g. 2 +7 agony infusions, not the identical one +7 infusion, 2 different infusions of the same item!) on each of the two weapons, they infusions kind of get... mixed up. Sometimes, when you unequip one of the legendary weapons, it throws one of the infusions out into the inventory, sometimes it keeps both in the items. Sometimes in throws one out only on re-equipping the weapon, sometimes unequipping both we
  4. Talk for yourself, I absolutely love the new fractal boss and its design. And it's vastly different from cluster-effs like Amala and Siren's Reef. And most people I talked to who regularly do fractals and/or raids very much enjoyed the fractal just as much, especially the cm.The whole update seemed to be directed more towards the high-end-pve-players, weekly fractal achievement, weekly raid achievements, weekly cm's... those are, I would assume, players where most of them do enjoy the new fractal. I would assume because the CM seems to be quite a bit harder for the average pug than the other
  5. I've said it before and I'll say it again, until maybe Anet listens:Wells are designed terribly and force very clunky gameplay in the way they are now. They should just make the wells not be a dropped AoE field, but instead you just activate the skill and the well "pulses" around your character model. This way, people don't have to stick to a certain place, but to you as a player. This way, a moving boss or having to clear trash is not a problem anymore and Chrono's are - finally - useful outside of static raid boss scenarios.
  6. There are from time to time software/systems bugs in GW2 that cause that one version of a map is in a buggy state, and other versions (different IP) of the same map are not and only players that are on the buggy map (IP) experience problems. Well, of course servers do this. There could be a lot of reasons, why only some users have issues/server problems and others don't. And the more complicated the server structure, the more complicated it could be to find the reasons and to fix the issues. The hardest issues to find are the ones that do not happen allways. And sometimes, the servers "pick
  7. Hackers? That doesn't have anything to do with QoL mods. So no game ever should implement any new feature ever, because, if it's not implemented yet it doesn't need to exist? Way to go, who needs innovation anyways right? Sounds like macros, which are forbidden, even in GW2. Anything 3rd party related that gives you an in-game advantage over other players is forbidden and a bannable offense. Any source on that or just another ridiculous claim that just gets thrown around everywhere? Well they went ahead and gave the okay for arcdps. Which is essentially the same as if they developed it the
  8. if someone say on chat that party failed because of the dps you already know he is bad, simple as that, the party always fail because of failed mechanics, the only way to fail because of bad dps would be with a timer to kill it.True, but sometimes having superior dps makes the fight a lot easier, so why settle for a hard fight when I can have it easy AND quick If you play a dps role in fractals and do less than 10k dps you're bad. Sorry to break it to you, but it's true, and it doesn't make me bad. Trashtalking someone is not okay, neither from "high-dps-players" to "low-dps-players", nor fro
  9. @"SeikeNz.3526"Oh and by the way, in case you don't realize it and you actually mean what you say: You're the most toxic person here who has commented so far. Kicking people just before the last boss is killed is toxic, it's harassing other players and a lot worse than telling someone "sorry your dps is too low, we want to play with someone else who is better". You openly admitted to doing it, you want to continue doing it and I hope you get banned for it eventually.You are the reason, and people like you are the reason, why toxicity is so prevalent. Why the disparity between raiders and non-r
  10. Who said I have to carry people through encounters and towards the rewards when they deal absolutely no damage, and I do all the work? Who said I have to play the game the way you want to? Who are you to tell me how to play the game? Maybe skipping and fast clearing is fun for me ? Ever thought about that? Maybe not being able to check dps leads to more and more leechers, and there are so many already? I don't see how it's fair if 8 people in a squad play well and do what they're supposed to, while there are 2 longbow dragonhunters doing less dps than my healer druid, yet they too get the same
  11. How do you know? What you said doesn’t prove that it couldn’t be your ISP. Just saw someone post in one of the couple dozen threads that they had an issue that tracked to the AWS servers, they contacted Anet, and it got troubleshooted to be with their ISP. As if everyone's home in 2020 didn't have multiple wireless connected devices on, all of the time, that weren't lagging at all. ^ This works this way for years on end, nothing lags. Then suddenly at the very same time my Guild Wars 2 is getting 500 average ping, other players in Guild Wars 2 are also reporting that they are getting avera
  12. What people seem to forget these days is, that there have always been means to filter out "good" players from others. Before dps meters were a thing, people were looking at achievement points and only allowed players join with > XY AP, or hard class elitism like "no ranger/necro", which was the norm years ago when dungeons were a thing.The toxicity doesn't stem from dps meters, it has its roots in the inherent difference in player skill and the expectations of different players. Always has, always will be, in every game, ever.Getting rid of dps meters would not do any good, it would only le
  13. I think it's either Kuunavang and Bubbles or another unknown dragon. I don't think it's Aurene.And to this: It's not a reflection. Both dragons have distinct different features, small, but noticable. They are not the same dragon, therefore it's not a reflection! Or vice versa, however you want to look at it.
  14. do you even read what other people write? you dont HAVE to do any meta 30 or 50 times.
  15. Let's be realistic here, most of these type of problems are very likely caused by the transition to the Amazon servers. They are cutting costs everywhere and it's starting to affect the playability of the game.
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