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  1. Easy if you craft ascended gear and research them. You get like 300 for one ascended.
  2. Some of the pois are ridicilous to find, I have to use guides and one of them requires an achievement completed to be entered! I hope you don't do this for the next expansion.
  3. Can we please have a greatsword skin that looks like the one Guts wears in the anime Berserk. It would be awesome to have on my Revenant!
  4. The mini-game is fun tbh and thats why most do it. People that just want to farm by fishing but doesn't like the mini-game wont do it for long, they burn out.
  5. HoT: Pocket raptors! PoF: Mounts! EoD: Fishing and skiffs!
  6. So I made this build and it works great in silver at least. Blocks and evades gives quickness, healing and blades stocked, also interrupts gives quickness and does damage on foes. You have like 3 abillities that interrupts. 1 block and 2 evades. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAEhzlVwYZqsK2IO6XZxKA-z5IGCeDA
  7. The mini-game is what makes fishing worth it imo.
  8. Ehm... so in fantasy novels or movies usually there arent some absurd obstacle in the way they have to pass? You're so wrong dude.
  9. Hello guys what do u think about this build? http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmgAEZldQmMH6k1QpsHCl9RqsAqklt0WsH-z5IWC6OA
  10. The healing skill is AoE, so that sucks really hard, why not make the healing skill heal full potency? Except the might gain which should be for each enemy struck. This is crucial in pvp for example, where you often don't fight more than 1 or 2 enemies... and it's a channel abillity.
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