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  1. We are quickly approaching the apex of our persistence. One thousand days, slowly creeping over the horizon. Only one hope remains for our people. I imagine the next time I convene we will know the elite specializations offered in End of Dragons, and it is then we will know if our patience will be rewarded. Until then, we will continue to stand in defiance against an unfair existence.
  2. My burning heart of justice couldn't stand such an atrocity. In one patch the land of world vs world went from a glorious battlefield of which the tenets of honor and integrity ruled, and in one swift patch those ideals were squashed. Such glaring depravity made me sick to my stomach, and so I swear to continue on in my everlasting journey to see good triumph over evil. In a way all conversations lead to shattered aegis my good Bliss
  3. Nothing can come even close to the tragedy of Shattered Aegis constant mishandling. No injustice is greater, no people have been failed more, I will continue this crusade today, into tomorrow, into tomorrows tomorrow
  4. I am here once again for your Shattered Aegis based convenience, once again informing you of the tragedy that has continued to befall us. Hopefully EoD brings better news, but I fear we will enter a thousand days since our beloved trait was dashed into the cosmos.
  5. Gotta say, another major balance patch and another disappointment. My heart burns every time a patch is revealed, and the counter goes up another day. New forum looks cool though.
  6. It has now been 767 days since shattered aegis was nerfed, and with a new year comes new resolutions. Resolutions to rise above the failings of the past, to overcome our torment, and thrust ourselves into the new year with vigor, knowing that there can and will be justice for those who seek it. I look forwards to continuing my crusade into the year, and I hope you will all join me in seeking to right this horrible wrong.
  7. As of today, December the tenth 2020, it has now been 2 years since shattered aegis was nerfed. We've gone through a president, a global pandemic, patch upon patch upon patch, an expansion announcement, and now we come to today. Past the precipice of it all. 2 years. 730 days. I will not rest. I will not relent. I will reclaim my right, not just for myself, but for all those who have come before me, and those who will arrive into a world without shattered aegis. I do not want my children to be born into a world of pirateships and 1200 range. I will continue to fight this good fight for as lon
  8. next week will be the 2 year anniversary, sickening how such things can occur for so long.
  9. A 1v1 should last anywhere between 40 to 500 years. The very act of battle should be akin to a generational warfare, a fued spanning centuries of descendents. The duel should end only when one side's entire family line is wiped from the pages of history.
  10. All i feel is the dark. The endless dread creeping along my back. It has been so long since the light has graced us with its presence. How long can our souls survive in this turbid maelstrom of muck and filth. There is no glory, no hope, no justice for the people of our lands. A great and terrible power has wrought us asunder, and the only thing we have left to answer to is our own demise. Death is coming, and I embrace it.
  11. Arenanet has DISPUTED my travel ban and has CENSORED my decree from all official channels. My rights as the leader of my land has been violated. So like a chump, 2 wrongs make a right and because you have been violated you deserve the right to violate others, like a 5 year old child who was just scolded and is now hitting others out of anger? Leaders like this is what creates a dictatorship and has no place here good sir. How dare you speak heresy of our glorious shattered leader Caysadia who was shattered so by the shattering of shattered agies. Down with the nay sayers!Years of oppression h
  12. Arenanet has DISPUTED my travel ban and has CENSORED my decree from all official channels. My rights as the leader of my land has been violated.
  13. As I look onto the Eternal Battlegrounds from my perch on Stonemist, and reminisce about the battles I've fought and the wars I've won, it came to my attention that there is currently something rotten in the state of WvW. I sat there in agony, wracking my brain as to what could have been the issue, when finally it came to me, in a fit of brilliance. With gusto I rushed to my quarters, and retrieved my calendar from beneath a mountain of my belongings. With fanatical speed I flipped past the months dates blurring together as I reached my goal. December of 2018. Scanning the page my finger lands
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