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  1. I like to help new player but asking ppl with starter gear are u new seems like an insult maybe... so perhaps a newbi icon can help. thank u
  2. that's exactly why I'm right. How can it be that a fictional char is so unlikable while in total control of the writers. PPl give me confused emo and say brahams end in IBS was good but than u get everyone else want him dead
  3. Swordsword here u go Blade Gunner would be a cooler name so
  4. In general if ppl invite friend they should be a patron and make the start easy as possible. that's just my opinion but GW2 is so much content for peanuts
  5. He has the best and deepest story line of all characters, but is over and over cut short. He has a great voice and is very likeable, his connection with Rox and Taimi was great, but all seems lost in the chaos. Just give him some great hero moment, he deserves it. IBS should have been his moment to shine, but it failed sadly plzplz make us like the Pcs so far, only Ritlock is in great shape
  6. Anet might wanna turn down background noise in their trailers i barley could hear what the woman was saying. TG for subtitles. Spec itself I saw a Reaper sword animation and a ranger retreat leap doge skill. I have really nothing to say GS one handed hold some ghost throws a spear. Must see how it plays, WillBender looked amazing in trailer played so so, maybe rev is the opposite
  7. They are beautiful detailed not my taste, but I see possibilities for Peter pan lore cost plays. want to add anet stay brave add more armor looks
  8. The individual fishing spots are a very good idea, that would solve my fear of skiff cluttering. The reason anet may want ppl group up is while fishing, sea monster can attack u ? For example, fishing as pre meta event..... But that may kill the relaxing factor
  9. Watching the stream feedback Thanks to collision, this will be a nice way to troll and to grief, thank u for that. (Nothing learned from Aviator Boxes In Auric Bashin) Spaming Emotes for speed, why bother for that ? Just let people relax and enjoy the ride. I have enough keyboard hammering in game already. Overall feedback Boring as F@#$, If I ever wanted to realize I'm wasting my lifetime on a Game, fishing is the way to go. The Functionality of fishing itself feels like a Mobile game I had in 2005. To be fair it's fishing and how exciting can this be, s
  10. to make will bender more unique, can he get fear ?
  11. good point but would that not defeat how fishing was wished for if it's just a node where u spend like 3 sec on and than move on ?
  12. Scaling could be changed to how many ppl attack instead of how many people in that area. Or how is it now? Can't stop ppl from AFK since there could be good reasons for someone to sudden be temporary afk. Same to can not force people to have proper gear. When dmg dealer NR 1 does 20% of all boss dmg it makes other active player in a full squad look kinda AFK 11111 clicking... Another solution is to make those Big Boss Fights shorter or with phases and participation extra rewards like increase ur drop chance how more phases u struck gold reward
  13. Or I am wrong, Anet ? There are very few big lakes in this game, and there will be fishing spots, but out of the fishing spots there will be favorites 1 or 2 mostly. Now u have 200 Player fishing the same spot with their SUV Sized Boats. (Bots, are they kept in mind ?) This will look so cluttered with all the ships clipping into each other. Any Plans to calm this visual down ? It is advertised as this romantic relaxing and enjoy time with ur friends Will Skiff have a cost attached so that ppl prefer to share a boat with
  14. The stuff u ask is pretty boring and more of the same Pokemon fights where is that different from fishing? Other is more this more that and some QOL patches I give u less money than I give anet for their ideas, at least that siege turtle is fun and serves the purpose of increasing social connections. If you want something WOW why dream so small? Here is a more daring list of features Parkour change how our class can move through certain areas, wall running wall jumping climbing fluent parkour style. Air Combat
  15. Change Mystic Forge UI and make it more look like the regular crafting stations. What I mean by that is that learned recipes stay as information in the UI. Crafting via mystic forge can access storage and bank as well number of items one like to craft. thank u
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