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  1. How about u make those legendary trinket effect infusions and convert the trinkets to standard like the wvw trinkets. 3 infusions can stack the effect, that way ppl can choose to put the effects on or not. should be simpler than finding some special trick
  2. as the title said I really need this uncheck box is =account character wide= but i need it single on a char inside the template thank u !
  3. No news bad news, yes communication was silent a year, and now we have floating balls for another one, because anet didn't communicate earlier there were many ppl who prepared those trinkets in preparation for the armory. Community gets one news and suddenly acts out like yay communication yay, when from experience it will not be long till anet get full silent again. Legendary armory is part of the Build template and yes they said template will cost nothing and then it did. So excuse me my distrust since I have a better memory than u
  4. U right anet want contact those 0.008% just to say hello /S
  5. Why not just make trinkets transmutable skins like armor or weapons? Or give ppl a chance to exchange their pve trinkets with another legendary versions of it Edit PS maybe thats also why communication after feedback should be not a full year break silence before 1 week warning time before publishing a so big feature
  6. Get some sleep and come back with reading glasses. Topic is clear and easy to get to OP I agree, people with multiply legendary armors which don't give a unique skin should get reimbursed. I'm not in that situation luckily PS another solution could be anet is making a special armor skin for pvp and wvw
  7. my behavior is not topic, im not that famous. U can post to the topic. Stop derailing
  8. U may want to read again more carefully, U miss a important part about trinket effect hiding
  9. How ironic, looking at ur feedback, u didn't provide anything constructive to the topic. U must be the guy who sits next to the Boss and always nods in approval🙂 Topic is Armory didn't go far enough by ignoring feedback, and it's a result of anets communication (asking feedback disappearing over a year that's not how u teamwork with ur player base) here now u try again without personal attacks lol PS Legendary Armory is a Built template, they are not separated Universes. (even tho they have different names)
  10. Ask Revenants about Bugs then come back to here to much information, but thanks yep its part of build templates we agree on that thanks
  11. Thanks for the insult, lol didn't know u take the forum so serious that this was needed. Besides that, Anet asked for feedback, and those points I listed where points ppl asked for. None was taken, instead anet did what they said from the start they would do. In a game where ppl celebrate delayed content as a win, I guess I am happily the unreasonable person 🙂 But if u happy OK
  12. What are u bramble about nothing of the points u mention i said LOL also to news no news anet was quiet for over a year on this topic, u may have a short memory, but I remember those stuff
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