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  1. Nerfing Bladesworn PvE damage down to roughly the level of Berserker would technically also achieve that, I didn't even mention Competitive. And balance for Bladesworn was already split between game modes during the beta anyway, so changes in one mode don't necessarily affect other modes. Of course any of these scenarios require the balance team to balance Warrior, which is probably the biggest obstacle. By your logic there is no point in giving Warrior good DPS/Support/WvW/sPvP builds because there are always going to be reasons to use other Professions builds instead. As for your sec
  2. What if power Bladesworn and power Berserker had close to identical levels of damage output? You think that that might lead to a situation where a player can choose to play the build which they prefer? Seems like a pretty good reason to make an elite spec. Although that would require the balance team to actually improve the balance of the game, so I'm not blaming anyone who thinks that this is an unrealistic scenario.
  3. Thank you for clarifying it. But why does it matter that it is 25 stacks? Damaging conditions were uncapped years ago, surely you haven't missed that and Warrior builds have no element which benefits from 25 bleed stacks on their targets. I still feel like something has gone over my head, but I would agree that in general 33% more bleeding damage is better than 33% more bleeding duration.
  4. Vindicator would have probably been better off if their new gimmick had either been the flip-over legend skills or the special dodge abilities, not both at the same time. That way the one new feature could be much more fleshed out. Of course that is too drastic of a change to make before the expansion is released, but perhaps there can be a rework in a couple of years...
  5. I can't really figure out what you mean when you wrote about capping something at 25 bleeds. As far as I can tell there is no trait effect in Arms which triggers on inflicting a certain number of bleed stacks?
  6. This year Anet increased the time window to successfully perform the final jump, meaning that the topic of the difficulty of the clocktower jumping puzzle came up at some point during the development of this year's halloween update. I guess the developers are going to be okay with the projected amount of players who will complete these new achievements. Ultimately this is about something optional to the game as a whole, so personally I don't see a problem with it.
  7. My comment in regards to the Rage skill type was made assuming the changes you proposed for Berserker were implemented. So not being in Berserk mode would not be a problem.
  8. Who said that there was a point to it? The changes simply padded the patch notes to make the update look bigger.
  9. On the topic of more T1 bursts: What if activating rage skills would reduce the cooldown on primal bursts? In general your suggested version of Berserker sounds pretty interesting, thanks for posting it.
  10. Virtues Dragonhunter benefits from Aegis uptime, power Chronomancer needs Slow on the target and Rifle Deadeye has to be kneeling for maximum damage output. These benchmarks, same as power Renegade, are not necessarily realistic either.
  11. My experience is based on PvE. General The Bladesworn is a one trick pony. Spamming as many high level Dragon Slashes as quickly as possible was remarkably potent, if the situation allowed for it. (And at least in PvE that damage needs to be reduced significantly.) That said, I don't think the Bladesworn gameplay fits well with general PvE content. Building flow takes longer than adrenaline and often you will clear out most enemies in the area before you managed to build a notable amount of flow. In addition, what is even the point in charging up a Dragon Slash with enough damage out
  12. My observations are all based on PvE. Greatsword Skill #1: Pretty much the standard for greatsword autos. Perhaps add vulnerability to chain skill #1. Skill #2: The animation of the swing is identical to a part of the skill #1 chain, which looks weird. Please consider changing it to something otherwise not seen in the Vindicator's kit. Skill #3: Sometimes it does not travel 900 range, I am suspecting it occurs due to differences in elevation. Overall the ability that is the most fun to use on Vindicator. Skill #4: Cast time of the counterattack could be slightly faster
  13. Assuming Bladesworns had access to T1 bursts, would they have an adrenaline pool for that? Or does that burst cost flow instead?
  14. After the reveal that the elite specialization would be getting offhand pistol I was convinced that that would not pair well with the existing mainhand options for Warrior. Now that I know that this offhand pistol is effectively a melee weapon I don't really see a need to ask for a mainhand pistol.
  15. Why do you believe that Bladesworn is going to be allowed to be good in PvP longterm when core, Berserker and Spellbreaker aren't?
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