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  1. If you are not part of the group of players who intent to sell the materials they get from playing the game to make gold, I suppose they are.
  2. I thought this topic was about infusion type items which come with a unique visual effect. Why are you bringing "getting gear" into this? And the fact that some players have a chak egg sac infusion and others don't does not detract from the game's focus on player skill over better gear.
  3. Yeah, 3 players per plattform makes a significant difference in the difficulty of the boss phase. Not that I haven't witnessed players soloing their champion regulator, but if people are going to be playing this encounter as if it is an open world boss in the private version they will probably get stomped. Certainly quite the step up from "Dragonstorm", though that one is a free win, so it's not saying much. Still not convinced that the devs should have put it in with the raid content. You have done way more private runs than public runs? May I ask why you would do that to yourself
  4. Except for the gen1 legendary weapons ingame wealth usually does not allow people to bypass the effort of making legendary items. A relatively large amount of gold is simply required in addition to achievements/ collections involving legendary items. And that component is there primarily to increase the time people spend on making legendaries. How are you winning more in gw2 by having legendary items compared to someone who does not?
  5. Of course, it's a sensible thing to do. And it would have been better if something like that had been considered prior to this "compensation" being rolled out. I expect you're right. I was thinking the complaining would be along the lines of "they went back to fix the problems but they only fixed some of them instead of all of them". It's a messy situation in general. People who haven't spend skirmish claim tickets got access to skins which (normally) require spending skirmish claim tickets to unlock, same story with pvp league tickets and ascended shards of glory. It's
  6. It's possible that EoD comes with a new legendary armor set, but as of right now I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  7. Compared to the current system? Certainly. Though I expect there to be people complaining that their 18 trunks resulted in them getting 3 gen1 weapons and still having 3 useless trunks left. New solutions, new problems.
  8. At this point in time I have done 4 public runs and been successful 4 times. I don't think that that could be reproduced in raid content under the same circumstances. So I can't see how this event is supposed to be raid content.
  9. If one likes a specific skin but loathes the game mode in which it is unlocked they might find some use for it. But in general this situation sadly is another instance of Arenanet dropping the ball.
  10. Let's say that there is a player who plays a power Dragonhunter build for general PvE, all legendary items, with sword/focus and greatsword. They want to buff themselves might before entering combat, so they swap from greatsword to staff, cast skill #4 and swap back to greatsword. With legendary weapons they need to recustomize the weapons everytime they swap them into the equipment template. So with legendaries setting a seperate equipment slot to use the staff and swapping between templates works much better, which is why I am thinking that having all legendaries is going to be more useful o
  11. Yes, of course it's the criteria, that's how I read "What is ArenaNet compensating for?". I didn't take it to mean "Why is Arenanet compensating?"
  12. I think the suggested feature would be useful, but even an increase to the cap of equipment template slots could already be an improvement. And if Anet is going to monetize a storage for equipment templates then both options end up going in the same direction anyway.
  13. If that was the logic Arenanet is using in determing who is getting contacted and who isn't, then we would not be having this thread. Treating players equally must not have been a high priority for the Legendary Armory. Look at people who made Transcendence and Conflux in the past, seems like they won't be getting equal treatment to those who are going to make these items in the future. Perhaps the feature would have been better if the devs didn't play favorites with it, maybe it could have been worse, who knows? That's a great idea. Maybe with Grouch being back on board there
  14. Got it, so we are going to the Isles of Janthir then.
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