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  1. That will be an early dinner for me en exploring after that👍
  2. Game didn't start ( heard the music but no char select screen) but froze my pc, had to force close it. Will try tomorrow again..
  3. Charr are the coolest race in game. Most of my chars are charr: female and male.
  4. Think my main is partly me. She can do more than I can do real life what i can't do anymore. ( like walking and running) So I can still enjoy stuffs via my main and save the world
  5. I like too see fur on my charr. They don't need long coats to stay warm. Like to see medium gear that shows fur.
  6. I missed the voices, but good they will add later. The grunting is a bit weid, like everyone has itch in their throats :P
  7. Yeah, I would like that. In Aion I had housing en made or bought stuff for it. Add it to the home instance to make it more like home.
  8. I have done it a sveral times, First time took ages because we needed to learn how to play it. the last time i played. the boss went down fast. I think most of us knew to use the tank. Ppl need to learn how to play this. it it will be fine. I did only publiv map.
  9. Yeah that was i mising too there. And I missed mount use there.
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