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  1. ...how? A whole new profession, good elite specs, Raids(I dont like it, but still huge for the game), great PvE metas, legendary armor, new WvW map(desert was released in HoT right?), and probably a bunch of other things I dont remenber...no, Glider wouldnt be the only thing you would miss.
  2. I would say its worse then the other 2. I havent event finished the main story and I am allready back to BDO, I really wanted to like the expasion, being playing GW2 since its release and it was my main game for a long time, but honestly, buyers remorse is hitting kitten hard and I kind of regret buying the expansion, lots of things I strongly deslike on the game, but just seeing the whole drama around EoD meta event just demotivated me to even bother to keep going foward...Anet have their data, they will do whatever they think is for the best, but the game with the "best MMO community" is rea
  3. The same cant be said about every other villain? Say Bangar for example? You have this Commander guy with a dragon pet of his own and you feel you and your race are to much at a disaventage and its time to level the play field...he never saw himself as the bad guy, he just wanted the Charr and the Blood Legion to be able to fight in case the Commander went against them.
  4. True, my guild have many raiders that they thenselfs said that the encounter is way to overtuned for open world event...that being said, Anet will nerf eventually, my take is that they done this on purpose, kind like "forcing" people to play for longer to beat the game, creating a artificial longevity of the kind.
  5. That wouldnt happen, if you being around for long enough you for sure remenber that people used to ask, and I am not even joking, Ele/War zerker only 10K AP+ on the LFG for AC path 1, it was sad lol so yeah, remove LI or KP, people will ask for unique skins that you can only get there, or titles, or anything really that you can think off
  6. I remenber clearly a lot of people at the time complaining about the dificulty jump that the strikes had...so if that happened it means that they failed with their objective of making strikes a training ground for new players get prepared for Raids...maybe I personally wouldnt find them dificult, but thats besides the point, early Strikes were designed for the lowest skill player to slowly get used to mechanics and stuff like that, if it went from "I can ignore everything" to "this is overwhelming me" then theres something wrong in my opinion.
  7. It did? From what I heard, both Fraenir and the bears were a big jump in dificulty from the first strike...I personally only did the Boneskinner with a all new group(was the only option anyway, as experience players demand kill proofs lol), was a hellish experience and had to replace enough people for 3 squads(lack of time/frustration of some players).
  8. That was the sentiment when they started, the first boss of the first Strike had some mechanics, but you could actually ignore them and just DPS down the boss with any group comp, might not get Gold, but was enough for Bronze reward...as usual, a obnoxious minority of the playerbase("hardcore" players) started memeing how easy it was and stuff like that, and never grasped the basic concept that that Strikes were supposed to be easy and work as a bridge to higher dificulties to slowly train the playerbase to Raid level content, so Anet dialed up the dificulty all the way to 11 with the next one
  9. But it was, thats not even a opinion, its a fact...its like HoT locking Glider behind Gerent meta or PoF locking Raptor behind Serpent Ire. Turtle was one of the main selling points, if that wasnt the case, they should had done like the Griffon and keep it a secret from the playerbase and not use it on every advertisement.
  10. Yikes...the sad part is that I dont even doubt that this is actually a thing...havent even reached the last map, somewhat far from it, but just reading stuff like this demotivate me so badly lol
  11. The more I play in this map the more I hate it to be honest, feels like playing Skyrim with some weirds mods, breaks immersion and feels completelly out of place. I actually dont even want to deal with that map, TD was confusing to explore and everything, but was way more interesing then this.
  12. No way, if wanst for Skyscale I would just quit the moment I got to Kaineng
  13. This reminds me of Asmongold playing WoW yesterday trying the new raid...the dude rage quitted after 2° boss, cause no matter what, he couldnt find enough Alliance players to play with him that were also good and had gear to do the content...people like that are just completelly clueless, I cant control other players to do the things they are supposed to do, dont force content that requires high organization in a open map were its pure chaos, people have stuff to do in life, I wont bang my head against a wall for hours just to get a fail and then have to wait for another hour so I can try aga
  14. And Gerent and the event ended being hard nerfed in the end... Havent reached the last map yet, but if it is anywhere as close as Tangled Depths pre-nerf levels of dificulty I aint even gonna bother with it...its laughable that some people think that forcing people to get Raid level of organization in a open world map is even resonable, as usual gamers and their egos lol
  15. I got the message to change maps once...and sended me to another empity map lol Like I said, tried to do Leviathan yesterday, went to LFG and there was a single lfg there, a SINGLE one! New map, map cap lower, this, that, etc dosent explain this, PoF allways had lots of groups on LFG...unless I am really unlucky and everyone is sleeping when I start to play lol Seeing maps dead like this on release...it sucks man, and sends a bad message about the state of the game.
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