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  1. After getting both infusions, I kinda... burned out, but still, the very first level and the last one, feels really good, even now.
  2. So enemy will resist 25 stacks of vulnerability and you wont get soft CC from conditions AND a bit of damage from conditions.
  3. Afaik developers refused to make it client sided. But, hey, things may change.
  4. There is multiple botting accounts who farming elder wood with relatively simple script for at least a year. Teleporting them around proved that there is no human behind them, and yet ANet ignored all my reports. We talking about 4-5 accounts with over 40 characters. Why? I think after one of incidents with false-positive flaging, they decide to never bother with that specific zone. Not saying they ignore all reports, but in some cases I just gave up.
  5. Would you like to see decoration that emulates orbs catching mechanic? Would make training much less time consuming. For players who dont have guild/scribes, devs could place same device in Wing 5 (which will become active after beating Soul Eater).
  6. Leap CAN be used defensively, for teleporting through shockwave.
  7. Do you guys ever think about returning Scarlet in any form (spirit, clone etc)? I kinda miss this character (mostly thanks to Tara Strong VA performance).
  8. If you guys could make type of event where players have to defeat boss monster controlled by another player.. Like Old Monk fight from Demon Souls.. It not easy task (chosing right type of player to control boss must be quite hard, although I see possible soultions).
  9. We love you guys! Not only Ben, all people who made demanding content. PS And thanks for ice mechanics. :D
  10. Alright folks, its a relatively long wall of text, even with my poor attempts to make short. I tried to make it resonable in terms of resources required to implement my suggestions. Bloodstone Fen (Kill the seekers to halt the cleric's supply of bloodstone shards) event. Nearby players who doing their own stuff have a good chance to upscale this event and make it quite frustrating to deal with.Reduce area of scaling, if event upscaled and energy of shield keep bouncing between 25-100% until last minute, spawn limited amount of large bloodstone boulders (same as shards but dealing large (25%)
  11. It was side effect of Adrenal Implant. :D
  12. You cannot buy backitem or amulet with help of pages. Rest of the items needed for collection cost next to nothing.
  13. So, I would like to bring attention of reward team to Chak Egg Sac. No, dont worry its not about drop rate, I just want to say this: For item that rare and that valuable, can you guys put amulet and jewel in legendary/ascended quality box and make a special description to reflect its value? I keep thinking about new / unfocused players who lost this aura item (by selling/delete or salvaging with wrong kit) because it was obscured by amulet with garbage stats. That would be really sad, right? Same can be applied to Queen Bee and Vial of Aurillium and basically to any other infusion/jewel whic
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