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  1. Somehow I now have a Pet Bird that is not a mini that follows me on my Warrior and fights. Not a bird from a Rune. I think it came from the Guild Hall?
  2. bumping back up.....The Rifles Damage output is now the highest then any other weapon, but its distance, the choice of skills rate of fire is stall way to low along with the rechargeof its skills. TY for bumping up damage The Predator 1035-1265 most other weapons like Twilight Greatsword 1045-1155.. a little better but still... The Engineer has no other long ranger weapons, At least the warriors has less LONGBOW for more distance.
  3. They have upped the damage output on the ( Warrior) Rifle to be Higher then the Longbow, (Ascended Rifle damage output is 1035-1265 and the Ascended Longbow damage output is at 966-1134) but the Rifles skills are the same....slow and ineffective. Close but no cigar.
  4. Why does it cost 1800 gems to switch server. Seems a little high. At the price it would be cheaper to buy a new account. Is that the idea?
  5. I have no toons under lvl 80. Mystic Forge Attendant in WvW says turn them in for spirit shards but it doesn't work. Only usable in WvW or PvPThese are not Tome of Knowledge..
  6. We need more Charr Minis. It seems Ritlock. Tybalt and the Charr Car are about it. Where is Dinky?
  7. I have found that HOT is hard to do by yourself, and I mainly play by myself.
  8. I dont know what you mean, but having stacks of Bloodstone Dust just seems useless. We should be able to so0mehow turn them into Bloodstone shards. JMO
  9. ok I'll try there. Been doing a lot of WvW and PvP.... just hate to jump ahead in my story. I guess I need to.
  10. I have made, as I said, 4 Legendaries so I am aware of the cost. It just seems that Anet has been changing a lot of crafting requirements, as the recent Patch need for Armour, or now having to use different Charmes to make Runes. What other use is Bloodstone dust other then making bricks or collecting it since it dropd more then anything else. Also (IMOHO) why so many negative or unhelpful comments to so many posts?
  11. To make most Legendary you need a Bloodstone shard only purchasable by using 200 spirit shards. Now I have about 300 piles of Bloodstone Dust and a stack of Bloodstone Bricks. Why can we not make a Bloodstone Shard from all the Useless Bloodstone Dust and Bricks. I made 4 legendarys and find myself down to 50 spirit shards.... We should be able to convert Bloodstone Dust to a Bloodstone Shard. There is a track in WvW to make a Gift of Battle, but only one way to get the Bloodstone Shard.
  12. I'm not sure what you mean by "I'm not sure no new cultural armor and noncompetitive racials are a sign ANet isn't interested in races". During your story like and all stories and expansions since, the Race you chose to help and recruit to kill the Original Dragon are now part of the teams. Even in Silverwastes the Skritt and other races are their helping out. That is how I see it, How could they introdude armor for Skritt, Tengu or others before they introduce them as playable. Anyway I just do not wish to see the game lose its appeal. I would have to go back playing cards. If you ever pla
  13. Hello ANET I am in houron and my server ip says its in Austin. I have no problems with either ping, download or upload to Austin, But I am still getting terrible lag and dissconnects to your sever. As I can understand I can not do a traceroute to the server in Austin but there seems to be a problem
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