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  1. In addition to the Endless Mutineer combat tonic, the Dragonvoid combat tonic is also bugged. Other players can see your animations whilst moving, but you cannot. I've changed my graphical settings (at the behest of my friend) but that didn't fix it. For endgame rewards, this isn't acceptable for them to be bugged for so long.
  2. The patch and the previous wvw one were aimed almost entirely at the current zerg meta comp. In the previous, supports got hit (FB and Scrapper - both mainstays of a comp). This patch, the dps (Rev, Necro, Guardian) all hit by the nerf bat. Ele is less of a staple, but playing staff Catalyst whilst defending inner SMC was hilarious, dropping double meteor showers on rams and just watching the dps meter shoot to the sky.
  3. Currently a few attack animations do not work when moving with this tonic.
  4. I guess its personal preference but I love Blood Bank and would lament its loss. Maybe if they remade Vampiric Rituals into something that didn't resemble a stitched together Frankenstein of a trait, I would be more open to it though. Something like, it grants each well a different buff, similar to Mesmer's Blurred Inscriptions.
  5. Once again I'm questioning why anet decided to give us another one handed condi ranged weapon when we currently lack a condi melee weapon and are the only profession unable to use a one handed sword. Is this just another subversion of expectations, when it comes to what weapon an elite spec should get (like hammer on catalyst), or am I am wrong in thinking this?
  6. No one expects you to sand swell into a group, drop Ghastly Breach, then port out again.
  7. Bingo! I don't want minions to change. Currently they are a great 'solo/make any pve content easy' mechanic, on a profession that already has it easy in open world pve. My personal favourite is using them to solo most of the HoT hero points, if I'm ever in need of quick currency/loot.
  8. Utilities in shroud should have been there, beta day 1, for Harbinger. I understand Death/Reaper shroud not allowing them (despite numerous people wanting them), but Harbinger doesn't give you a second health bar or anything. It's not like it can't be allowed mechanically either. Holosmith has a similar setup and can use their utilities whilst in photonforge.
  9. Eh. I'd rather it be a purely power support spec. Something akin to Herald. We already have Scourge for our Condi + support and Reaper for our pure power. I'm not against buffing reaper though.
  10. I like the changes they made to elixirs, allowing you to throw them and deal damage to enemies and consume blight for bonuses. However the bonuses currently are as boring as the previous incarnation of elixirs. Doubling the condition duration/damage, for every elixir, is very dull. I'd like to see a specific bonus for each elixir
  11. Please remove the Gunblade scabbard. It is visually unappealing and doesn't even fit properly at the moment.
  12. In short, we already have a ranged condi weapon. If elite specs are meant to fill in the gaps of playstyle, then one of the weapons necro currently lacks is a melee condi weapon. We're also the only class unable to use sword and (I cannot stress this enough) from an aesthetic point of view, swords look amazing. Definitely some of the nicest skins in game.
  13. I find it odd that necro lacks a melee condi weapon, and is the only profession unable to wield a sword, yet anet decided to give us another condi ranged weapon.
  14. I'm the best Necro player because I have only ever seen 100% of my fights and no others.
  15. Corruption would still be taken even if it had no damage attached and Darkness, as others have said, didn't have damage a short while ago, so I'm okay with the nerfs.To quote Samuel L. Jackson:"It could have been worse, John. It could have been a lot worse."
  16. The last time they changed the variance of wvw zones, it was arguably the worst mistake anet made (introducing Desert Borderland).If you want more pve, go play pve.
  17. I'm assuming you probably don't use comms much.
  18. Just avoid getting close to neutral mobs whilst you flee and you will have no problem. It's only 180 radius after all.
  19. I just want Firebrand to be deleted. Its not even the meta I dislike. I just hate Firebrand, and its dull playstyle.
  20. The current Scourge setup doesn't use staff anymore though. All about the axe/scepter boon corrupts. Two more weapons with AoE corrupts along with Reaper Shroud that need nerfing for the good of all? If the balance team really wants to drop Necro from zergs to please the WvW community, they could limit all Necro AoE and cleaves in WvW either 1 or 2-target although I would increase the number of boons corrupted to compensate. I doubt they would limit boons that way, though.Removing Boon/Condition conversion from the game would be the best step to take, and just make it removal instead. That w
  21. The current Scourge setup doesn't use staff anymore though. All about the axe/scepter boon corrupts.
  22. Pretty sure the only sources of stab were plagueform and lich form. I seem to recall that Well of power stab was added later because the skill was supposed to be a stunbreak yet had a cast time and it was counter productive so they added a few second of stab to help (something they did for similar skills on other professions). I'm not sure if the fear conversion to stab wasn't added later as well. Regarding Well of Power - the stab is for 1 second and, if you stand in the circle, you can get up to 5 seconds of stability since it pulses once every second for 5 seconds. The problem being you ha
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