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  1. Anet said that the issue has been fixed BUT i still can't figure out how??? I logged in today but i haven't seen my archivement to be finished, neither a chest...i have even visited the Llamas Location but still nothing!!! I have already finished that archivement back when those maps have been introduced us! Any ideas what i have done wrong?
  2. Evening, Anet devs should think the option of the ability to swap stats on the very unique amulet celebration trinket. For trinkets, a very few of them (Bloodstone and Mist trinkets) have the ability of swap stats so i can't see any reason to make this amulet really unique some way because at the moment only holds space on my inventory... Anet can u hear me ?
  3. Why Anet does not want to convert ingots to ore would be my question?
  4. Well, found already the solution...it's already unlocked without buying the vision!
  5. Same problem here....i can't buy the "vision of equipment" even if i have already finished the lasting bonds comes next archievement and already using an olmakhan bandolier bag! Any suggestions from the community?
  6. Well, I have a question because i'm not sure...if I live on Greece should i'll be included on possible winners or my country is not included?
  7. Come on, Llama's are not even anything special anymore so I will insist in my initial question to Anet... There is no logic putting merchant for tickets and Llama's but not for Ascended shards, I believe they put tickets merchant because PvP Legendary armor shouldn't be a time gated event and wait for every season to collect the tickets so I still believe that the same should happen to ascended shards.
  8. Well, I see we have a merchant on PvP exchanging tickets with Llama's vice versa... Why the hell the same merchant cannot change tickets or Llama's with ascended shards is beyond me.
  9. Yeap, fixed somehow!!! I think it was a servers problem.
  10. Half an hour now, I keep receiving the above message while my internet connection is ok! Is there any problem with the servers?
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