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  1. Dueling is likely the other trait line. Fury and vigor were gained when damaging the golems as certain points in the video and the duelist phantasm inflicted bleeds.
  2. We know mechanics cannot change between modes for skills, only numbers can be adjusted. Granted, that can dramatically alter it's use rate and/or how it is used in any one mode, but the skill otherwise remains essentially the same.
  3. Genuine question. Now that we will have core +3 elite specs, should we expect new elite specs to have vast appeal? Is it "wrong" or "bad" for players to just stick with a preferred previous spec? I understand that if the elite spec is not someone's cup of tea they may feel disappointed or deflated, but shouldn't we just expect and accept that?
  4. I thought it might be vuln on blade skill, but another poster suggested the same as you. I went back in slowmo and found cases that are inconsistent with both. Could just be a bug in the inconsistent cases.
  5. They mentioned toward the end of the event that we should expect new character customization options. Did we get the POF human options before POF release? When should we expect these options for EOD and will there be options for non-human races?
  6. Doesn't that just mean they won't get played in pvp as older elite specs will have less counterplay?
  7. Oh, for sure care should be taken, but snooping for clues is fun all the same! 🙂 The +Bladesong dmg on inactive foes is also likely from Domination. Regarding vuln on blades vs crit, both possibilities are inconsistent in the footage. That is to say, there are cases when a "blade" classed skill is used and vuln is not applied, and there are also cases when crits occur and vuln is not applied. Something regular is going on though.
  8. Other than synergy, what suggests to you this theory? The vulnerability effects described are not listed in the tool tips but show up in the video when watched closely. This suggests trait interactions, whether the Virtuoso trait line or reworked core traits. Could also be a Virtuoso rune come to think of it ...
  9. Additional things to note upon watching closely. Weapon skills, profession skills, and utilities all have the "blade" designator. Looks like there are traits that perform the following: Blades inflict vulnerability on strike. Phantasms fire a blade at their target when they complete their attack. Phantasm skills inflict vulnerability on strike (the ability the Mesmer performs, not the skill the Phantasm performs) Anyone find anything else?
  10. The only rumor I heard at all regarding the discussion yesterday was that it may not be "possible" to touch scourge until EOD. Whatever that means. Cannot confirm, have no idea regarding legitimacy, so take from that what you will.
  11. Sounds like there is a balance discussion with cmc today and select members of the community. Good news! Super glad to hear it! Does anyone know if there a way to listen in to the conversation? Not looking to contribute, just hear the thoughts and ideas being discussed.
  12. I recall from back when that general, as you've described it, is better. In the case of suggestions and ideas, they cannot take specifics from areas outside these forums, and even then there may be issues for one reason or another. Edit: The balance discord I hear about, whatever that is, may be a different beast.
  13. Yup, this is how it was done with the prior expansions too.
  14. Watching stacks of scourge, mm necro, and prot holo against the same or similar reminds me of bunker Chrono days ...
  15. It would be sooo nice if problematic elite specs could be addressed directly without mishandling core and other elite specs. It is hard to preserve diversity and acceptable specs when problem areas are navigated around and around and around. 😥😢😭
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